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Japan Airlines: Tokyo Return Sydney $929 (Direct), Melb $929 (Direct), Perth $937, Adel $977, Bris $1000 @ IWantThatFlight


Japan Airlines has just reduced prices on flights to Tokyo, travelling in May - June/24 (and February - March/24 from Brisbane). Flights from Melbourne and Sydney are direct. Prices listed include 2x23kg checked luggage, meals and entertainment. Japan Airlines is ranked #5 in the Skytrax World Airline Rankings.

$929 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
20/May 03/Jun $929 View Flight
24/May 07/Jun $929 View Flight
31/May 14/Jun $929 View Flight
07/Jun 21/Jun $929 View Flight
11/Jun 25/Jun $929 View Flight
23/May 07/Jun $929 View Flight
24/May 08/Jun $929 View Flight
07/Jun 20/Jun $929 View Flight
08/Jun 21/Jun $929 View Flight
11/Jun 24/Jun $929 View Flight
13/Jun 26/Jun $929 View Flight
23/May 08/Jun $929 View Flight
24/May 11/Jun $929 View Flight
02/Jun 12/Jun $929 View Flight
23/May 11/Jun $929 View Flight
22/May 11/Jun $929 View Flight
13/Jun 21/Jun $929 View Flight
22/May 12/Jun $929 View Flight
24/May 14/Jun $929 View Flight
21/May 12/Jun $929 View Flight

$929 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
20/May 04/Jun $929 View Flight
01/Jun 16/Jun $929 View Flight
03/Jun 18/Jun $929 View Flight
08/Jun 23/Jun $929 View Flight
10/Jun 25/Jun $929 View Flight
22/May 11/Jun $929 View Flight
03/Jun 23/Jun $929 View Flight
08/Jun 16/Jun $929 View Flight
20/May 11/Jun $929 View Flight
03/Jun 25/Jun $929 View Flight
01/Jun 18/Jun $977 View Flight
08/Jun 25/Jun $977 View Flight
29/May 16/Jun $977 View Flight
05/Jun 23/Jun $977 View Flight
27/May 16/Jun $977 View Flight
29/May 18/Jun $977 View Flight
27/May 18/Jun $977 View Flight
01/Jun 23/Jun $977 View Flight
29/Apr 14/May $1066 View Flight
19/May 04/Jun $1066 View Flight

$937 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
22/May 05/Jun $937 View Flight
23/May 06/Jun $937 View Flight
22/May 31/May $939 View Flight
10/May 24/May $956 View Flight
12/May 26/May $956 View Flight
15/May 29/May $956 View Flight
16/May 30/May $956 View Flight
24/May 07/Jun $956 View Flight
30/May 13/Jun $956 View Flight
31/May 14/Jun $956 View Flight
25/Apr 10/May $956 View Flight
15/May 30/May $1005 View Flight
16/May 31/May $1005 View Flight
22/May 06/Jun $1005 View Flight
23/May 07/Jun $1005 View Flight
24/May 08/Jun $1005 View Flight
29/May 13/Jun $1005 View Flight
30/May 14/Jun $1005 View Flight
31/May 15/Jun $1005 View Flight
24/Apr 10/May $1005 View Flight

$977 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
19/May 02/Jun $977 View Flight
22/May 05/Jun $977 View Flight
28/May 11/Jun $977 View Flight
12/Jun 26/Jun $977 View Flight
05/Jun 19/Jun $977 View Flight
01/Jun 15/Jun $977 View Flight
30/May 20/Jun $977 View Flight
06/Jun 27/Jun $977 View Flight
20/May 03/Jun $1062 View Flight
23/May 06/Jun $1062 View Flight
25/May 08/Jun $1062 View Flight
27/May 10/Jun $1062 View Flight
29/May 12/Jun $1062 View Flight
30/May 13/Jun $1062 View Flight
02/Jun 16/Jun $1062 View Flight
03/Jun 17/Jun $1062 View Flight
06/Jun 20/Jun $1062 View Flight
07/Jun 21/Jun $1062 View Flight
11/Jun 25/Jun $1062 View Flight
19/May 03/Jun $1062 View Flight

$1000 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
21/Feb 09/Mar $1000 View Flight
23/Feb 11/Mar $1000 View Flight
25/Feb 13/Mar $1000 View Flight
27/Feb 15/Mar $1000 View Flight
28/Feb 16/Mar $1000 View Flight
01/Mar 18/Mar $1000 View Flight
03/Mar 20/Mar $1000 View Flight
24/Feb 15/Mar $1000 View Flight
25/Feb 16/Mar $1000 View Flight
26/Feb 17/Mar $1000 View Flight
27/Feb 18/Mar $1000 View Flight
13/May 12/Jun $1021 View Flight
20/May 01/Jun $1033 View Flight
12/Jun 26/Jun $1122 View Flight
04/Sep 18/Sep $1156 View Flight
13/Feb 01/Mar $1165 View Flight
14/Feb 02/Mar $1165 View Flight
15/Feb 03/Mar $1167 View Flight
13/Feb 04/Mar $1167 View Flight
15/Feb 06/Mar $1167 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

For this airfare and more, check out our deals site http://iknowthepilot.com.au/

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  • 46kg!

