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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm $296, Watch6 40mm + LTE $396 (Usually $649) + Shipping ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


From the Black Friday Jbhifi Deals,

Samsung Watch 6 40mm - $296, 40mm+LTE- $396 ($253 off from RRP). This price looks like best price so far.

With 15% giftcard, save upto $60. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811975

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      i must have missed that between all the mass shootings and lack of affordable healthcare

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    Any discount on the 44mm watch?

    • Wanna know this too

      • Me too

        • Me too (I think we'll have to wait and see it live on the website, Sunday at the earliest using JB account)

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      having looked at the leaked catalogue, no, it's just the 40mm specifically going on sale. (the 5pro will be on sale)

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      I'm not sure but Samsung just announced a sale that includes all the Watch 6s, with code TGIIIBF (account must be signed up to newsletter but you can just do that now). Also make a new account and buy from mobile app for another 10% off base price. Knocked the 43mm Classic LTE I want from 799 down to 519.10

  • Where does one get the 15% giftcards?

      • thanks. That’s in 6 days time, this is in 4 …….not that it will matter I doubt.

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          Not going to matter, this deal isn't a one day only. Stock is your only enemy here

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    Where are the pixel watch 2 deals tho

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      Google's bf sales start from tomorrow, hopefully we get some good deals.

      • Pixel Watch (OG) also currently half price

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    Any discounts on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic?

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    Watch 5 pro?

    • Yep looking for a sub 500 deal for the LTE version.

  • I should've waited for these instead of the watch 5 40mm. Its battery is far too tiny

  • I was considering the Pixel Watch for $221 from Officeworks, given I have a Pixel phone and a bunch of Flybuys to spend. I prefer the design of this though, and with 15% off gift cards and an upcoming trip allowing me to use the tourist refund scheme… this could be the way to go.

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    Hopefully same discount for 44mm. 40mm is way too small

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      my wife disagrees

  • These don’t pair with iPhones

    • Is it true?

      • Yes. Anything from Galaxy Watch 4 up doesn’t pair with an iPhone.

    • That's probably an Apple thing.
      It's about time these guys started having some basic compatibility, between each device, and support etc.
      Considering that Samsungs biggest customer in tech is Apple, and Samsung make Billions each year from Apple supplying them with components.

      Meanwhile we have an Ipad 6th gen, that my partner hasnt used for a while (work gave her a Surface tablet). We have tried all the usual passwords, resets etc. Then doing a reset using mine as a trusted device, we are told it will be reset, and expect an outcome in 24 hours. The following day,the rsponse is :- you have to wait 14 days!!!!

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    Any deals for the Watch 6 Classic 44mm?

    For some reason I can't seem to find the prices for black Friday anywhere online, presumably because they don't go live until the sale but you were able to get early access to the prices?

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    Is it worthwhile upgrading from galaxy watch 2 to 6?

    • +1

      Yes in terms of battery- old vs new, some new cutting edge features, new design etc.

      No in terms of you only use it to turn up your wrist to look at the time

      • No in terms of you only use it to turn up your wrist to look at the time

        That screen though. 2000nits helps in direct sunlight.

  • I still have a gears S3 classic with my s23 ultra. Paid $30 for a new battery, and it now lasts 4 days with everything on. Weird thing is, the phome OS was a slide show before the battery now it feels zippy and fast. Gonna wait until this dies and i still have MST and nfc haha. Like 5 pros though

    • wtf are you me? :) except s3 frontier with replaced battery for me. works well now, no sense in adding to e-waste unless i absolutely have to

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    Worth mentioning, the LTE versions require a Samsung phone to set up number sharing.

    I've been pretty happy with my gw5 pro so far. It's not a Garmin as far as activity trackers go, but it does the smartwatch thing pretty well.

    • Would you mind outlining what you feel you miss from the garmin but gain with the galaxy? I can't choose out of garmin or GW5 pro. Noting I won't be getting the LTE version as I can't imagine a time I won't have my phone on me.

      Of course, just ignore if you cbf. I respect that.

