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Eureka Mignon Specialita 55 Coffee Grinder from $699 Delivered @ Alternative Brewing


After just buying the dual boiler in the deal posted today for $900, started researching grinders, and this one seems a good price and option. Not an all time low, but in Australia and free shipping. Make of it what you will.

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  • Any recommendations on a manual grinder to take camping? The Bialetti Moka Express Aluminum Coffee Maker will be used to brew the coffee.

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      At the entry level something like a timemore c2 and at the top end a comandante mk40 or a 1zpresso zp6.

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    Great price for local stock. Paid about $630 imported from italy however has EU plug and AU adapter. Great grinder that is well reviewed and regarded. Have had it for about a year and it has worked without skipping a beat. The grind dial is a little small which makes it difficult to return to exact settings if you change your grind size / beans often. This is a great mod if you have access to a 3d printer.

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    Alternative brewing has an eBay store. Check out the prices there to see if it's comparable as you can use eBay coupons.

    • They dont have this one listed. Can be had at the same price from a store called K_BEAN_COFFEE_MACHINES for $699 using code PLUSNOV.
      Would this have worked out better if bought at the same time as the Breville dual boiler I wonder with the code that works over 1k…

      • Just answered my own question, no it doesnt work out as PLUSNOV is capped at $100. Phew.

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    You can also pick up Eureka Mignon Specialita 55 from espressocoffeeshop.com for $560 delivered using blackfr code for 15% off. https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/en/best-sellers/55-112470… Make sure you select 220v version. Sent from Europe but shipping is pretty quick (4-7 days)

    • Damn that's tempting for the saving. Now deciding if warranty is worth $139 up front…

      • You dont need warranty for this thing they simply built to last, like .. lifetime , for home use

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    Wish they would put Langom P64 on their ebay store. I could use a few hundred bucks discount.

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    You can pick it up for $689 from here:
    If you sign up for marketing with an email address and phone number it will pop up a code for 5% off. Remove the bonus coffee bag from the cart and checkout with the code. The price will be $654.55

    • Looks like they have jacked the price and changed the sign up to $20 off. I should have jumped on it!

  • Has anyone tried to replace burr on it? Mines going strong since 2020

    • Specialita comes with a big flat burr, hopefully you dont need to replace for another ten years

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    Excellent unit. I have the silenzio version which has worked like a charm so far. sips and poops shortly after

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    • They have an ebay store, and HGTNOV gets you $60 off that price and free delivery!

      • Ripper deal. Congrats!

        • Thanks for the original tip off! It has dropped by another little bit to $581.52 delivered…. same store.

  • Just got one, from ebay store coffeemachinespecialist $596.10 with code HGTNOV.


    • How much of a difference does this grinder make to your coffee compared to a Breville smart grinder

      • I don't have either, so can't help. Most comments ive read from people that have upgraded are tat they are happy. But who would post that they just wasted 600 bucks and can't tell the difference. I was willing to invest a total of 1500 on specialita grinder and bdb machine knowing i had the tools to make a great coffee, and the rest was down to me.

    • Did they actually deliver?

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