    • +4

      I know! Just try lugging 46kg luggage around :)

      • +1

        Not fun. I took 73kg back a decade ago. a Hotel that was 5 minutes from Kyoto Station took 30 minutes to reach.

        • +6

          Yamato transport would be your friend here. Pack everything you can a couple of days before, send to airport, and travel with only one bag with your last minute shopping.

          • @t25: Always curious about these services. I assume this would be done from the hotel? So do they have a like a pick up area for your luggage at the airport? Are they expensive?

            • @piggiepanda: Yeah you can arrange hotel pick up. Alternatively you can find an outlet that will send to airport for you.

              At the airport there are counters where you will pick up your luggage. ~$40 or so. Not "cheap" but definitely convenient.

          • @t25: JAL ABC is also easy and convenient. Price based on luggage size not weight. Separate counter at the airport.

        • +2

          was that your husband's body in that big suitcase, or just your shopping ?

  • +3

    Listing should say 2x23kg and not 46kg. It's not the same thing.

    • +3

      Thanks - I have updated the description

  • How does J.A L. Compare to A.N A.?

    • +1

      both good Japanese service - I'll guess JAL slightly better

    • JAL is good. Never flew ANA was going to but found Qantas flights a lot cheaper for the month I’m going.

      I did have high expectation for the food but turned out a little disappointing.

      In saying that, I would fly them again. :)

    • I'd say ANA is probably better

  • Anything for Easter + week after return from Melbourne OP? March 29-April 10.

  • Booked some June return flights from Melb :)! Thanks OP

    • Gonna be a scorcher then!

  • +8

    Just be aware May/June in Japan is prob the worst time 💀 hot and humid.

    • +4

      Much longer than this, july, august and most pf September was boiling hot this year

      • I went in August and it wasn't that bad

        • I was monitoring the weather and stayed above 30 with high humidity, some people can cope with warm weather better than others

          • @Chicken Kyiv: Well, I've lived my entire life in Melbourne, so that should give some context to the type of weather I'm accustomed to.

    • I figure it would be the case for June, but even May? Thought that's still shoulder season.

      • these dates are late May

  • +1

    Are there going to be no more sales for Sydney during March - April? There were a few months ago but hasn’t been one for that period since.

    • Was going to ask and say the same thing. Hoping there will be.

      • Yeah, I’m looking to go during cherry blossom season hopefully!

        • Hmmm pretty hard to get a sale during cherry blossom.

          It's definitely something to tick off your bucket list but once is enough lmao..the amount of people and everything almost 1.5x-2.0x the price is cooked.

  • Can I use Qantas points on these? To book or to upgrade? I have about 200,000

    • Check Qantas website for reward seat availability. You can fly JAL as they're a partner. Would recommend.

  • Do any of the listed ticket sellers allow refunds if the flights are cancelled?

    I had a bad experience with Aunt Betty, when I booked for tickets overseas in early January 2020. Covid happened, flights were cancelled, and eventually I was given "flight credit" with Virgin. No refund option. So I wasn't able to fly until this year, and the limitations on using flight credit meant I could only buy significantly more expensive tickets than I had originally paid for.

    I'd rather avoid having that happen again, in case another disease, or war, or a volcanic eruption causes my flight to be cancelled again.

    Or is there any work around, like maybe buying the tickets with a particular credit card, that has free insurance to cover the above situations?

    • That's what insurance is for. Get a policy to cover cancellations.

      • Except every policy I've ever seen has specific exclusions for war, volcanoes erupting (natural disasters), and since 2020, pandemics.

        Do you know of any policies that don't have these exclusions?

        I had free travel insurance through Bankwest credit card at the time, and all of my claims were rejected "because pandemic".

        • Insurance is a gimmick - if we gonna have something COVI19 scale or bigger, e.g. full scale war in Europe or in South Chinese Sea, no one will cover your losses.

          • +1

            @Foma2: You have to do your research. My flights cancelled due to COVID were covered back in the day. Today it's harder but a good start is filter anything that mentions travel bans. Also when you do have to make a claim never mention the reason for the cancellation.

