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AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Core CPU + Bonus Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Game Bundle $589 Delivered + Surcharge @ Computer Alliance


Computer Alliance finally catches up with it's competitors. Only while stocks last!

1% surcharge for card & PayPal payments.

Redeem Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora before 27 Jan 2024. Click here to redeem using the code supplied on your invoice.

Product Line: AMD Ryzen 7 7000 Series Processor
Processor Technology for CPU Cores: TSMC 5nm FinFET
Max. Boost Clock: Up to 5.0GHz
Base Clock: 4.2GHz
CPU Socket: AM5
# of CPU Cores: 8
# of CPU Threads: 16
Cache: L1 Cache: 512KB || L2 Cache: 8MB || L3 Cache: 96MB
Memory Support: DDR5 (Dual Channel)
Integrated Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics

Note: does NOT include stock CPU Cooler

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  • +11

    aint no 8700k

    • +3

      Only if its delidded!

  • +5

    Sorry but my 8700K uses less power.

    • I have an 8700(non k) so I win.

  • +6

    I was wondering why people were talking about the irrelevant coffee lake i7 until i took a look at the previous mwave post…

    • irrelevant?
      Some might say underwhelming! :D

  • Website says it's out of stock

  • +4

    was just about to buy, but found a 8700k on ebay which is better

  • Glad they eventually price matched Mwave. Got in there immediately. I’m sure we’ll see a new all time low on Friday with Ebay Plus shenanigans.

  • Bad deal, my old halogen light used less power than this.

  • +1

    $586 @ scorptec ebay with free express 2 day shipping with ebay plus

    • Wheres this deal? Says its 656 on the ebay page for scorptec

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/266336430153 this was the page but may be different to yesterdays deal now as its saying $596 for me now with a different code for discount

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