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[eBay Plus] Xbox Series X $505.37 (OOS), Dyson V8 Absolute $419.39, UE Boom 3 $97 (OOS) Delivered @ eBay


Some great deals coming up at eBay.

These deals will be live starting at 10:00am AEDT on Tuesday, November 21st.

Xbox Series X Console – $505.37 (58% off) (225 available) - Code: BFTOPDEAL - Expired
Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box – $139.97 (44% off) (120 available)
UE Boom 3 – $97 (43% off) – 150 available - Code: BFEX30 - OOS
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum – $419.39 (58% off) – 750 available - Code: BFTOPDEAL
Funado Smart-S RG1 Hoverboard – $133.76 (42% off) – 61 available - Code: BFEX30

Full credit to Always On.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Managed to grab an Xbox. What a deal!

  • Seems they are restocking, or maybe as orders are getting cancelled.. hopefully I actually secured one

  • Can anyone share a screenshot of the price with discount code applied please

  • Did the Xbox include HDD storage?

    • +1

      Did the Xbox include HDD storage? umm Its got 1TB nvme 4.0 SSD built in .. The seagate xbox proprietary expansion storage is expensive vs off the shelf nvme drives that can be put into the PS5

      • Thanks. Sucks that there's no other option to expand internal storage.

  • just snagged one at the $505 price. they released some more :-)

    • still 3 left

    • It was probably a few stock from peoples who cancelled their order.

  • Oos

    • They've restocked, check now

      • It was not really a restock. Just people who cancelled their orders and the system auto placed it back in the available stock list.

  • Prior I messaged them to ask if have anymore on this deal says maybe not unless canceled orders etc went outside to do something and just got back in and looked again and was available lol got the order in if I get it not sure.
    But you don’t take new orders if you have no more to provide so let’s hope I get it.
    Finally maybe I will have upgraded from the old Xbox one to this and I certainly was not paying the launch prices just like I did with the Xbox one years back.
    I find this price good considering but 3 years old now but the Xbox one was probably that when i jumped in.
    I have a ton of Xbox one games some of which are Xbox series x and Xbox one compatable just need to get some good deals on Xbox x games.
    Bu I will wait to see if this comes through first.

    My son plays the old Xbox 360 and has his on switch so he can probably get this xbox one.

    • I have a ton of Xbox one games .. All old games will run and look better on Xbox Series X

      • Yes I know just had no interest in this until price was good and can’t see it being better than this

        • My xbox series X runs WAY hotter when its on its side so i run it upright….
          Less dust gets inside if you have a top lid or something :) but need to remember to remove that when gaming

    • Some people cancelled their orders. And the stock from those cancelled orders got put back into as available stock.

      • +1

        Wonder why so many canceled best deal yet only offer close to this would be a price match with jb and use gift cards and even that is still more yes local and stock right away but I just wanted this as low as I get.
        Watch this there be others selling this for same of cheaper again.

  • +1

    Guys, it's back on!

    • Are you able to get me a screenshot of the price inc. discount? Am trying to pricematch :) (not ebay plus member myself and already used the trial)

      • I highly doubt any retailer will accept a price match as it is a coupon code

    • It's not. Look again.

  • The stock for this deal is yoyoing .. not sure why :) My guess they are on the phone to their suppliers and trying to get as many extra consoles as they can

    • As i've said multiple times. People cancelled orders. And when that happens the system auto places the stock from that back into as available to purchase. For example if some one orders say 2 units, and then that person cancels the order. The system places those 2 units which were previously sold for that sale back in as 2 units available.

  • +2

    Keep checking back, it went to 242 available when I got one. Then 250, now 270, seems they are staggering release to keep the deal going rather than selling all available in 5 mins.

    • Or a bunch of people later cancelled their orders for whatever reason. And since the stock from those cancelled orders got freed up it got placed back into the system as units available for purchase. I don't think it was staggered like you said. It clearly said 225 units for this promo and that is it. I clearly saw the entire stock for that sell out in the first 3 minutes flat.

