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[eBay Plus] Xbox Series X $505.37 (OOS), Dyson V8 Absolute $419.39, UE Boom 3 $97 (OOS) Delivered @ eBay


Some great deals coming up at eBay.

These deals will be live starting at 10:00am AEDT on Tuesday, November 21st.

Xbox Series X Console – $505.37 (58% off) (225 available) - Code: BFTOPDEAL - Expired
Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box – $139.97 (44% off) (120 available)
UE Boom 3 – $97 (43% off) – 150 available - Code: BFEX30 - OOS
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum – $419.39 (58% off) – 750 available - Code: BFTOPDEAL
Funado Smart-S RG1 Hoverboard – $133.76 (42% off) – 61 available - Code: BFEX30

Full credit to Always On.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      Got one. Back to work…

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    I got one :)

  • Got one!

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    Got one at $505… lets see if it sticks.

  • +4


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  • +2

    Got one, cheers OP!

  • +2

    It's live and working I think.

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    BFTOPDEAL - Got it :)

  • +3

    Lock it in eddie!

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    how in the af did i actually get one???


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    Got the Xbox thanks OP

  • +1

    Got one too!!!! yay for beating bots.

  • +1

    …got one too!

  • +1

    Done deal lets see if they honour it

    • +1

      Of course, it is an eBay deal.

      • +1

        Legit most excitement I've had in a long time

        Edit… just recieved confirmation of order so taking that as a win

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    Got the Xbox

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    got one. BFTOPDEAL

  • +1

    Heaps available

  • It's The Gamesmen selling it at 30% off for those interested..

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    Man. Sales of the XBX from The Gamesmen is shooting up like a rocket.

    • actually lasted 3min
      got one. thanks.

  • Thanks OP

  • Snagged one! Cheers OP!

    Thought I'd definitely miss out lol

  • Got one as well.

  • +4

    Scored one in the company toilet! thanks op!

    • +1

      perfect use of time

  • managed to buy 1

  • +1

    Sold out of XBX. That definitely was fast.

  • +1

    OOS in 3 mins - that was quick!

    • That's what .." you know who" said :)

    • +2

      That was way longer than I anticipated tbh


  • I got one as well. First time ever

  • Great deal, promo went live exactly 10am and you had ample amount of time to buy without the website lagging out.

    • So 3 mins is ample amount of time?.

      • if you camp you will score

      • some deals had previously sold out in seconds

        • +1

          Those deals probably had 10 of them in stock.

      • 3mins is way too easy especially when there is no lag or website crashing.

        • very true was surprised how well the site held up

      • 3 mins is plenty of time. You should have seen how quick PS5's were selling out for the first 2 years of release. Bots were snapping them up in 1 second while the rest of us were battling store websites that would lag out completely.

  • Thanks! Finally bought a XsX. Was HODLing for a deal like this.

  • annnnndddd gone :)

    • It went a few minutes ago.

  • Xbox oos

  • Fusion strike link please?

    • If it's Gamesmen as well I'm only seeing $176.76 (20% off)

  • Sigh, couldnt find it 😪

  • Got one, credit card not charged yet though.

    • It's through the ebay payment system. It should have been charged straight away as soon as you hit the order button. Some thing may be amiss. Unless the ebay ordering system is hammered.

  • Shite did not see any code and had it in basket ages ago and missed out

  • +1

    refreshed that link posted previously above and didn't see any update to the listing for eBay Plus. it just said $721 list price and then take another$60 off. couldn't see any indication of price reduction.. (re: xbox series X)

  • -1

    I'm confused. Why wasn't the coupon BFTOPDEAL placed in the deal description?.

    • Wasn't known until 10am I think.

  • I got one but selected my old address, urrgh

    • +1

      This says that sellers generally can't change the delivery address after purchase. The only way is to cancel the order and then reorder. But of course from this you can't just cancel and reorder for this.


      Unless The Gamesmen is able to change the delivery address on their end. Perhaps contact The Gamesman ASAP to see if it's possible for them to update the delivery address on the order.

    • just get it redirected via auspost?

      • I've found that if the delivery address doesn't match what's on file record on your Australia Post account. It doesn't allow for a redirect. It doesn't see you as the parcel owner as in addressee. You're stuffed sort of thing if you address it to an old address and the seller doesn't update it to a new current one. This will unfortunately be an expensive mistake.

        • then update the address on your austpost account to the old address, redirect, update again.
          no sure how it works with the new all electronic system, however, if its sign for delivery you can also choose for them to drop it off at an actual post office instead. i forgot if gamesmen do that
          otherwise try and call the store direct and ask them if they can just post it to your new address? they have a storefront in sydney.

          • +1

            @cumova: Personally i would be on the phone to The Gamesmen ASAP to tell them about the honest mistake through ebay. To see if they can actually change the delivery address on their system. As the order gets sent directly to The Gamesmen to their ordering system. You see these big stores have their own ordering system which is linked to ebay. You'll probably have to show proof of purchase.

            • +1

              @hollykryten: CALL Gamesmen

              They will locate your ebay order and change the delivery address.. I've changed my address on heaps of ebay orders over the years..
              You could even change to pickup from store if you live in Sydney

            • @hollykryten: Redirect for a parcel locker or a parcel collect at the post office.

      • That's what I was thinking.

        • Gamesmen offered to cancel the order, I said No and I will redirect with AusPost. - They would not change the delivery address.

          Tried to redirect with AusPost and can't as mentioned above something doesn't match up with my account or some other reason.

          Located new tenants contact info and have sent them a nice message explaining what's happened.

          New Tenants name is a older persons name so I hoping they won't even know what it is haha.

  • +1

    225 my ass

    • +1

      5 had sold before the deal went live.

      Now out of stock with 230 sold.

      230 - 5 = 225

      • Can’t believe I never seen the code and by time I did gone.

      • F for those who bought moments before 30% off lol

    • I literally was watching the sales counter go up by hundreds literally within the first 3 minutes of this deal going live. And then suddenly OSS.

  • Dyson is via the Dyson eBay store as expected with the code

  • damn missed it!! was logged on the wrong account / without eBplus

  • +1

    I accidentally made two orders for the XBX and have requested one be cancelled, so there may be one coming back into stock at some point!

    • I'll take it from you instead :)

  • UE Boom is OOS

    • its not managed to snag black for 97

  • I wonder how many got this on here

  • Order confirmation received, card charged.

  • Everyone goes for the Xbox while myself… got the hoverboard for the kids… Fingers crossed it would work as it should.

  • Fusion strike link found yet?

  • Xiaomi G10 Plus > Dyson V8/V10

    • Just make sure you buy from an authorised reseller, otherwise they won’t honour warranty

      • There's currently only one seller of Xiaomi G10 Plus on eBay at the moment and they are an authorised reseller: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/404312770474 and they provide a 24 month extended warranty on Xiaomi products (excluding electric scooters) when Xiaomi only offer 12 months for vacuums.

  • Just got one in the end!
    XBOX back in stock

  • +1

    XBSX back in stock, says 10 available

  • Just got one as well

  • Wow, I thought I was getting a bargain with the Diablo 4 bundle for $649…

  • arg, I was checking out and got OOS :(

    • +1

      Back again

  • Back again More than 10 available / 252 sold

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