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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm $288, Watch6 40mm + LTE $388 (Usually $649) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys dropped their price of Samsung Galaxy Watch6 BT 40mm and LTE 40mm. Now it's cheaper than the JB Hi-Fi popular deal

Edit: You can get it even cheaper when you click on the Price Check - Price beat on the website.
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 BT 40mm $283

Samsung Galaxy watch6 LTE 40mm

For further savings
Stack with 15% off TCN gift cards tomorrow @ Coles.

Samsung Galaxy watch6 BT will drop to $244.80 with the savings of the gift cards.

And Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE will drop to
$329.80 with the savings of the gift cards.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • -1

    Great deal! It craters the second hand market though. My Galaxy Watch 4 is a paperweight but less valuable.

    • +3

      i just (2 months ago) snagged my Watch 5 Pro LTE secondsies for $250, not a mark on it, the guy just didnt want it to sit in a drawer after he tried it for a few days and went back to Apple (im always here for the kind of people have that attitude and $$$ to fund it). Secondsies market is grim for these in general, but you can get some great bargains like mine occasionally

  • +1

    2 weeks ago, a friend of mine paid $400 for the galaxy watch 4 BT. RIP. Shes no ozbargainer

    • +1

      Rip. Who buys 2 weeks before Black Friday anyway?

      • +5


      • -1

        People with price protection on their credit card?

    • +1


    • Sorry for their loss.

  • +9

    id just mention that having owned the Watch 4 44mm (now on Watch 5 Pro lTE), and seen people with the smaller Watch 4 40mm go nuts because of the amount of time it spends on the charger that you wouldnt think 4mm would make much difference, but it does in the battery stakes. I wouldnt really recommend the smaller ones to anyone but ladies who dont want a chunky watch, and even they will probably get fed up with the charge scenario. Also bear in mind these have battery run times in line with the Watch 4 (down from the improvements in the Watch 5 due to 6's screens)

    my top tip: spend a few $ and get some screen protectors (ali express/ebay) that are (except 6 classic/watch 5 pro which have recessed bezels) are an all in one glass screen and hard plastic bezel protector. There are two types of this style, TPU and hard PC…you want the hard PC. This will stop you getting on reddit within 3 days of owning a Watch and asking "how do i remove the scratch from my screen/bezel" like all the other people who spend $$$ on a Watch and then wont spend $ on a simple protector…or are unaware such things exist.

    This is an example (from my last order, arrived pretty quick…you can find cheaply on ebay/ali express…i buy them by the dozen when i get a new Watch, as i wear mine while working and bashing it into stuff):


    p.s. only niggle worth mentioning is if you get water under the protector, you will have to take it off to dry the screen

    • You seem to know your stuff.

      Between the watch 6 classic, pro 5 and watch 6 (normal), which would you get if you were a 1st time buyer and why?

      If the 6, which size?


      • +3

        Ive owned:

        • The Active 2 (that was a disappointment, as with Tizen OS there wasnt really any "apps")
        • Watch 4 44mm (i could still get 2-3 days out of it, by toggling wifi/nfc off for the pull down bar)
        • Watch 5 Pro (45mm)

        Speaking on the Watch 4/5/6 only:

        I have had LTE on both models (didnt set out to get LTE specifically, just got deals on them….my cheap (Woolies $12) phone plan doesnt provide number sharing, so the LTE is ALWAYS turned OFF - as a bonus saves battery)

        It would depend on what you want to do with it, if you want to have everything turned on all the time… health, media, calls…Watch 5 Pro/6 Classic

        Just for health monitoring, Watch 5 44mm / 6 44mm…..id even be happy with the Watch 4 44mm - i only shifted off mine as a friend was travelling and wanted to monitor his BP, so rather than get him a secondsies Watch 4 44mm (he liked mine) where i didnt know what kind of life it had, i decided not to send him off round the world with a potentially dodgy second hander, so gave him mine (had never even been in water and pristine) and same day i found the deal on the Watch 5 Pro i got second hand…to be 100% honest i hadnt planned on upgrading from the Watch 4 44mm, but it kind of worked out we both got something out of it….