    • +1

      it went to 242 available when I got one. Then 250, now 270

      Those are units sold, not units available.

      5 had sold before the deal went live.

      1st drop: +225 units (230 sold when OOS)

      2nd drop: +20 units (250 sold when OOS)

      3rd drop: +20 units (270 sold when OOS)

      • As i said. It's clearly previously sold stock becoming freed up because of cancelled orders (maybe because of change of mind cancellation). The system doesn't remove the sold record from those cancelled orders on the product page. It just keeps on adding it up.

        • +2

          20 unit increments exactly seems very specific for cancelled orders.

          • @mark-emark: That would indicate that it wasn't 225 units total but 265 units.

            Did this have it wrong by stating 225 units only.


            • +1

              @hollykryten: None of us know mate, you may be right and they might be cancelled orders that they released back in increments for all I know. You seem very defensive about the 225 units only from the external article, if you really want answers about where he got the detail you can email the author. All we were saying is what we see, that is (as HomeAlone said):

              1st drop: +225 units (230 sold when OOS)

              2nd drop: +20 units (250 sold when OOS)

              3rd drop: +20 units (270 sold when OOS)

              • +1

                @mark-emark: It could be that they decided to add more stock from the back of the warehouse afterwards after doing some sales maths.

      • Thanks. That's what I was attempting to say but much clearer.

  • -1

    It was surprisingly easy to get one this time but I didn't go through with the purchase. Had all sorts of issues with previous deals like this.

    • So did you get or not? And what issues are you talking about

      • I was able to add to cart right at 10am but I didn't buy it. I don't need one. Previous flash deals like this have been pretty lagging at times but today was super easy.

  • Get in on the Series X now if you want a disc drive. The leaked refresh appears to be digital only.

    • Surely they aren't going to release a new Xbox Series X without a disc drive version. That's going to alienate a lot of people who bought Xbox Series X disc games. Surely there's going to be both this digital only version and a disc version of the console. Kind of like how the original PS5 had both a digital version as well as the disc drive version.

      • +1

        Well I have a lot of Xbox one games and I mean a lot, I have no interest in digital stuff even though that’s the way things are going I like to own games have in my hand.
        Just like I buy games for my son on switch yes them maybe little bit it’s still physical games.
        You can then sell when they get older as package or games seperate.
        And just like blu ray/4K I like owning them and can watch them same film 20 times a year not hope some streaming device will show it.
        The digital world is killing owning stuff yes so prefer it but I sure don’t.

        But if the go digital only no physical games going forward not sure what you can do with this console then, there be options I assume digital and physical

        • Ebgames and the gamesmen will lose out too

    • +2

      I wonder if then they will sell an external disc drive option, or allow usb disc drives to be used

      • Ahh yeah didn't think of that. That would be the smart move I think.

    • 100% Microsoft will offer an external USB disk drive.. No way they are going to leave all those people with Xbox Series X physical games needing to re-purchase them all again digitally.. Also PS5 now has the disk drive add on for their digital only version. so they have expanded disk use not reduced it

  • +3

    Back in stock 12:20 AEDT

    • +1

      Got one thanks !

    • +1

      Legend! was refreshing and nearly gave up, saw your post. Ok, I get it now - process is to join eBay Plus first (took like 30 secs), then purchase now, then enter code. Then it does this massive price reduction. Eureka :)

  • +1

    lol just got one right now, came back in stock

  • It appears that they've restocked again

  • Got one just now! Cheers!

  • +2

    It’s a trap to get all those like me who had FOMO 😂

  • Got the last one out of the 5 they released!

  • Out of stock / 290 sold - We may see more stock :)

  • +1

    Wow, great price.

  • +1

    back again

    • NO WAY these are canceled orders .. its the games men securing more stock or had held more stock to drip feed on the deal.

      • @vid, have to say it's a great way to do it. drip feed gives hope to the masses.

      • +1

        If you was after this xbox would make no sense to cancel it, as you not get it lower than this.
        $542 probably next best by price matching and buying gift cards but no saying you get the gift cards or even the price match either.
        I do prefer to buy local sometimes but I just jumped on this.

