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[eBay Plus] Dell UltraSharp 27" 4K USB-C Hub IPS Monitor HDMI DP Tilt Swivel Pivot U2723QE $510.30 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Part of today's eBay sale. Looks to be a good price. Let me know if you spot anything wrong. Sorry, few teething issues with the price. Can someone confirm what they are seeing? It seems to keep changing on me. Settled at $510.30. Calculator using 30% off brings it to that too.

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  • Good price - I have a U2722Q - my comment to prospective buyers is that the text is pretty small at 4k so mainly watch videos and keep background tasks on it.
    I run dual monitors and prefer browsing/reading text on my U2722DE

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      Turn on scaling you mad lad, you don't have to run 4K at 100% with default font size. 150% scaling in windows is roughly equivalent to a QHD panel in size.

  • Agreed, 32/34 inch is minimum for 4k
    27 and 2k/qhd is sweet spot

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      Oh you sweet summer child (speaking as a Mac user)

      • Is Mac different?

        • Yeh if you're happy with what you've quoted there don't ruin your standards forever by going to a "retina" Mac screen (which has a minimum pinsharp PPI of ~220). Ppl who have gotten used to working on anything retina find it difficult to going back to anything below this PPI. I agree I still find 4k/32 (138 ppi) pleasant but 2k/27 (109 ppi) is a no-go for me now.

    • Mac users should get 4k monitors, font smoothing on Mac OS isn't great so 27" 1440p looks terrible compares to windows. Not to mention that if you want to run some scaling on Mac, then hidpi scaling isn't available on sub-4k monitors which make text very blurry (there's a paid 3rd pt app for that, but again font smoothing on Mac isn't great to begin with).

  • It's the lowest price I've seen new for this one. I purchased a refurb at the Dell store for $560 back in July this year.
    it's a great monitor if you have Mac Mini with its generous number of USB ports. Also has a KVM switch for use with your work laptop or pc, and switch it back and forth.

  • Thanks OP. Almost bought the LG 32UN88A yesterday. Was also thinking about the Apple Studio Display.

    This is a much better buy. Will use it in portrait mode alongside my 2017 iMac 27" 5k and occasionally connect it to my MBP 14". At $465 (less a $50 ebay bday voucher + $5 express postage) this is a steal!

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    I thought this post would have got a lot more votes. Seems like a good deal considering typically sold for $700+

    • Don't do this for the votes (well, maybe just a little bit) but yeah, considering the price in previous popular posts I thought there would be more interest. Maybe I didn't sell the deal well.

      • Ha, i wasn’t thinking you did it for votes :D. I genuinely thought it was a good deal, the reviews on the monitor seem to be pretty good and one of the popular ones.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Struggling to decide between this and the LG 32un880a which is also on sale right now. This is brighter, has high contrast and 98% DCI-P3 while the LG has 95% DCI-P3 and makes better use of 4K. I'm a video editor/creative who uses After Effects and Premiere Pro (softwares with timelines) and sit about 60cm from the desk which also has a little bit of a bevel (so I'm worried means the LG won't clamp on). Does anyone have any advice?

    • The Dell is the better choice as it's a better panel and more versatile as it comes with the stand and not the ergo arm. Although, if you didn't have enough of a bevel on your desk, you can drill a hole in it and mount the LG that way.

      Mute point though, the Dell is OOS….

      • Seems to be back in stock. I'm worried everything would be too small on a 27", especially as a video editor and would the PPI go to waste?

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    @dockersrule et al, this is now back in stock!! Great price!

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