        Watch 6 currently has a few niggles, but like the others (which had their own), these will be gradually sorted via updates

        I do get involved a little in Android (mostly in magisk modules the days - i have some well used/known ones - if you ever used a rooted Android phone and needed Google Pay to still work, chances are youve used my stuff at some time) and also testing for the Samsung Health Monitor MOD that allows people (like me) with rooted phones that ARENT Samsung to still use Blood Pressure and ECG features. The developer of that, Dante is one of the best developers on XDA you will ever come across, he makes it simple for people to have access to these Samsung blocked functions (even shoots video howtos). fwiw, i use a Pixel 6 Pro with my Watches….and this MOD is the key. Again, only if youre rooted


        • +2

          re LTE, you can put a cheap eSIM on the watch, like $10 for a year for a Vodafone starter pack. (or $7 Lebara)

          No number sharing, you you can divert phone to watch on no answer. And it only affects battery life when you are out of both Blutooth and wifi range.

          • @bargaino: yes you can do that, but its a convoluted way to do things and twice what im paying for my plan, when i can still answer and make phone calls when my phone is close, which is 98% of the time, via bluetooth

            also doesnt make me look like a drug dealer with multiple sims under my name :)

            • +2

              @amosmilburn: That is $10 for a whole year. It is handy on the rare occasion I want to travel without phone, but still have to be contactable.
              e.g. at the beach.

    • +3

      Good point about the screen protector, I will buy one now.

      Battery life has never bothered me for watches, I don't like to wear them to bed or in the shower and when I take it off it goes on the charger. As long as it lasts the whole day, I am happy.

      • Yeah, im surprised people dont immediately look for a screen protector when they buy these things, but maybe thats the anal rententive over-prepared part of my Aspergers genes :) none of the gear is cheap cheap, and im usually keeping it for ages, so i try and look after my stuff…im (usually) a use it till it does, being 52 and not conditioned by crApple to want something new every 6 months….

        i dont wear mine to bed either (i have tattoos down to the wrist on inner forearm and worry (unreasonably, probably, knowing me) that the band will ride up and do some mischief to my skin. also never got mine wet, unless you count an unexpected rain shower

        • It's sapphire glass though. It's the same reason you don't see people putting screen protectors on normal watches. I've never had a scratch on mine.

    • +1

      Initially had protector for watch 4, took it off after a while. Scratches haven't been too bad at all, the metal body has some scuff marks, but the actual glass is almost perfect still… Has the design for the watch 6 changed from the 4 much? Or have I just gotten lucky?

      • +1

        i hate any damage to stuff, but maybe thats just me, im picky! :)

        youre prolly lucky, i dont think the design or glass has changed much on the non pro/classic between 4, 5 and 6…

  • How risky is this whole buying and converting gift cards business? Don't mind risking waiting til tomorrow as there will always be another sale. But i'd hate to be specifically stuck with a Good Guys voucher as I don't have one local and don't use them a lot. Does anyone have experience on how long the turnaround between converting the gift card and receiving the online voucher is?

    • There are physical gift cards, depending which discounted gift card you will choose, there are several retailers that you can use those gift cards. You can see more details on the link that I have attached on description.

  • -1

    Coming up as $256 with "pay less with PRICE BEAT" button for the Black and Rose Gold option.

    • I am only seeing $283, how are you getting $256

      Edit: I think you are looking at the "Samsung Galaxy Watch4 BT 40mm"

    • The ones that you are looking it's the watch4. This deal it's for the watch6

  • +1

    How do you connect to lte, do you need a esim or something?

    • +2

      Correct you need an esim.

      • +1

        Any good 365 plans with low data?

    • eSIM, and a plan that allows number sharing, so no cheap phone plans, only premium plans……

      Phone plan setup is done during Watch setup via Samsung Wearble app

      I have always had LTE Watches (just got them on deals, didnt look for them as a feature), and i turn the Mobile signal off, saves battery as a bonus :)

      • Yeah right, im on boost don't think they offer esim

        • +1

          Not currently, no

          Funnily enough i used to be on Boost, but during End Times (COVID), my SIM died and with everything falling apart, i found Woolies had eSIM, and not only that you could sign up completely online using one…which is how i ended up there…

      • +1

        number-share is only available on expensive post-paid plans.
        But you can put a separate number on the watch for dirt cheap. It uses so little data, you can use a PAYG plan.

