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PS5 DualSense Controller Cobalt Blue & Other Colours $75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Price matching big w.

Other colours available at &75 - nova pink, starlight blue and volcanic red.

White, cosmic red and midnight blue are $79

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Hopefully it eventually goes down to the usual sale price of $69ish.

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      When using everyday rewards code through BIGW (I think you need to have your membership linked to profile) and using code XNOV2023 price drops to $67.50.

      BIGW e-gift through Prezzee scores you a $5 e-gift card when purchasing a BIGW $50 e-gift card.

      If you have dollars saved for Christmas through everyday reward you can also apply that. I had $20 banked.

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        Is that with the Everyday Extra subscription?

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          I don't have subscription, I've just have a regular free membership.

      • Cool thank you. But all the popular colours sold out while contemplating :(

        • Don’t fret. It’s bound to get cheaper on Black Friday (on Amazon at least) with cashback and stuff.

  • I wish I got the cobalt blue one instead of the starlight blue.

  • Black is now $75 too.

  • these things drift to an unbearable point in less than a year of playing a couple hours a day. I'd say 9 months.

    Is xbox any better?

    • I think both have a similar risk to drift, as both are using a Potentiometer for the analog stick.

      Otherwise could try a controller with Hall Effect to avoid drift.
      For example: Flydigi Vader 3 Pro.

      I've also seen some open the controller up and replace the Potentiometer with Hall Effect.
      Joycon Stick replacement example: https://www.gulikit.com/productinfo/945307.html

      Outside of that try increase the dead zone just a bit or until your outside of the drift range.

      • I used an xbox one controller for the same amount of time and didn't notice stick drift, although it still died the same time because the LB button got jammed and was no longer rebounding. The sticks themselves were fine though.

        But I've had two dual sense controllers that had stick drift. Radial menus became difficult to use because the wrong menu would be selected, and if I moved my character forward and released the stick, instead of stopping, the stick would rebound to the center but overshoot and turn me in the opposite direction. This was frustrating but it didn't happen with the XB1 controller.

  • Ordered one of the Volcanic Red ones last week and upon receiving the right stick was faulty.
    Have ordered another Cobalt Blue one and returning the Red, so hopefully no issue with that one!

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