      • +1

        Main reason I got the gw5p was because I need a to be contactable when I run but I hate carrying my phone. I ran a marathon earlier this year and when I finished my partner and I couldn't find each other until I borrowed a phone from a friendly random. I do lots of runs out in the bush where I should carry a phone but I hate the weight. With the gw I can make calls, send messages, receive slack messages if I'm meant to be working, WhatsApp, etc

        Other big thing for me is alternate media sources. Garmin is Spotify or some other smaller services I don't use. Galaxy watch is Spotify, YT music which I prefer, Audible, etc.

        Don't get me wrong, the Garmin is miles better as an activity tracker and fitness device, but I can't make calls and I'm limited to Spotify which I don't really like

        At the moment I'm running with both my Garmin and my gw but only recording the activity on my Garmin. The rest of the time I mostly just wear my Garmin, but sometimes I double up if I want to escape from having an actual phone on me.

        • Thanks for the reply. Decisions decisions!

        • Thanks for sharing this, good insight.

          Too bad for me I have a Pixel. I really want an LTE android watch, i wouldnt mind the gw but looks like I'll need to get samsung

          • @bisaya: There's a patched Samsung Health app on XDA if you really wanted the Galaxy Watch working with ECG and whatever else they locked out of non-Samsung phones.

  • How does the LTE version work? Does it need a sim?

    • An esim.

    • It's eSIM

  • Hopefully pixel 2 will have some good deals too. I had got a 40mm Watch 4 for $180 last year, dont mind keeping that in store for trade in purpose ($300 voucher)

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    Got myself a Galaxy Watch 5 (Blu+LTE) 44mm for just $200 from someone on FB Marketplace and it was unopened brand new. Didn't see a reason to overspend on those watches tbh or a big advantage of 6. I seriously don't think Watch 6 40mm is worth $400 and I saw the 44mm LTE cheaper unopened on FB Marketplace as it came for free with S23 and you can negotiate price.

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    Sent my watch 3 back due to battery life issues, reviews show this is still an issue and is worse on this one than the 5.

    • Me too (watch 4)

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        I also stopped using my Watch 4 because with all default settings, LTE off, no exercise, medium brightness, it would run out of battery at 7pm every day. Useless piece of junk. Very hard for me to trust Samsung.

        • Yeah similar here. Had to disable settings and it still wouldn't last a day… A sleep tracker that needs to be charged every night 🤦

  • Any discount on the Classic?

  • How do I get the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm on this special cant find this price anyware on the site

    • 3 days time, not now.

  • How is anyone seeing these prices early? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    • There is a leaked JBHiFi BF sale catalogue. One of the URL links above leads to the pics.

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    Looking to get a smart watch and thinking about this 3 options: Galaxy Watch 6, Pixel Watch 1 (on special at JB) and Pixel Watch 2.

    Any suggestions/reviews which one is better of the 3 options? Note: I have a Pixel 7 phone.

    • Galaxy has features locked behind Samsung ecosystem. Pixel 1 is almost half the price but has shit battery life. Pixel 2 is???

      • I'm confused. Lots of people on Reddit say in real terms, Pixel 1 lasts a day, just like Galaxy 5 and 6. BTW Pixel 1 is $179 with Student Beans on the Google Store.

        • +1

          Yea it's a good price compared to competition. I'm happy with gorilla glass, waterproofing, notifications and wears. Don't need a $600 smartwatch

      • What features are locked on the Galaxy when using with Pixel? I had read it's mainly the health and fitness features. I don't need that, mainly need it for notifications, calling etc.

        Would Galaxy 6 be a better choice then of the 3 options?

    • I have a P8P and am tossing up the same.

      Pixel Watch 2: too expensive

      Pixel Watch 1: Ugly design IMO, prone to scratches, proprietary bands. Cheap at $179. Pure Google.

      Galaxy Watch6: I can get it for $225 (discount JB gift cards and tourist refund scheme, not that I particularly want to travel with it). Better looks, but locked features (although they can be unlocked with a hacked APK), and maybe Samsung bloat.

