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Go Bucket $3.95 Pick up Only @ KFC


Kfc go buckets are $3.95… just another treat for the silly season.

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    hasnt it always been $3.95, whats the deal? unless u counting in inflation of course

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      No, it's been $4.95 for most of the year. Drops to $3.95 every now and then

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    Treating us to the non-inflated price of the Go Buckets, how generous!

    (Don’t take my sarcasm as an indication I won’t be participating in purchasing, because I can assure you I’ve already bought 100)

  • What is their normal price?

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        Paid $4.95 in Sydney CBD yesterday :/

        • Did it look anything like the photo?

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            @xuqi: Half the time it does, the other times it looks like they ran out of popcorn chicken and you end up with a quarter of the amount of chicken you should have.

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    Lol KFC really has gone to shit, the "Secret Menu" with "unreleased treats that have never seen the light of day until now" has 2 go buckets, 2 freezes (and weirdly 2 sauces) for $9.95. That's definitely been seen before and that's basically the current pricing using offers: $3.95x2 + $1x2 = $9.90

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    Bucket? More like thimble. Or shot glass.

  • The prices have gone up again. That’s twice in one year. A Zinger box is $15.85, it’s just about the same price for a main dish from a Thai or Chinese restaurant.

    The $1 wicked wings deal was reasonable. Looks like that was only around to compete with the daily Maccas deals of November.

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