Looking for a White Gaming PC Build

Hi all,

I have tried looking around for good deals but looking for a white aesthetic gaming PC build. I plan to play cyberpunk, fortnite, the witcher and tlou.
I do not want anything over $2500. Any recs?

All help appreciated


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    Just use any build you like in a white case. And buy a white mouse, a white keyboard, white mousepad, and a white monitor.

    • I suppose I could, just thought itd look funny if I had a glass case with black on the inside then white in the outside

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    White case is the main thing - I have one from Coolermaster. Everything else is RGB/black - kinda like the panda look

    • see i was worried it would look qeird if it was all black then white. ive seen a few builds wherenits both black and whire on the inside

  • You want a pre-built or building it yourself?

    • pre built

  • What do you have against blacks?!?

    Or just exercising that white privilege?!?

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