      Existing original Huawei Watch 1: Beautiful, $0, but no Google Pay, I can't install new watchfaces, and who knows how much longer it will last?

      • Crazy that your Huawei watch is still going. Mine died long ago

      • Huawei watch pro 2 - wait for it to come down to $250 level. currently $350+

      • I keep seeing people mentioning travelling using TRS… for items under $300, but:
        "spend at least AUD 300, (including Goods and Services Tax (GST), in total from a supplier with the same Australian Business Number (ABN)"
        What am I missing? Does this work, do they not care for this rule?

        • +1

          This $296 watch, and another small item.

  • Amazon $294 delivered tomorrow

  • You can get it for $236.00 using the $60 off coupon located in the "JB Hi-Fi Trade-in Coupon Specials" email from SquareTradeUp if you did the S23 Ultra $500 bonus trade-in deal.

    • -1

      Oh nice. Thanks
      If anyone has code, pls share.

      • +1

        Don't really need the code. If you go to https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-galaxy-watch6-40m… not far down the page, under the section "Don't miss out on these", there's a tile with a link to initiate a trade-in with the $60 off bonus coupon. Just pick one of the earlier Galaxy Watch models (e.g. Active 2) that doesn't ask for a serial number, that comes back at $1 trade-in. After you complete the verification, you get an email with a link to the $60 bonus coupon.

        • If you don't return the trade-in device, apart from being charged the $1 trade-in value, will they charge your nominated credit card $60?

          • @Bargain Fighter: There's nothing in the T&C's saying they will/can. Others have commended that they haven't in the past.

            • +1

              @puffinfresh: Done it a few times, with no issues. After purchasing the watch yesterday in-store, with the $60 coupon discount, I just messaged Square from the website to ask that the egiftcard be cancelled and the trade in cancelled. Got a confirmation about 5 minutes later. If you don't do this and have the non-return charge applied, anecdotally, others have gone into the "risky" transaction list, and blocked from doing future trade-ins.

              • @tshepherd: @tshepherd
                I'm just doing exactly as you said.
                May I know how did you message Square from the website? You meant Email or Chat?

  • this is mentioned after clicking the link.
    Instant JB credit eGift Card. Credit Card Pre-Authorization.
    Once your order is confirmed, you have 7 days* to send your device(s) to us to complete your trade-in order and upto 20 days for us to receive into our warehouse.
    *Extended times may apply to Pre-launch promotions
    If our Returns Centre doesn’t receive your device(s) within 20 days, we will automatically charge the value of the JB HiFI Trade-In eGift Card issued, and the order placed will expire.

    • Yep. The coupon is not an eGift Card. The eGift card refers to the trade in value only ($1), not the bonus coupon.

  • Got it for 224.20 using 60 off coupon and 5% off gift cards with bupa, cheers for the trade in tip

  • Almost the same price on Samsung website

  • Click and collect no longer seems to be available in WA, although in store is listed as ok. I can't get to a store for a while, so just went with delivery.

    • Too late for me now, but it might work to ask JB to price match Good Guys over the phone. They should then send you a link to pay, and you should still be able to enter the $60 coupon, then pay with discounted gift cards.

    • I got Officeworks to beat the $283 good guys price if OW have stock in a store close to you

      • I got mine for $208.49 after the $60 JB voucher, $34.50 saved with eGift cards, plus $6.99 express delivery.

  • Anyone has thoughts on this vs Ticwatch 5 Pro?

  • +2

    Got a really nice rep on JB chat earlier today(had to wait patiently being 162 in queue hehehe) and asked for a better deal cause TGG was giving me $283 and the rep did a special $270 deal with a direct cart deal. Had to do a slight run around changing 3rd party giftcards to JB ones before being able to complete transaction though.

  • Wondering how long does the battery last for?

    I've read on ozbargain saying the galaxy watch batteries don't last long. Does the Galaxy Watch 6 similar to the older version?

  • Samsung offering 15% for first purchase using the Samsung Shop app. Ends 9am AEST 25 Nov.

    Got Watch6 40mm for $254. Preordered.

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