This was posted 4 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch OLED Model (White) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Individual 3-Month Membership $411.78 Del @ Kogan eBay


Pretty decent price for OLED model with Mario Kart 8 and 3 months Nintendo online.

Same same price from Dick Smith eBay store when delivery is factored in.

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    • +9

      Wow holy (profanity), who would have thought that a $799 console that requires you to buy/own a monitor or tv and can not (realistically) be used portably, would beat out a $449 console designed with primarily portability in mind.

      • -3

        no one plays that game

        • +3

          Warner Bros. Discovery disclosed the sales of MK1 during its earnings call for the third quarter ended September 30. As CEO David Zaslav told investors, Mortal Kombat 1 has sold nearly 3 million copies since its launch on September 19.

        • +1

          Mortal Kombat 1 is one of the best fighting games out at the moment… not sure what your talking about… also the reviews for it on the switch are hilarious

          • +1

            @vid_ghost: people don't by Nintendo to play Mortal Kombat, they buy it play Nintendo exclusives e.g. Mario/Mario kart, Zelda, Pokémon and so on

          • @vid_ghost: takken > street fighter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mortal >>>>> combat

    • +1

      MK1 on the switch looks more like the Mortal Kombat I remember

    • +2

      Sounds like you're just trying to shite stir if you can't even get the "Kombat" part of "Mortal Kombat" right.

  • +1

    AUS version?

  • Should someone get this if they already have no-OLED?

    • +11

      If you play your switch heaps YES.. sell your old one and upgrade…if not .. Why bother! you don't use it enough anyways…

      • +3

        But if it’s a launch model or any other Switch before July 2018, then I suggest that you keep it and either wait for unpatched Switch prices to skyrocket and cash in, or mod your Switch for pirated games, custom software and servers, and overclocking.

    • Only if you play handheld a lot.

    • yeah if you play handheld, definitely its infinitely better. i was skeptical and once my mate brought his to work i got one the next day

    • As someone who has access to both, the OLED is a MASSIVE upgrade to the screen. Mostly because the viewing angles on the original was so bad that you can see color banding in the corners of the screen even at a reasonable distance away. Grab the OLED if you play a lot of handheld.

  • +2

    Damn that is pretty annoying since I just paid $449 for this at JB Hi-Fi yesterday thinking this would be the cheapest price under Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales.

    • +59

      Username checks out ;)

      • +7

        One of the most justified "Username checks out" replies

    • +1

      JB have 30 day change of mind returns if you didn't open it (I think)

      • Not sure how it exactly works, but maybe can keep what they got from JB and return the one from this deal.

        • If the Kogan one is a direct import it will create problems.

          • @despavr: kogan is acutally selling offical aus stock

        • wouldn't the invoice have a serial number or something to avoid such a scenario (or try to claim warranty from JB for a different broken console)

    • +2

      Surely you paid with at least 10% off gift cards at JB?

      • +1

        Another rookie error if didn't…

        • +3

          Can confirm that is another Rookie Error =[

    • Didn't we all mate. Sigh. It turns out the early bird does not get the worm after all.

      • +3

        more of a case of … the second mouse gets the cheese

    • Don’t feel so bad. I also bought from JB over the weekend. But did click and collect, and haven’t collected yet… so when I saw this I jumped on it and will cancel with JB tomorrow.

    • If you used 10-15% off JB gift cards then you aren't doing bad. If not, then hand in ozb membership card

  • Oooft good price

  • +2

    ****,kogan always been late to the party

  • -1

    not as good as using 30 off 200 TGG sms offer + 15% GC from coles. but very close if you are paying 10-15% ebay GC

    • +8

      I'd say this is better since the hassle of getting those gift cards isn't worth it for most people.

      • -1

        of course, if you haven't already have those cards on hand, forget about that. what i am saying is basiclly to those who already grabed some on wednesday.

  • Is this a grey import? Nintendo Australia will not help you out if so.

    • No

    • Au stock

      • Au stock and Au model are disparate concepts.

        • +2

          however, kogan is offical partner here in Australia. and they are selling OFFICAL AUSTRALIAN STOCK. some third party seller do sell gray stock on their website. but i don't think kogan itself will do so.

