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Extra 20% off Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery Sale Items: e.g. Nike Air Jordan 7 'Chambray' Sizes US 7-10 $152 Delivered @ Subtype


20% applied at checkout

$15 delivery. Free pickup or with $150 order.

Full sale: https://www.subtypestore.com/au/categories/sale

A lot of nice NBs on sale

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  • @beltdrive

    • +1

      thank you :)

  • Thanks. Ordered sz 10 hope it’s not too big as normally 9.5. Read some people saying should go half size down but afraid it’s too small.

    • +1

      I size up half with 7s; I think you're good. I'm TTS US10 and 10 fits fine, but a bit snug so I go up half for a bit more room.

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    Some good stuff here, thanks. I bought these recently for $90 and I love them. At $72 they're a steal.

    • +1

      Great buy at $$72

    • Are these suede + leather?

      • +1

        Not suede, the underlay is canvas. Heaps easier to keep clean.

  • Damn you Rosey! My size is already gone. 😪

    • +1

      I'll tag you next time, but you hate half the shit I post.

      • +1

        Hahaha, I actually just like making fun of you. But that's okay because I'm punching up. 🤣

        I actually like looking at the things you post because I assume someone with a billion watches (cash) has some sort of superior trendy fashion sense than I. But I sort of just use it as a guide of what's current but also what to avoid.. 🤣

        On the odd chance, we have similar taste on something, I'll buy it because I assume I must be on the right track.. 🤣

  • Dang, there were plenty of sizes left in this one (including my size) when I checked a couple of days ago https://www.subtypestore.com/au/products/new-balance-2002r-b…

    • I saw that one too, but I have too many 2002Rs and I already have black 990s Made in USA and black 1902R protection pack refined future or whatever

      • I get the impression you own a lot of shoes and watches

        • +2

          Nah I have more whisky than both combined. I'm just a high-functioning alcoholic that buys the occasional watch or pair of kicks

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