    • +1

      I was in the same situation as you, with Aunt Betty and credit offered.

      I checked with the ACCC who confirmed the normal consumer guarantees apply, and I was entitled to refund if I wanted it.

      I pointed this out to Aunt Betty, who did not respond. (In part probably because they were overloaded dealing with things)

      To cover myself I lodged a credit card charge back, and had my money returned that way.

      Relevant ACCC info -

  • +1

    The timings out of Melb are awful though :(

  • If it's your first time going to Japan, don't do it. Summer in Japan is hot. At least get the early May flight if you still want to.

  • What do you guys normally buy from Japan?

    • As much as I liked the second hand camera gear (great range) and retro gaming stuffs (great prices), in September the only thing ended up with was half a suitcase of anime figurines, ~$250 for 36 of them (Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer & My Hero Academia mainly). The thrift stores were the place to go (e.g Book-Off).

      • Thanks. The only thing I can think of to buy are retro consoles. Maybe the n64 and neo geo aes. Or maybe the neo geo cd

    • I know a guy who is an expert in trading cards, who buys trading cards while overseas. Apparently some of the Japanese ones are particularly pretty compared to the normal ones, so he sells them for a profit when he gets back to Australia. They take pretty close to zero luggage space. He says the profit from the trading cards could cover the cost of his holiday.

    • Banana Cakes!.

  • +2

    Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is going to Japan? Its like every week I keep hearing someone in my group of friends / work colleagues / relatives is travelling or planning a trip there.

    • Not just you. A lot of people on my social media seemed to be going to Japan this season

      • +4

        With the JPY going as badly as the AUD it's the only place we can afford.

    • I go there for work every few months and it has been heaving with tourists. Lots of built up demand over COVID.

      On that note, while travelling in Japan is generally super cheap, and so is food etc, accommodation prices are definitely up over average.

  • Nice airline but a note for any of the Adelaide flights, they have an overnight stopover in Sydney which is a real killer in my opinion. If you can get a cheap airport hotel it may still be worthwhile, but adds cost and time to the whole thing.

    Way back is easier.

  • Is a JR pass still worth it for a 2-3 week trip? I understand they've significantly increased in price recently?

    • +1

      It can be, if you want to see lots of places in Japan. I posted a possible itinerary that will save money here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14461179/redir

      That trip has you spending the start of your holiday in Tokyo, then using the JR pass for the last week of your holiday, to see Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Himeji Castle. Hiroshima and Himeji Castle are taken as day trips from Osaka.

      • +1

        Interesting - it does work out - not by a large degree like pre-price rise, but still there nonetheless. An alternative I had was to buy a single Tokyo -> Osaka/Kyoto Shinkansen ticket (14000ish yen, possibly cheaper if bought early enough), then a 5 day JR West Kansai + Hiroshima pass (17000 yen), then either fly out of KIX or take a domestic flight from KIX/ITX back to Tokyo, but as you say, there's a lot more flexibility (and not needing to go through multiple airports), and if you were to do the return trip to Tokyo on Shinkansen as well, the price comes about close to the 7 day pass - might as well get it then.

        • Your way works out cheaper, even when factoring in travel to and from Tokyo, so your flights can arrive and depart from Tokyo.

          Then a 3-week trip becomes:

          • Arrive in Tokyo.
          • First week in Tokyo
          • 14,720 Yen Shinkansen trip to Osaka
          • Stay a week in Osaka, using the 17,000 Yen 5-day pass to have day trips to Hiroshima and Himeji Castle on the Shinkansen, and finally to travel to Kyoto
          • Stay a week in Kyoto
          • 14,170 Yen Shinkansen trip back to Tokyo
          • Fly home

          The all-up cost is 45,890 Yen, cheaper than the JR Pass at 50,000 yen for the 7-day ordinary pass. And this way you get to spend double the time in Osaka and Kyoto, or even longer if desired.

          Note to new travellers to Japan: both the JR Pass and the JR West Kansai + Hiroshima pass, are cheaper if you buy them while you're in Australia. If you buy them while in Japan, they're more expensive.

  • Wish there was a connection through to Osaka.

  • +1

    I flew JAL Melbourne to Narita ( or Haneda) and then domestic down to Osaka's Itami airport. Caught bus into Osaka terminal, which was really close to Osaka central station.
    Even though my JAL flight was an hour late arriving ( cos it was almost 2 hours late leaving Melbourn) and we had to go through immigration etc and then through security for domestic flight, we were escorted all the way by JAL staff and the plane waited while I power waddled between terminals.

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