Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner $474.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price for ~3 years according to camelcamelcamel. I bought one a couple of months back and love it, great product.

This is part of Amazon BF deals so imagine it will run for a week.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Forgot to add price

    • ah yeah that's kind of important isn't it. thanks!

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    What's the difference in power for c1 v a c3?

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      C1 made in china and C3 made in germany

      • C1 Classic is made in Germany.

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    Bought one of these recently. Came from a Miele c2.

    Incredible vacuum - so much suction power. Makes your hard floors look like they’ve been mopped when you finish. Seems to be able to get a whole new layer of dirt out of carpets.

    Totally worth it

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    I have this it's very good. The turbo head for carpets, sofas etc. is amazing for dog hair. Even use the hoover to just clean generally, it's so powerful.

  • Cheers, been meaning to get one.

  • Gosh these Miele Completes (not necessarily cat and dog) used to be on special at Harvey Norman for ~$200sth if my memory serves me right a fair few years ago. We got two, one for bare feet carpets and one for shoes and still going strong.

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    Can recommend this. Great for animals and carpets. Better than my previous Dyson.

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    I have the other light blue one for 15 years or something like that, still going well. I remember the first few times i used it after coming from a top of the line Electrolux barrel vac, supposed to be the best. At the time i had an aftermarket cyclonic attachment thing in the handle and couldn't believe the amount of dust and dirt it was sucking out of apparently clean carpet that was done regularly, although old thick pile carpet and i don't even have the power head.

    I can recommend getting the genuine bags although they're annoyingly expensive, they are on sale too. I've had the non genuine bags a couple of times and had them split open while running so I'm not doing that again, it's an ugly mess to fix. Maybe i just bought the wrong ones, who knows they're all unbranded.

    Miele GN HyClean 3D Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for Complete C2/C3, Classic C1, S8,/S5/S2 Vacuum Cleaners, XXL Pack of 16


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    Why did they stop making other colors though?

    Edit: looks like the colors are specific to the trim. Grey is Family, Blue is allergy, white is turbo

  • I want to get one but are we sure they are legit. Store says Miele but on their actual company site they don't have this deal. Just wary. 😅

  • How often do I have to change the hepa filter for c3?

  • Time to drop some dollars and get this one. Used Macquarie bank gift card for 3% extra off. Hopefully a little with Shopback too but not sure why cashback percentage that is.

  • Can anyone else comment on dysons vs this?

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      On which Dyson?

      This will be significantly better as a vacuum than almost any of them.

      Cannister+Bagged both make for a better vacuum.

      Do you value the vacuuming or the convenience of Stick + Bagless v Canister and Bagged

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        Yep. What this loses in convenience, it makes up for in raw cleaning power.

  • I have a birman cat, this is a great vacuum.

  • how does this compare to the blizzard? is it different purpose?

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      blizzard is bagless iirc

      bagged > bagless

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    Hey guys I ordered mine and it arrived today. Unfortunately, it's an Active AirClean filter it comes with. Not a HEPA filter. The product description has mistakes!

    • The photos at the bottom said active air clean filter. But description stated Hepa. That's quite misleading

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        Yep. I contacted customer service to complain. Long story short, they have refunded me $50 towards purchase of a compatible HEPA.

        • How did you contact / what did you say? I tried amazon customer support and they are only offering me a full refund.

    • yea, the pet one doesn't come with hepa

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    Managed to price match at the good guys and use 15% of GCs. Good Guys also has promo where they give 2 boxes of the genuine bags for free (this was on a sign in store and on the website). Staff in store gave me the bags too despite it being a price match. Great deal!

    • Nice one!
      Can you tell me which 15% GC offer did you use ? and if it was still available. I would like to do the same thing you did.

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        Ultimate Home at Coles for a short time was 15% off. Not many people got that in store.

        • Yes that's right!

  • Looks like this deal may have ended.

  • Back in stock

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