  • Why have only 65 out of 150 Booms sold, yet its sold out?

  • +9

    The BFTOPDEAL discount appears to now been removed for the xbox listing

    • shame!

  • +5

    "This code can't be applied to your order." Seems like code has expired.

  • +2

    wow..Just received Shipping notification for my Xbox order. I ordered in the first wave in the first 1 minute of the offer going live.

    • Same. They were pretty quick

  • -3

    Xbox lost this gen to PS, ok nothing is new.

    • Who cares? It's a console to play games?

  • +1

    Come here to see if anybody bought earlier from JB whatever and cry here.

  • Xbox is in stock but codes are failing

    • Yep it's saying "This code can't be applied to your order."

      I wonder if The Gamesmen has pulled the plug.

  • Stock available but code only working gives $60 off 😅

    • Current listing shows 291 sold

      • Looks to me only 1 canceled order… and its the one guy who said he ordered two by mistake :)

        SO MUCH for restocks from canceled orders.!!! :)

    • That's strange because the BFTOPDEAL code from the description does not work for me on the XBX console. It says the code can't be used for the order.

  • code expired even though there is stock. looks like they artificially limited

    • Yep. Looks like as soon as they exhausted the stock they wanted for the deal they pulled the plug on the coupon.

  • +3

    My Xbox order has already been posted :)

  • +4

    Great price for the Xbox but can't justify buying it. Still have a backlog of a lot of ps5 and switch games.

  • Why can't I use this BFTOPDEAL coupon code: this code can't be applied to your order.

    • +3

      Because the allocated stock for the deal has been bought up. Pretty much happened hours ago.

  • Ive waited this long and upgraded my pc instead, next i will wait a bit longer for the leaked xbox hardware refresh coming possibly next year.

    • Price wont be $505 that's for sure.. We will see under $500 pricing when the next consoles are close to coming out but it will also be another revised version of the Xbox with a 4-5nm chip.. The next one coming out is most likely going to be a revised 6nm much like the Sony PS5 one but you may need to pay extra for a USB disk drive.

      • When are the next consoles due out?

        And when you say revised version, do you mean just an XBox series X same specs, but with a 4-5nm CPU. You also mention 6nm. Is that for an upgraded version of the series X? I'm a little confused. Can you lay out what is expected release wise?

        Also, people mentioned with the SSD upgrade, I assume you can only use the Seagate drives?

        With PS5, can you just use any NVMe SSD drive?

        • upgraded version of the series X - Due next year is a redesign (along with new controller) that's expected to be a 6nm chip.. down from 7nm in the current version."same pricing"

          Next upgraded version will be a year or two later…Most likely reduced down to 4nm requiring less cooling so they can make a smaller sized console and sell it for a little less. " We may also see "PRO" versions come out from both Sony and Microsoft " even before the smaller cheap ones.

          Probably around 2027 we will see the ALL new Xbox as well as PS6. Too hard to speculate on what they will cost or what we will get.. My only guess it will be another AMD CPU and GPU .. to keep backwards compatibility simple.

          • +1

            @vid_ghost: Hi Vid_Ghost,

            Thanks for the reply and also the rough roadmap - that helps a lot (gives me a nice idea of what to expect). So if I can get the current XBox series X for this price of $505, then I might still pull the trigger as it's a great buy (does the PS5 ever come down to this price?). If not, might just go for the new refresh next year as that sounds pretty good too. Is the PS5 also getting a refresh?

            I wonder how much EB Games would give for a trade in of my Xbox One X (I bought this in the middle of 2021, as I was trying to get either a high-end graphics card for my PC (RTX 3080 or RX 6800XT/6900XT). and/or a Series X at the time, but there was a massive shortage of both back then so I bought the XBox One X - Kind of wish I didn't as I haven't played it much. It was too dated for me coming from a high-end PC, but there was a few games I wanted to play on it that weren't available on PC, so I bought it. I think I would have played the Series X much, much more if I was able to get one. I should have just waited for the Series X).

