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Fanxiang S101 500GB SSD SATA III 6GB/s 2.5" $28.79 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ LDCEMS via Amazon AU

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Chinese unknown brand, loose your data blah blah. Dead cheap, great as a third forth fifth drive for data you don’t care loosing. Obviously limited with the SATA 3 interface also. Use it as thumb drive if you like with an enclosure.

Do with this what you will, but as I said, dead cheap - cheaper than anything I could find around (especially if you have prime)

Edit: SSD gate keeper brigade has arrived.

THOU SHALT NOT USE SSD’s that are not approved by them.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Thanks Op, got one for 'boy's stuff', you had me at the first blah…

  • Chinese unknown brand

    There's already been a few Fanxiang deals on OzBargain.

    • Yes of course, I meant not a much built reputation yet, good or bad.

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      you should give links.

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        corrent. Share it, Sun!

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      Either Link, or remove your downvote please mate.

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        Just do a search. Not hard or waste your time when the drive dies. Or may be listen to me and save yourself a headace.

        • Here is the thing, I don’t care if this dive does like a year or 2 in. I have nothing of importance in here. This is playa round and flash old Mac’s with bootable software hard drive for me.

          Why would I pay for reliability? And when do you people finally understand not everyone needs and wants the thing you want…

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            @Klagan: Free to collect at store. Meanwhile, how much is shipping of this Chinese drive for those who don't have Amazon prime? Not to mention the Chinese drive's TBW is only 160 (vs. 400 for Team) and I couldn't find any information of its MTBF on their website.

            Really? To save what $3.21? lol.

              • @Klagan: I never heard of team group before.

                Team Group has been around for DECADES and it is a well known brand among the computer nerds. Your ignorance of not knowing Team Group should automatically invalidate your entire point.

                I don't personally prefer Team Group ssd. In fact, I don't regard them at all.

                However, I certainly trust the brand that has been in Australia for YEARS than the unknown Chinese brand that can't even provide information about MTBF of their drive.

          • @Klagan: BPC did have free metro shipping now its $5
            GST is included in the price not sure why your adding that and to reply about the MSY ordeal this is BPC not MSY mate, for $8.21 you get proper warranty almost double the TBW etc etc,,, Amazon doesnt offer warranty its 30 day change of mind returns. Before you reply with crap actually think.

            "$5 CBD & Metro Flat Rate Auspost Standard"

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                @Klagan: Again Amazon does not offer warranty only the inital 30 days, I dont know for a fact but I doubt BPC will charge return shipping for warranty.

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/804940 not hard to search. Deals are now over. So gl with your data.

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    Bought one,cheap than chips.

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      A collection of chips and onion rings storing data in binary would be more reliable.

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    160 TBW for a 500gb drive
    No information of MTBF on their official website

    Yeah, nah. I am good. I'd rather buy a Team Group EX2 512GB drive by paying $3.21 extra at bpctech.

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      • $15 shipping
      • -3
        • $5 CBD & Metro Flat Rate shipping
        • and Metro areas include (Melb) postcodes: 3000-3210, 3335-3341, 3425-3443, 3750-3811, 3910-3920, 3926-3944, 3972-3978, 3980-3983, 8000-8899

        Don't mislead the people, mate. How much is shipping for this Chinese drive? It is an Amazon Prime exclusive deal. If you don't have a Prime, then the drive is $35.99. So it is $37 vs. $35.99 even if you include the shipping fee for the majority of us.

        One dollar and one cent difference. Ha! For a far, far worse Chinese drive (TBW 400 vs. 160, no info of MTBF).

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          So in that case it’s (at least) $8-9 more expensive. And that’s JUST Melbourne.

          So 30% more expensive.

          I’d argue you are the one misleading people by your standards.

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            @Larsson: Mate, it is $1.01 difference, not $8-9 EVEN IF you are not in Melb. Their Metro shipping mostly covers densely populated postcodes of SYD, ACT, Brisbane and Adelaide. You are the one who is misleading by claiming the difference is $8~9.

            For what? A far, far and FAR worse Chinese drive that doesn't have info of MTBF and less than a HALF of TBW.

            I mean it's your money, but that sounds like being a cheapskate.

            • @kovojk: What, a cheapskate on Ozbargain? Who'd have thought? Anyway, Team SSD comes to $47 to Perth. A LOT more expensive than the Fanxiang for me. However I wouldn't get either as I've had nothing but failures with TEAM.

              • @Rogerwilco: Yes, I'd always imagine a cheapskate on Ozbargain is someone who is willingly to pay own money for a SSD that doesn't even list its MTBF on its official website and has less than a half of the TBW of Team Group SSD that both You and I generally don't rate at all. There is a distinctive difference between a savvy shopper/smart bargain hunter and a cheapskate.

                Why would you pay $35.99 ($28.79 if you have prime) or any money for that crappy Chinese drive that is actually far, far and FAR worse than Team Group SSD? It is almost e-waste.

                Must be either someone who is an ignorant cheapskate or someone lives far from civilization in Perth. lol.

        • and everyone lives in metro areas

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    “loose your data”
    Nah, I prefer my data tight.

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    Thanks bought 8 for a useless & high-risk striped raid array.

    I like my data to live dangerously

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    Chinese unknown brand

    Fanxiang are well known

    Well known for losing data

    … loose your data blah blah

    Definitely "loosing" your mind if you think this drive can store data reliably

    Real 500GB SSD's start at $44

    Do with this what you will…

    If you are finding it hard to post a standard coherent deal on a product, it means it is garbage

    Buy whatever TF you want but skip posting it as a deal trying to justify your own purchase

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      I am sorry mate. I will make sure to ask you before I make a purchase next time and check with you before posting it.

      Because no one else could want this for $28 for any reason whatsoever against a $44 product. How silly of me.

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    Thanks OP, got 2.

    The Fanxiang stuff i already have has been fine.

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    Dodgy drive, data dies

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    I’m not gonna get into the entire argumentof which SSDs are reliable and which ones are not. Instead I’m gonna provide another angle: I’m pretty sure this is normal price for an aliexpress special SSD…

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    For anyone that wants to see a teardown of one of these, here it is (just wait for the translation to kick in after it loads).

    The controller it uses is a Yeestor YS9082HC. From a bit of research, it definitely confirms that this is used in a lot of low-end drives. The NAND is made by Hynix (128L).

    So yeah, the only case for getting one of these seems to be to play around with. I ordered the 250gb one to put retro games on. It'll be used pretty irregularly so I'm not worried. If it lasts the warranty period (3 years) I'm fine with that.

    I know the price on this 500gb one is expired, but hopefully the details above help someone who's getting one of the other ones now or in the future.

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      Excellent, I was lazy to explain to people a specific use case for a cheap drive like this.

      Everyone straight up assumes every hard drive is only used for keeping heirlooms that are important to stay alive for generations and has to be the most reliable ones.

      I am planning on using this as like a “bucket” - to move things from A to B for really old Mac’s I am restoring just for fun or flash it with old software to experiment with them. I don’t care at all if it fails mid task, I have nothing riding on this except for bit of fun…

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        Yep, makes sense.

        Mine arrived and it's fine. Definitely not the best, but suits the purpose, so I'll see how long it lasts.

        I was kinda surprised it came pretty quickly too (from Melbourne). I was expecting to have to wait for it to come from China.

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