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[eBay Plus] Xbox Series X $505.37 (OOS), Dyson V8 Absolute $419.39, UE Boom 3 $97 (OOS) Delivered @ eBay


Some great deals coming up at eBay.

These deals will be live starting at 10:00am AEDT on Tuesday, November 21st.

Xbox Series X Console – $505.37 (58% off) (225 available) - Code: BFTOPDEAL - Expired
Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box – $139.97 (44% off) (120 available)
UE Boom 3 – $97 (43% off) – 150 available - Code: BFEX30 - OOS
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum – $419.39 (58% off) – 750 available - Code: BFTOPDEAL
Funado Smart-S RG1 Hoverboard – $133.76 (42% off) – 61 available - Code: BFEX30

Full credit to Always On.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +5

    Wow new record low

  • Wow, that's a deal

  • +70

    Wow, this is a comment

  • +17

    Is this one of those stupid gone in 10 seconds deals? Then it's a competition not a deal.

    • 10 seconds is about double the time I reckon they’ll last.

      • +19

        5x longer than me

        • +1

          That is what you-know said

    • +4

      At $500 scalpers will buy 225 and resell them

      • most probably use Steam pcs now. best way to screw scalpers

    • +2

      It only needs to be 10 seconds because it will be sold out under 2 seconds

    • Yep, pointless deal. Mods should remove.

  • +2

    Nice deal on XSX.

  • +49

    Can't wait for people to complain that the Xbox deal is unobtainable when it goes live and yet compare all future deals to it.

    • +19

      this is the way

    • +7

      Its the bargain hunters equivilant to "the fish I almost caught", with the bargain getting better with each retelling.

  • Lol good luck 🤣

  • +9

    Xbox X RRP $12xx?

    • +4

      Today only

    • +3

      One word can explain the rrp: Gamesmen

      • +2

        It's a typo. If you scroll further down the page the table says 37% off.

  • Good price.

  • Xbox deal seems like gamesmen listing with 30% off code

  • OP where can I locate this item ? link doesnt bring you there …

  • looks like gamesmen is about to strike again. let me register a ebay+

    • +2

      get that $9 a year deal

      • Saved $76.30 for $4.99 in 2023. They're just waiting to sting me with $49 on December 1st.

      • Any way to get that? They keep trying to charge me $49 for the year

  • -1

    How does the Xbox series X compare to the standard one and to the ps5 ?

    • +3

      what standard one? do you mean the series s? the xbox is more powerful than the ps5 but the ps5 has advantages. i wish it was that simple.

      • -7

        ps5 pro is due next year too. so not much advantage with an xbox unless xbox allows steam to run on it

        • +1

          you know they will have a new xbox also? prob with better performance and they will learn from the ssd mistake. i dont take sides tho. dont be a sony lover

          • +1

            @HaydosK: Xbox pro will generate new age of gaming with its ai enhanced capabilities. The ousting of Sam Altman from openai to Microsoft is all a ploy to get him to work on integrating advanced ai capabilities into the Xbox.

          • @HaydosK: Except the Xbox hardware roadmap was leaked. No Pro and even if they crashed a project starting this year you wouldn't see it till holidays 2025 or later, more like 2026 which is too close to the next generation for a Pro anyway.

            The PS5 Pro is 70/30 I guess at this point maybe 80/20. Too much smoke for there to be no fire. Reality is Sony will most likely hold the power advantage for at least 3 years. Its all irrelevant anyway, the sales split is too weighted to Sony for Xbox to shift the needle in a big way this generation anyway. Better to focus on 1st party and make sure there is a killer line up for the next generation. That could definitely shift the needle but I'm betting Day 1 GP won't look the same then.

    • -2

      On pair with PS5 but less exclusives

      • not really. the ps5 has a better ssd and ssd upgrade but xbox is more powerful

        • What exactly "not really" means in this context? Xbox is better because is more powerful? Xbox also can also expand the SSD.

          • +1

            @Dienk: The expand is a ripp off seagate drive

            • +2

              @vid_ghost: That is another discussion. I agree, it is. Still SSD expandable.

              • -1

                @Dienk: i meant it has a better ssd and better ssd upgrade.

        • +3

          Watch any analysis like digital foundry and you'll see that despite xbx being slightly stronger on paper, ps5 nearly always has slightly higher native res and feature set on most AAA's.

