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Joseph Joseph Milltop Salt & Pepper Mills $29.97 + Delivery ($0 with OnePass) @ Catch


This is my first post so kindly go easy on me for any error :)

Have been tracking this for a while and this is the lowest I have ever seen.

Nice and trendy Salt & Pepper Mills.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Interestingly, salt does not benefit from being freshly ground unlike pepper.

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      But it is hygroscopic so keeping as larger crystals / chunks may be better than finer.

    • Maybe it's a 2x pepper grinder pack, to match your dining room vs kitchen decor.

      Any idea if it's good for other spices? I've tried running whole cumin through a cheap mill and that didn't work well at all :(

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    These look great but I wouldn't recommend them, within 8 months the pepper cap no longer clicks into place, now my kitchen is covered in peppercorns….

    Have a look at the Amazon reviews

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    It is rubbish. The cover is loose. Whole bottle of Pepper dropped on floor.

  • I am expecting this to arrive from Amazon today and I paid $50 for it. These comments dont give me confidence. Definitely return but not sure whether to purchase this st a lower price or not …

  • My Friend had these and recommended me these.
    Have one year warranty on them so I think it should be good if not great.

  • Bought them a while ago, doesn't work very well tbh.

  • Ah damn it, bought first, read comments later, now regret

  • I just get the cheapest one from Aldi or Costco that comes already loaded with peppercorns and just that and then refill. Costco actually sell one with a refill set as well for both Pepper and Salt so are obviously confident of the grinder quality.

    Never really had an issue with manual ones and gave up on battery powered a decade ago.

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