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New York Times - All Access A$20 for The First Year - Including The Athletic, Wirecutter, Games, Cooking and News


Posting NYT deals on OzBargain always bring some level of controversy - See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/nytimes.com

Personally, I agree with @mskeggs

NYT carries a lot of unique reporting, and like it or not, have a big mindshare among powerful people.
You can say “I would never read it” and be clueless about what is going on.
It would be the same as me pretending Newscorp doesn’t have enormous influence. I don’t agree with lots they say, but I keep an eye on what they are pushing so I know what is going on.
Or I suppose you can get your news regurgitated on youtube like a baby bird, regardless of your politics, getting twice-digested information isn’t getting you any closer to the truth.

I'll leave the voting guidelines here, so feel free to vote on the deal as you please: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:voting_guidelines

Regardless, this is genuinely a great deal even for people who just wants to access the Athletic or Wirecutter or their very impressive catalogue of recipes.

Also, I can confirm that you can cancel straightaway and the subscription will continue until the end of the billing period (in 1 year's time), otherwise you will be charged A$180 per year.

No clue on when this ends, but I would suspect it might be associated with Black Friday.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • It also includes their puzzles. Wordle is always free, but some of the others are limited without a subscription.

    • +2

      The Wordle analysis alone is worth this if you play daily, fascinating stuff.

      • Wait, there's Wordle analysis??

        • Commentary on competitive Wordle. Pros playing on Twitch. $1000000 prize pool tourneys. Crossover events.

          Move over, chessboxing. Wordleboxing here we goooooo

        • When you finish, click on the Wordlebot link

        • P.S.A: For anyone who wants access to wordlebot without subscription, just activate private dns: dns.adguard.com

  • Can I buy this and share the login with many people?

  • Anyone confirm its easy to cancel? Read somewhere its a pain to do it…

    • +2

      Also, I can confirm that you can cancel straightaway and the subscription will continue until the end of the billing period (in 1 year's time), otherwise you will be charged A$180 per year.

      • Thanks for confirmation. Me signing up :D

    • -1

      If you can't read the description at the top, might not be much point subbing to a full newspaper…

      • +1

        Ah yes, the "can't see things are jokes unless it's spelled out explicitly because … reasons" geniuses have arrived…

  • +13

    Hot tip, when you cancel your subscription give the reason as too expensive. It will let you continue the subscription at $20/year.

    • +2

      How did you cancel? It's asking me to speak to a chatbot or call them. No direct cancel option in the account?

    • Hmmmm I just tried this, and it gives me $20 every year wording but the fine print still says $180 after you "accept" the offer. Is that just me?

      • Yep, same.

      • +1

        Went to cancel, offered $20 for subsequent years with fine print saying $180. Accepted the offer and says $20 will be billed every year.

        • Ah thanks, unfortunately it didn't work for me - I accepted the offer and it remained as "$20 first year" under my subscription section. Perhaps it's because I had to reinstate my payment cycle before I tried to cancel again. I'll see what happens next year I guess.

        • Did not work for me either. After a few time faffing around, decided to cancel for real to not take any chance with it

  • +1

    $20 for The Athletic alone would be a deal. Jumped on this one.

    • +2

      It’s a bit of a hassle, but you can get around The Athletic blocker by viewing articles in reading mode in the browser. However, subscription is good for access to ad free podcasts from the network.

  • +1

    I'm seeing $50, anyone else?

    • Same.

    • +1

      just clicked and see $20 /year AUD. maybe change browser or try via phone/pc?

      • +1

        Thanks, that worked. I was using Chrome on mobile and after switching to google it showed $20.

  • Subscribed, thanks.
    Then I realised you still can only play one wordl game everyday…

  • Have had a Times sub in the household for years. Even if you are not into US politics, there is a lot of content to enjoy.
    The Athletic is worth it as a stand-alone website. Lots of good reading and you can customise your content to the sports and teams you follow

    • +1

      Yeah, I follow a few sports and I was looking for a subscription for the Athletic because I genuinely like listening to their podcasts and original content.

      Crafton's expose on Manchester United recently was noteworthy for example.

      NYT subscription is a bonus for me to be honest!

  • +1

    I actually really enjoy the NYT Cooking Youtube content. The website is kind of needed if you want to follow through on cooking some things.

  • I have been wanting this forever! Thanks heaps!

  • +1

    Anyway to avoid ads in the app?? I paid for the subscription

  • I've heard of the extensions to bypass the paywalls to read the articles, would this subscription offer me anything beyond that?

    • +1

      a lot of those extensions and sites don't seem to work with the NYT anymore - for instance, 12ft.io

    • +1

      Just Google bypass paywalls (clean). Still working for me

      • Thanks. I normally like to may for my media consumption, but not when it's News Corp

        • NYT is News Corp now? Wut?

          • +1

            @mickeyjuiceman: No, I'm paying for NYT. But happy to use an extension to bypass News Corp paywalls. Sorry, I realise my comment was completely unclear.

  • +1

    The Athletic alone is worth the $20AUD per year. Everything else is a bonus.

  • Have had the $50/yr All Access for years. At $20 this is a steal!

  • Thanks for that deal. My Athletic subscription was coming to an end and I have wanted to try the New York Times for information (as I read their headlines). Double whammy.

  • Just need something like this for Japan Times

  • Good find !

    Have been paying $2 a month

    Just to keep up over there as have family members working in NY.

  • Would it be right wing enough for me? I voted no.

  • Thank you OP! I got this over the weekend it is excellent value.

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