Is a 7800X3D Overkill for an RTX 4070 for 1440p Gaming (Starfield, COD, Avatar) ? if So What Are Some Better Alternatives

Looking to build a PC with an RTX 4070 and still deciding on a cpu. Cheers


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    Sais there is a 18.5% bottlneck the cpu bottlenecks the gpu.

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      Sounds like a trash calculator. No way the best gaming CPU (or near that) is getting bottlenecked by a 4070 at 1440p.

      • It's telling me that a 7800x3D will bottle neck my 7800XT at 1440p by 11%, but a 7900 or a 7900x3D will be between 0-1%. I don't think an extra $200-$300 on a cpu will give me 11% in extra value.

      • That's what I was thinking, it says my 10900f is a 31.7% bottleneck for a 4070 and my i5-11600K would be a 32.4% for a 4070 in 1440p gaming.

        Like I get the 10900 has a lot more cores, but the 11600 is PCI gen 4.0, supports higher Ram speed and has more PCI lanes, no way it should be worse or even that close.

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    Save yourself $200+ and get a 7600 that you can OC with PBO…. only lose about max 10% performance in games it seems at 1440p

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    The lower resolution you play at, the more important the CPU becomes.

    I'd say the CPU and GPU are a closeish match, but it will be GPU bottlenecked.

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    the extremely long yet short answer is: it depends.

    If your goal is to run AAA games with high graphics, generally speaking you probably have over spent buying 7800x3D.

    If your goal is to run competitive-ish games, those you usually turn down graphics setting to CRAP, to get the most competitive advantage (smoothest game/lowest input latency), then 7800x3D is the most ideal CPU you can have if cost is a non-issue.

    the only exception is something like latest COD/BF, they demand GPU just about as hard as the CPU, so you want 7800x3D/13700k/13900k/14700k/14900k ish CPU, as well as the best GPU you can stretch to.

    but even in the COD scenario you'd still want to get the best CPU, because:

    the better your CPU is, the less your Frame rate bounces, hence less stutter during intense fight.

    the Higher your GPU is, the more "Average Framerate" you'll have, but when it stutters, it still depends on your CPU, the worse your CPU is the more stutter you have,
    for example:

    (bad CPU + good GPU): normally your game runs 300fps, in intense fight it goes to 80 fps
    (ok CPU + good GPU): normally your game runs 300fps, in intense fight it goes to 150 fps
    (good CPU + average GPU): normally your game runs 200fps, in intense fight it goes to 180 fps
    (good CPU + good GPU): normally your game runs 300fps, in intense fight it goes to 180 fps

    you really only should care about the "minimum fps" (what you get during intense fight), as that's what give you the competitive advantage.

    hopefully I didn't ramble too much.

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      nope made sense cheers!

  • Gamers Nexus gave top marks for the 7800x3D as a 2023 gaming CPU:

    Given current deals for it have been going for as low as $530, seems like pretty good value for money

    Sadly the SE deal has since expired but it can still be purchased for sub $600 at other places

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    100% I'd go for a 7800x3d. but if you're mainly playing single player games and are wanting high resolutions and/or refresh rates I'd be shaving down your CPU budget and upping your GPU budget, to get a 4070ti or 4080. In which case I'd recommend going intel mainly because the LGA1700 mobo's are a bit cheaper too - something like a 13600k would be more than good enough. (if you really want to save you could go a DDR4 build with a 12600k, lots of money to save there and would be a perfect match for the 4070)

    If budget isn't an issue, or you think you'll upgrade your GPU in 3-5 years time, I'd stick with the 7800x3d / AM5 platform.

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