          • @ce5himm: That's great if they sell Nintendo Australia AU models. It really is a huge inconvenience to consumers if they sell grey imports.

  • +3

    Thanks, grabbed one from Dick, Kogan was sold out

  • +3

    It’s back in stock

    • +2

      Thank you kind sir!

    • +1

      looks like kogan is releasing stock batch by batch, not all together. i think that's good

  • I picked one up from dick smith, same price delivered.

  • Comes out to be $441.. still on the edge.. any way to reduce it further? (Except to wait for the next sale)

    • Shouldn't it be $411.78 like the title of this deal states..? (Ebay plus)

      • It is

        • Shows 461-20 to me, is it coz I don't have plus?

          • +1

            @giantwithin: That would be it

            • +1

              @theguyrules: Confirmed. That was it. Couldn't stop myself to not wait for Switch 2.

              • +1

                @giantwithin: I know that feeling. The OLED would look so much nicer than my V1.

              • +1

                @giantwithin: Lol, I can feel that. I have a modded v1, purchased Zelda OLED on dayone at RRP, sold it and now purchased this bundle. Plans to sell the game. Limited edition is no longer limited nowadays, and I am going to trade-in for switch 2 later anyway.

  • +7

    Amazing how businesses inflate prices up the wazoo and then sell at normalish prices on sale and everyone goes bonkers thinking how cheap they have got it.. businesses - 1, common man - 0.

  • +1

    I recently bought zelda switch console from kogan through ebay wanting it as a collectors item and the box came in the most terrible condition to the point i had to return it. They didnt bubble wrap it at all and just had in a bag but even then some of the rips couldnt be explained unless it was already in a terrible condition before they sent.

    • sorry to hear that, kogan is not the best at packaging. at least we have ebay here. better than shopping direct from

  • Does it stack with eBay gift card?

    • 100%

  • How is this deal still going and not OOS? Does this mean we are still paying too much?

    Reminds of missing out on $505 PS5 bundle :(

    • +2

      nintendo has too much stock to be cleared. lol
      i bought mine 4.5hrs ago, was like 18th. now it shows 101 sold.
      for the console i think it's ok if you can sell the game+membership to reduce cost.

    • maybe because it is Kogan?

  • It’s OOS for both links

  • Can we return the BigW order that has not been opened yet? If so, what will happen to the 5000 rewards points ($25) that I have already spent on groceries?

    • ohh ohhh, now it is OOS

    • BigW will ask you to hand over the grocery to them

      real answer: they let you keep the point

  • Anyones console shipped from this deal?

    • I just received mine. Pretty banged up as they just put the console box in a plastic bag for shipping.

      • Same as other comments above. How bad is it, are you going to return it? Or just keep it.i may receive mine tomorrow, mixed feeling right now.

        • Its not too bad, so I might suck it up. Have sent a message to them to explain their reasoning though.

          • @chicky682: I wonder whether they are only doing this to ebay order or same to orders direct from their website.
            Hopefully mine will not go too far, since this is a Christmas present. Who wants to receive a gift with damaged box.

            • @ce5himm: I imagine it would be both. It's just a cheap and lazy attitude I expect.

              • @chicky682: Lol, well that's the point of this deal from kogan, cheap. Nothing else. I will wait and see.

                • @ce5himm: Auspost just dropped it off. Good condition as a Christmas gift. So far nothing to complain.

  • No, I did notice long shipping times from Kogan on eBay.

  • Hope it arrives before Christmas :(

  • When I placed my order it says eta 4-6 dec. Will see.

  • Probably optimising delivery and sending items for similar post codes together… with the amount of shopping that everyone has done… RBA is going to get trigger happy in the new year…

    • Or maybe they are waiting for stock arrival.

  • +1

    Received auspost notification package is being packed. should receive it next week

  • Delivery takes forever man

  • Ordered on the 27th and it still hasn't been shipped yet.

    • I'm the same boat as you. Shipping to WA too, which takes forever.

      • Just received the tracking number, hope yours is on its way too.

        • Yeah, mine came through an hour ago. Still not picked up yet, but it's progress

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