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[PC, Steam] Free to Play until November 28 - Diablo IV @ Steam


As spotted on HUKD

Cool game to test and try before you buy!

Join the fight for Sanctuary in Diablo IV, the ultimate action RPG adventure. Experience the critically acclaimed campaign and new seasonal content.


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    Please note characters are capped at level 20

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      Thx.. very useful information

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      Which is not bad for free play.

      • No, it's good to give it a go. I downloaded on my steam deck hoping to continue my seasonal character from xbox

        Was handy to see how it runs tho :)

        • How did it run? Also how did it control, does it use thumbsticks or thumbpads?

        • I heard it’s always on requirement even for single player, and it doesn’t play well with instant suspend?

        • Jelly… Wish my Minister of finance would approve the purchase of a steam deck


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      Yep. Be sure to play it on easy so you get less character experience. Or it'll eject you literally 1 minute before an interesting story boss fight

  • It’s also 35% multiplicative gains for XP and gold until 27th Nov.

  • Being capped at level 20, does this mean you would only be able to play campaign? Or is the option to skip campaign by default now available?

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      You must finish the prologue to skip campaigns. But not sure if skipping is possible in demo mode

  • Not worth it

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    Tempting… But PoE exists

    • Not bad to try though, before the new POE league starts in a couple of weeks.

  • Are we able to finish the campaign with the level 20 cap?

    • Not a chance in hell :p

      Prologue + cut short just before next boss fight.

      • Thanks. I wont waste my time then.

        • I don't think it's a waste of time. The campaign is good so far (I'm at level 45, act 3 of 6 or 7). The sidequests are often a bit lame, but ignorable.

  • I'm really enjoying the campaign quests. However the sidequests are a bit idiotic. People caring that poachers are after their bear even though the world is ending. Get some perspective you dopes. Or "please visit this person, then I'll go visit too if necessary".. just get off your arse in the first place son.

  • +1

    Just sharing my experience from their last free trial.
    Not sure if I got out of the prologue, just doing quests (main, side and random world encounters), so there is always something to do.

    But the level cap is 20, I was just roaming around, killed some mobs, reached 20 off of that, the game boots me after a 5 seconds warning…. mint.
    But you can create another character and play through what you played on a different character.

    NOTE. I also don't know if it was just me, I did not download the high graphics pack, and I couldn't skip any cinematic. A spinning circle on where I'd assume the skip option is.

    • You can definitely skip in retail version

  • Diablo is on Steam?? Since when?

  • just installed and play Diablo IV. How did the game become so boring?

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