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[Prime] Wera 335/350/355/6 Screwdriver Set Kraft Form Plus Laser Tip and Rack $33.24 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Slightly (47 cents) more expensive than the last deal:

  • Screwdrivers for slotted and cross-recess Philips and pozidriv screws
  • Multi-component Kraft form handle for fast and ergonomic screw driving
  • Handle markings for simplified finding and sorting of the tools
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    This is the one lads. Powerful set with the pozidrive drivers. Get one for the study.

    • Curious as to what you use the posi drive ones for? I much prefer the sets without. The posi drive screwdrivers chew out philips heads and I rarely need them, I find it much better to have a couple of extra flat heads.

      • Curious as to what you use the posi drive ones for?

        Pozidrive screws, obviously.

        The posi drive screwdrivers chew out philips heads

        That's because they're pozidrive screwdrivers, so they don't fit philips heads.

        I think you're missing some crucial information here ! These are two different screw head fittings.

        • I am aware that posi drive screw heads are different to Philips, they are just in my experience uncommon and what tends to happen is the posi screwdrivers get used in Philips heads and munt the heads. Hence the question.

      • ikea flatpacks mostly. nice to have the right tool for da job

  • I bought the one that was posted yesterday (VDE insulated set) that was around the same price (but a much bigger 66% discount on it) but now I am thinking I got the wrong one as it only had 2 Phillips in the 6 set?

    • Look closely. Two of the Philips drives lookalike in this set are actually pozidrives.

  • Just wondering, how do you cope with warranty since it’s shipped from overseas.

    • -1

      It's thru Amazon.

  • What are these prices at normally?

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