            • @Ice009: does the PS5 ever come down to this price? Not seen it this low..
              s the PS5 also getting a refresh? it already has twice.. once reduced to 6nm same design.. and now new design same 6nm chip.. its already out in the US.. expected to release here December/January. "smaller in size"

              Not sure how much XBox One X trade in is… my guess is not very good because its selling for $200-250 on ebay

              Eb games sell (Refurbished by EB Games) (preowned) XBox One X for $279

              Most games that you can play on Xbox Series X you can also play on Xbox One/X .. so its not that bad for now… also i Pre-ordered my Xbox Series X in 2020 before release and I've only used it a handful of times.. PC Gaming is easier… Diablo 4 is the only game i like playing on it

              The one i ordered from this deal will be an Xmas gift for my bro :)

              • +1


                @Ice009: does the PS5 ever come down to this price? Not seen it this low..
                s the PS5 also getting a refresh? it already has twice.. once reduced to 6nm same design.. and now new design same 6nm chip.. its already out in the >US.. expected to release here December/January. "smaller in size"

                Sounds like Sony are onto it. I don't follow Sony anywhere near as closely as Microsoft, so wasn't sure what they've done up to now. I like the cross compatibility between the Xbox and PC, so that is why I sort of went with Microsoft. I do have friends who said I Playstation has some great exclusive games and that since I already had a PC, I should go with with PS instead, but yeah, still chose Xbox. Also, partly because I got the deal that was posted here back then for Game Pass Ultimate, but I have almost wasted that. Hardly have used it on either PC or Xbox One X (I reckon I would have used it more if I had the Series X as I find it more comfortable to play games in the bedroom on the TV).

                Not sure how much XBox One X trade in is… my guess is not very good because its selling for $200-250 on ebay

                Eb games sell (Refurbished by EB Games) (preowned) XBox One X for $279

                Going by that, I'm guessing trade-in will likely be $150 or less? Never traded anything in at EB Games before, so I am not sure how far they lowball.
                If I'm going to sell it, I suppose FB Marketplace would be my best bet to try and get $200 or so for it. It did come with 5 Blu-ray movies and 9 games, so I guess I got my money's worth when I bought it.

                Most games that you can play on Xbox Series X you can also play on Xbox One/X .. so its not that bad for now… also i Pre-ordered my Xbox Series X in >2020 before release and I've only used it a handful of times.. PC Gaming is easier… Diablo 4 is the only game i like playing on it

                I sort of figured that there would have already been a ton of games that are exclusive to Xbox Series S/X already So there isn't a lot of them yet? I am guessing there'll be more and more exclusive games moving forward. I don't see them wanting to continue allowing backward compatibility much longer, especially for at least the bigger AAA sort of games. They're going to want people to upgrade, so that is why I was looking into upgrading myself.

                When you say PC gaming is easier for you, do you mean because of the mouse and keyboard? If not, what makes it easier to you?
                I think I would prefer the console as it's more leisurely laying in bed playing games for me (although I'm a lot more used to a keyboard and mouse, so I really have to learn to use a game pad). Both have their pros and cons, though, and one genre that would probably be far and away more suited for PC is stuff like FPS type of games, I'd guess most people would say PC if superior for FPS games?

                The one i ordered from this deal will be an Xmas gift for my bro :)

                Awesomely cool gift. Is your brother likely to play it much? Hopefully he's not like us and makes full use of it.

                • @Ice009: PC gaming.. steam game list is all there.. games update in the background and i can load them up anytime… xbox needs to put in the disk and also update those games at that point.. its never plug and play and yes keyboard mouse is easier for RTS games.. the ones i like playing the most.. also guild wars 2 and league of legends are only on PC.. my bro doesnt have a gaming pc so he only has an xbox one 2013 to play on. Perfect candidate for a console. You can install games on a usb ssd with the xbox one x to help with loading times and extends the life of that console if you wanted to wait for the next sale to come along for the PS5 or XBSX.

