Up to 74% off Long Term VPN Plans: 3 Years €64.35 (~A$108), 6 Months €18.85 (~A$32) @ AirVPN


VPN service provider AirVPN is currently having a Black Friday 2023 Sale with discounts for their longer-term subscription plans.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with AirVPN, but I had changed over from Mullvad to AirVPN, shortly after Mullvad's announcement and subsequent enforcement of removing support for port-forwarding on or before July 1, 2023

AirVPN Subscription Plans
[Subscription period] [BLACKFRIDAY2023 Coupon Discounted price] [Regular price] [Discount percentages]
3 days N/A EUR 2 € / AUD ~$3.35 N/A
1 month N/A EUR 7 € / AUD ~$11.72 N/A
3 months N/A EUR 15 € / AUD ~$25.10 Save 28% (EUR 5 € / AUD ~$8.37 per month)
6 months EUR 18.85 € / AUD ~$31.60 EUR 29 € / AUD ~$48.62 Save 55% (EUR 3.14 € / AUD ~$5.26 per month)
1 year EUR 31.85 € / AUD ~$53.39 EUR 49 € / AUD ~$82.14 Save 62% (EUR 2.65 € / AUD ~$4.44 per month)
2 years EUR 51.35 € / AUD ~$86.11 EUR 79 € / AUD ~$132.47 Save 69% (EUR 2.14 € / AUD ~$3.59 per month)
3 years EUR 64.35 € / AUD ~$107.91 EUR 99 € / AUD ~$166.01 Save 74% (EUR 1.79 € / AUD ~$3.00 per month)
Important Notes
  • Discount percentages computed against 1 month plan price (EUR 7 € / AUD ~$11.72)
  • The shorter subscription options (3 days, 1 month, 3 months) are NOT discounted as per the BLACKFRIDAY2023 coupon promotion, but these can be useful for trialling purposes / short-term needs

AirVPN Black Friday 2023 Sale will likely finish at the end of November or a couple of days into December.

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  • +1

    Hey mate, what's your opinion on airvpn vs others (eg. Nord, surfshark, express, mullvad) in terms of privacy/security, and also speeds (if you have experience with any of them)?

  • +1

    Yeah, I'd be really interested to hear of any first-hand experience with their speeds.

  • +1

    @frogduck @Gh0StFaC3 your questions are better served by posting them on the Internet forum … but I can write a few things here in reply to your questions.

    I spent a few hours doing research online and reading up on various forum posts and threads on different places (Reddit, VPN reviews) before finalizing my choice … even typing in a few keywords on search engines like Google can throw up useful forum posts and third-party review websites within minutes - and I highly encourage everyone to do the same even after reading my bullet points.

    My use case(s) may differ from yours or anyone else's - for myself, I prioritized:

    • Trustworthiness and reputation - clean track record, independent ownership, anonymity/privacy offerings of a VPN service provider … even if it means paying a little extra over a competitor VPN service provider's cheaper price.
    • WireGuard protocol support - OpenVPN protocol has been used for a while now, but WireGuard is getting better and better over time performance-wise, so I prioritize VPN service providers that have integrated WireGuard protocol support
    • Port-forwarding support (i.e. connectivity with seeders/peers for P2P/torrenting)
    • I have avoided NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN (and several others) … because they are owned by Kape Technologies, Tesonet or other corporations that have acquired VPN service providers and several VPN review websites.
    • I chose and used Mullvad for a few months, as I was very impressed with their track record and consistently ranked-as-number-1 standing amongst many forums and VPN user communities
    • I would have happily stayed with Mullvad if it weren't for their July 2023 decision to remove support for port-forwarding - that's when I did some research, and concluded that AirVPN was my best alternative going forward (but I would happily return back to using Mullvad if they were ever to restore support for port-forwarding, highly unlikely that may be).
    • My experience with upload/download speeds may not reflect what others' experiences will be in real-world usage scenarios, due to a variety of factors (e.g. number and availability of VPN servers and their geo-locations, ratio of uptime vs downtime, certain VPN server IP addresses being blacklisted, etc. etc.)
    • My overall first-hand experiences with Mullvad, speeds-wise: with their Wireguard protocol support being default, I had good and consistent upload/download speeds and I liked being able to choose from a good selection of Australian, UK and USA located servers (e.g. getting past geo-restrictions for streaming purposes)
    • My overall first-hand experiences with AirVPN, speeds-wise: similar to Mullvad (before their port-forward support was removed). However, AirVPN servers don't currently operate in Australia (compared to Mullvad's 22 AU-based servers), but has a decent enough pool of servers in other countries, e.g. UK, USA.
    • +1

      Hey mate thanks for the detailed write up and good tip for the internet forum. I've tried googling as well but I don't know which review websites are sponsored and it makes it a bit confusing at times, so your insights have been great!

      • +1

        Yeah I will say that having learned that several third-party VPN review websites have been sponsored by, or acquired by, Kape Technologies or other corporations, that made me wary of putting too much weight into their review scores … that being said:

        • RestorePrivacy is one of the few independent sites that have not taken any sponsorships or payments from third parties for purposes of paid rankings/content/links.

        Between RestorePrivacy's reviews (ironically they have reviewed a bunch of VPNs other than AirVPN) and reading a few Reddit / other forum posts … I ended up choosing AirVPN.

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