Wood Pellet Pizza Oven 12-inch Pizza Stone $129 (C&C Only) @ Kmart


Cheapest pizza oven, cheaper than anything sold by Bunnings. Early access for OnePass members from Wednesday 8PM to midnight.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    like the idea of the door which most other small ovens lack but pellet vs gas, i like gas.

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      I have gas 🫘

  • Doesn't appear to have a pellet hopper like the Ooni, wonder if you'd have to be loading pellets every 5 mins, or how it would work.

  • it's cheap but you will pay for it in pellets as they're an expensive way to cook pizza

  • I had the equivalent from Bunnings and had a ton of hassle and 2 ruined dinners. Took it back it was just not worth it. Making pizza for a family is a ton of work and having something like this ruin it is frustrating and brought me to tears.

    I bought the ooni pro with gas attachment which can burn wood, charcoal, or gas and have settled on gas only cause it's consistent and reliable and allows me to focus on cooking the pizzas. Way more expensive but so worth the outcome and not ruined dinners

    • Same, the pellets kept getting smothered and the fire would go out, or the pellets would run out. Ended up giving it away after 3 stress filled cooks. Have my eye on a gas fueled one

  • These are on clearance for $65 at my kmart

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