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8BitDo Controllers: Pro 2 $58.99, Ultimate 2.4G $60, Ultimate Bluetooth $80 Delivered @ 8BitDo via Amazon AU


Same price as previous deals

Available in Black and Grey

About this item

  • Function defines form. Pro-level back buttons. Pro 2 features two Pro-level back buttons. These buttons give you more control so you don't have to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks. With 8BitDo Ultimate Software you can assign any button function and macros, too.
  • More ways to play. Custom Profile Switching. Enhanced grip. 4-way Mode Switching button. Pro 2 gives you more ways to play. The custom profile switch button holds 3 custom profiles that can be switched on the fly. With an enhanced grip, Pro 2 allows you to hold the controller with even less effort. The new 4-way Mode Switch button allows you to instantly switch between Switch, Android, D-input and X-input so you can pair to any device as easily as possible.
  • 8BitDo Ultimate Software now on PC, Android and iOS. Ultimate Software gives you elite control over every piece of your controller - now on Android and iOS. Customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, vibration control and create macros with any button combination. Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time with the custom profile switch.¹
  • A Modern controller that respects the classics. Pro2 controllers isn't any old Bluetooth game controller - it was designed with respect for the classics. We paid extra attention to the most critical characteristics like the D-PAD, to make sure it feels exactly like you remember it.
  • Play any game, anywhere. Switch. Windows. macOS. Android. 8Bitdo controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Now with a 4-way mode switch, you can instantly pair your controller via Bluetooth. You can even use Pro 2 as a wired USB controller with the included USB cable.

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  • +1

    Ultimate 2.4g is a great deal

    • IMO, I would pay the extra for the Hall-Effect Joystick on the Ultimate Bluetooth.

      • +2

        Yeah but layout switches to Nintendo switch lettering which can be annoying for PC gaming.
        At that point I'd switch to the Flydigi vader 3 pro

        • +1

          Fair enough. I'm a Nintendo kid, so I'm use to the Ultimate Bluetooth Layout.

          I also have a hard time with the default Xbox Controllers layout 😅

          • @RichardL: Hahaha,
            Look in all fairness I was a Nintendo kid.. then PlayStation and Xbox came out and I was spoilt. PC just tend to follow Xbox scheme hence why it's worth noting. I noticed on steam you can choose to have switch lettering but some games have it hard coded in their software such as wo long etc

        • +2

          The hall effect sticks are great, but should factor in a bit extra for the Xbox face buttons replacement if this will bother you (as it did for me)


      • But someone said issue with Samsung tv ? For ultimate… I wish they can fix it….

  • I want pink ultimate omg so cute

  • The third party seller shop4funAU on the Amazon listing for the BT version of the Ultimate has it a few dollars cheaper ($78.96 at time of writing).

    I seem to recall the seller always reduces below AmazonAU to try to get sales: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/8bitdo-ultimate-bluetoo…

    Anyone who bought from the previous deals have any feedback on the seller? Their rating seems good, but no harm in asking here.

    • I see the shop name many times here. Should be fine

  • Are the buttons on thr Ultimate improved over the pro 2? The buttons on my pro2 are terrible

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