  • Been meaning to replace my old Gear S3, which no longer even turns on. Couldn't be bothered messing around with gift cards, just went ahead and ordered the BT one.

    Price come up as $283 if I did pickup, but since I was prepared to pay $288, I got the $5 shipping (arrive Thursday) to save me having to go in store.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    Can I use the Kogan esim for this?

    • +3

      I checked this recently and unfortunately the answer is no. Kogan eSim does not support smartwatches according to their website.

  • +2

    Bought mine last night. Samsung’s website had the 40mm watch for $272. Used 10% off through Samsung shop first time purchase and then a further discount by trading in my old watch active 2 and receiving a bonus $60 off. Came down to $180.

  • Would a Lebara eSIM work on the watch 6 LTE with a starter $5/5days plan and later recharge with a long term expiry plan?

  • Why none of the Watch 6 Classics on sale ://

    • Hopefully there are some deals coming up. I would like a 44mm or a classic over the 40mm. So I will just have to wait and see.

    • If you have access to Samsung Employee Partner Program (my work gives me mine), the classic is one sale for $599 for the 47mm

      • I have education store but nah it's still way too expensive lol. A ring around the bezel doesn't make it literally double the cost.

        • -1

          Where did you get double from?

          • @swhitmore: This post. Watch 6 on sale for $288 vs $560 for Watch 6 classic on EDU store.

            • @wizko: That's comparing the smaller 40mm watch to the larger 47mm.

              • @swhitmore: This post - Watch 6 40mm (small one) for $288
                EDU Store - Watch 6 Classic 43mm (smaller one) for $560

  • +2

    Never go retail..

    I bought a combo of watch5 pro LTE & buds2 pro for $350 from a guy who got them with his S23 ultra as part of a promo.

    Sold buds2 pro for $290 and watch5 pro for $450 separately.

    Bought a brand new watch5 pro LTE off marketplace for $300

    $60 profit.

    • most sensible ozbargain math.

      • +1

        Yeah, ~$30 wasted in fuel for watch pickup and buds2 drop off. Sensibly honest ozb maths..

    • Never go retail..
      $60 profit.

      That's impressive. And agreed with not going retail for smartwatches. I guess they are far more economical if bought off gumtree, marketplace etc. But at the same time need to be careful with scammers.

    • -1

      youre the reason humanity is in decline :)

      not single handedly, but still…..

  • I'm wondering if it's worth getting this and trading in the watch4 I got for free from samsung as part of buying their phone, hmm

  • Went from the galaxy 4 ($280) to the fitbit inspire 2 ($72). It takes my heart rate all day. Battery last for 2 weeks. Best decision yet! Sleep tracker not super accurate but breathing and hr tracking is accurate, irregular heart rhythm. Although its Only good if your after basic features (no gps, no music player no torch)

  • Is the Watch 6 much of an upgrade over the 4?

    • +1

      I just upgraded from watch 4 44mm to watch 6 44mm. Very happy upgrade for me. Same physical size, but smaller bezel so screen seems much larger although only 0.1inch bigger. Screen goes to 2000nits vs 1000nits on watch 4. Upgraded processor seems a little smoother and i am getting better battery life.

      Battery life - take off charger at 6am, whole day at work, take a few phone calls on watch, and notifications etc, BT always on, AOD on etc. 20min morning walk,30min gym session with BT music and a 30-60min run with BT music and GPS tracked. Watch 4 would be about 20-30% by end of day going to bed. Watch 6 now keeping around 45-60% left by end of day with same use.

  • Successfully used the $283 TGG price to get a price beat at Officeworks in store

    • Nice. Did you use any discounted gift cards? Because Officeworks it's not included in the TCN 15% off gift cards @ Coles

      • +2

        No, very few stores (JB/TGG/OW) in WA have stock so would have needed to pay for delivery and wait for it… OW had 1 left in store.

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