                  • @vid_ghost: I didn't think of RTS games as that is a genre I never tried much. Do you have any recommendations for someone that's never really played that genre of games much. As for the other two you mentioned, I just had a look at Guild Wars 2 and that looks good. Never really got into MMORPG. Is it easy to get into for someone who hasn't played those type of games much? I've obviously heard or LoL, but don't know much about it. Is that a MMO type of game?

                    If you bro doesn't have a PC, sounds like he'll really enjoy the Xbox Series X. Should have a lot of fun with it if he's currently got an Xbox One.

                    You can install games on a usb ssd with the xbox one x to help with loading times and extends the life of that console if you wanted to wait for the >next sale to come along for the PS5 or XBSX.

                    I didn't know you can do this. So can you use just any external USB SSD (I'll have to see what I can find during BF sales for one)? I might give this a go as the loading times is something I didn't like. Thanks for the suggestion. Could really be a nice difference maker by extending it a bit more, until like you said, the next deal comes along.

  • +1

    While I missed out on this deal for the Xbox I went ahead and looked on Facebook marketplace, found a listing for a near new in box for $450 in my local area, inquired the very morning they listed and picked up late this afternoon,

    Been amazed at the cloud based gaming with game pass, definitely gets you straight into the games playing immediately, the installation of games takes it's time though with games such as cyber punk install close to 93gb 😅

    Definitely an awesome deal for those that got brand new for $505!

    • +1

      I'm addicted to diablo 4 on series X at the moment.. love that game.. Its also on sale for $60 at the moment.. I paid $110 :(

      Forza horizon 5 is also $38 at Harvey Norman.. Thats an amazing price

    • +2

      You've got to watch out that it isn't a hot XBX console. Kind of suss to me that some one would be selling a near new XBX console for $450 through facebook unless it's an unwanted present.

      • +1

        Exactly what it was unwanted present, the guy is a PC Gamer, he opened the xbox didn't even open the original controller and wrapped it all back up..

        I've now put heaps of hours on it already and loving the Trial of the Ultimate Pass which allows cloud based gaming.. with a 100mbit NBN Connection it works perfect!

        Forza games are all on Game Pass so I've been having fun :)

        I gave CyberPunk a go, picked it up for $36 at EB Games, took a while to install then had a 60gb update.. it plays amazing ! I already had it on PS4 but this is a big step up!

        GTA 5 I also purchased in store for $28 I now understood it's also on Game Pass.. but I still think it's worth having it physically as GamePass games come and go..

        The $450 Deal was the next best thing I could do as I tried to order this deal at 9:02am and it was all gone.. super lucky the same morning is when this seller listed the console..

        I messaged saying can pickup today and pay cash and he took me over the other 20+ offers and time wasters :)

      • Also I checked the photos prior was def Series X :)

        The deal gets even better, as I have now found out it was a console purchased through telstra,

        https://www.telstra.com.au/entertainment/gaming/xbox-all-acc… (Which is now being discontinued)

        When I activated it..

        With Xbox All Access, you could take up either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S console and get 24 months access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - which includes access to over 100 high-quality games, EA Play and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold.

        That alone is worth a decent price!

  • +2

    BFTOPDEAL is back. Just got one after refreshing the page. Maybe they're releasing coupon allocation daily until BF?

    8 units left

    • NICE!! …

    • Thanks, got 1!!!

    • was this for the series x? looks like i missed out on it again :(

      • +2

        It was. I would refresh the page every so often today. Someone mentioned further up the thread of cancellations - you might get lucky.

        Failing that check again in about 21 hours - that's the time I was able to get one after they previously sold out. Good luck!

        • +1

          cheers mate, and yeah i only saw this deal a day later unfortunately.

          ill keep an eye out and hope a deal comes through, otherwise ill see if i can snag some tcn cards from coles in a few days.

  • This is a good open world racing game to grab for those who want something pretty for their new xbox
    Forza Horizon 5 $38

    Also Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate for $23 from Ebgames

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