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[Prime] Cold Power Advanced Clean Laundry Detergent 4L $18 ($16.20 S&S) Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


*Black Friday Deal
New Cold Power Advanced Clean formula provides Cold Powers best brightness in cold water washing
Unique brightening formula is specifically developed for outstanding results in cold water
Cold water washing is the smart chocice for your laundry, using less energy and is gentler on your clothes
Note :- Cold Power laundry liquid provides easier use of pouring with a new handle and spout
Been cheaper but still a good deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Thanks Op, got two! 👍

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    I hear 2L is FREE at Ozbargain Birthday Meet😂

    • Thank you :)))
      You will keep 🤣

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      The world will fall into chaos the day chrisie stops posting Amazon Cold Power deals 🤣

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      Yessss chrisie, making it big time with the Cold Power deals!!!

      • 🤣

  • Anyone know the price at Costco if it’s cheaper there per litre?

    • Doubt it

  • Thanks got two too

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    I see Dynamo is $22.50 for 4l - if that’s your preference.

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    Looks like Biozet Attack is on special too https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=biozet+attack

    Imma order three Odour ELIMANTOR liquid and two liquid refills with the softener built in.

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    got fab 6.6L liquid at costco for $23 recently- bought 4x as it looked like a bargain

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    Dynamo 4l for $22.5 but did recollect buying around $18.5 recently


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    Finally getting the upvotes you deserve. Hoping to see the associated badge on your Cold Power deals soon.

  • I saw at Bunnings the other day
    Advanced Clean Cold Power 5.4lL at $25.70

    A little more than the above but seems like a decent deal

    I don’t know much about about laundry detergent and liquids until recently when more stuff started to come up on OZB

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    Thanks. Was just looking for bulk brand name laundry detergent for work!

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    Why do people prefer liquid over powder?
    As an oz bargainer i see much less value in using liquids. You only get about 1/4 of the washes for the same price.

    • +3

      I think mainly due to lower chances of powder residue being left on clothes?

      • Cold power powder never leaves residue in my top loader drawer. The one time I tried Biozet powder it just sat in a clump. I got a refund on that box :)

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    Could I use this with warm water and not cancel out its benefits? Genuine question.

    • I always use 40°c water when using my front loader. When I don't the clothes don't smell clean. I think front loaders are supposed to run warm, but I would be happy to hear otherwise.

  • What water temp can you do cold wash with these?

    • 0 kelvin should do it.

      Seriously though, cold is whatever temperature your tap water is.

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    Big W and Coles normally sell this for $23-24. Not sure why Amazon says RRP is $36

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