          It just seems the system it is able to squeeze slightly better visuals out somehow, different architecture perhaps.

          Non-bias, game pass/steam pc user here.

          • +3

            @Micsmit: Really? That's interesting. Sorry if I was wrong 😔. I have both so I'm not trying to be bias

        • more powerful for 0 GOTY titles

          • @ledzep: Can you not be a fanboy? They both have good games.

            • @HaydosK: i own the xbox series x bruddah
              just making a point their single player games pale in comparison

          • @ledzep: GOTY bullshit is overrated.

    • +3

      I wouldn’t bother with Series S.

      As for PS5 vs Xbox, that’s a tale as old as time. Plenty of pros and cons to both.

    • good console, less exclusive games

  • +5

    Why isn't anyone talking about how much the Hoover sucks?

  • Which item listing is the one that will go on sale for the XSX?

  • Are the UE speakers any good?

    • +2

      The megaboom is okay but a chungus

      The boom 3 straight up sucks (apart from battery life and design). Sounds horrendous. Used to own boom 3’s, replaced them with Bose soundlink micros. Awesome for indoor use. If you want outdoor use, check out the JBL clip 4 - better for pure volume but also don’t sound as good as the soundlink micro at lower volumes.

      Bose soundlink micro is currently $89 at amazon. Black friday prime deal i think. Not the cheapest ever, but definitely a good price.

  • Wow great deal for XBX

  • +1

    Sweet, i'll get the popcorn and camp chair out ready for all the posts at 10:01am.

    • There will be some good ones and a few upset posters too.

  • Better chance winning Lotto

  • Well that just ruins my chance of me selling my series x LOL

    • i’ll give ya $250 ;)

    • +3

      Not really. The vast majority of the population wouldn’t know about this deal.

      Most people would find out about “deals” elsewhere.


      news.com.au: Crazy Nintendo Switch deal! Run don’t walk to Harvey Norman!

      The deal: 50 cents off RRP for the non OLED model.

  • Surely scalpers aren’t going to try and buy this Xbox when it’s selling on amazon for just $640 odd

  • +5

    Ozbargainers at work @ 9:55AM: “Just gotta head off to the loo…”

  • Phwoar

  • Is this a good price for the Dyson?

    • -1

      Dyson is for suckers… ;)

    • +1

      Yes it is.

    • Do you have a link for the Dyson?

  • I wonder who's going to be the seller of the XBX. It will want to be one that offers good warranty returns.

    • Based on comments, its the gamesmen

      • Should be good then.

        • From memory ebay plus has 30 day returns (check t&cs on ebay)

  • Do i need an Xbox if I own a gaming PC with Ultimate game pass? I've never owned an Xbox so I missed everything it had to offer but I think I can find it all in Game Pass (cloud gaming), am I right?

    • +2

      Unless you're really keen on the backwards compatibility, then it's not really worth while. Even then, you could grab an older X-Box model for the backwards compatible games. Your Xbox exclusives are almost all on PC now I believe.

    • +1

      I wouldnt think so, im in the same boat. Gaming pc + gamepass = you dont need an xbox.

    • +1

      I like Series X for the convenience of playing Game Pass on my TV.

      Otherwise hard to recommend if you have a gaming PC with on par or better performance.

  • +10

    if you want the xbox add to cart now and go to next step where the checkout it


    have spare tab open with OG listing and refresh until u get code then copy and paste code to checkout tab

    • When the sale goes live, where abouts on the OG listing do we find the code? (First time using eBay Plus).

      • From memory, It might be on the checkout screen, under "couponws/vouchers" im sure that the code will be posted here.

        Look at the current ebay plus deals as a practice

    • +1

      Thank you for this tip! It worked!!

    • Thanks very much mate, got it with your tip.

    • Thank you! Worked like a charm!

  • +2

    When USB C on UE Boom haiyaaaaaaaaaa

    • It's 37% off. That has already been addressed, it was a typo.

  • Does anyone have a link for the Dyson thanks

  • What are the odds these XBX consoles orders at $505 will be canceled and refunded?

    • +3

      nah this is an ebay promo. bots get most of the stock. it's borderline impossible.

      • Well I'm going to try and get one… I already have one and i don't need another one but at $500 :) may as well get my bro a nice xmas gift.

  • Hoping there are no delays with this deal going live.

  • +4

    LOL comments gone dead whilst everyone hovers over the buy button…

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