Sweat Pants (Selected Colours/Sizes) $19.90 (Was $49.90) + $7.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $75 Order) @ UNIQLO


Colours on sale: 01 Off White / 58 Dark Green / 68 Blue

Comfy sweats with a classic look.
Ribbed waist and hems for a comfortable fit.
Versatile basic design.
Inner waist drawstring for size adjustment.
Pockets at the sides and back.

Body: 88% Cotton, 12% Polyester/ Rib: 82% Cotton, 18% Polyester/ Pocket Lining: Outer Layer: 100% Cotton/ Inner Layer: 88% Cotton, 12% Polyester

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  • -8

    UNIQLO in Australia is a rip off.

    • +14

      How come?

      Been sometime since I purchased but I've found their jeans and other clothes to last longer than YD or Cotton on whilst still being relatively cheap.

    • +6

      Really? $20 for a decent t-shirt that goes a few years seems like a good deal to me

    • +4

      I compared prices of a couple of shirts vs Japan and it was the same price … ?

    • +8

      I disagree. UNIQLO is global universal brand that sells high quality clothes line in Australia. They may come across as pricey sure, but the material in their products is mostly high grade cotton which is you get what you pay for.

      • Who says uniqlo is 'pricey' lol

    • Compared to..?

    • Can wait till stuff gets reduced. Buying Japanese denim for $20 + t-shirts go to $4.90 sometimes. Have to find the specials in shelves. Bought Evangelion t-shirts for $4.90. Before this, you would pay a minimum of $20 for anime and range was bad.

  • White, green, and blue colors are on special offer, and the size range is quite comprehensive. Fantastic deal with high cost performance.

    • Not anymore .

  • How simple is their online returns policy?

    • +1

      They changed their policy a while back. If you're getting refund for an online purchase they charge for it, so it's a bit shit.

      If you're looking for an exchange, you'll need to change it in store.

      • +1

        They charge you for return shipping fees. Every online store does it.

        • Not true, some excellent online stores don't charge for return shipping e.g. Patagonia. Fantastic because you can order multiple sizes to try, and still applies to clearance items etc.

          • @Deals For Days: Are we talking about refunds or returns? If it’s a return then depends on store policy. If it’s a refund because of change of mind, then buyer pays for return shipping back to warehouse/store.

  • ChatGPT posting pants deals? Anymore RTX or Radeon posts?!

  • -1

    Why is grey never on sale..

    • It's a popular colour, so it'll sell regardless if it's on sale or not

  • Sigh, they go fast. Only XS or XXL left.

  • Stock is coming in and out, managed to grab a pair of green and blue in M.

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