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5G SIM Plan: 30-Day 130GB Data, Unl. Talk/TXT $15 First Month (Then $40/mo for next 6 mo's, $45/mo thereafter) @ Ezysim


$15 starter pack
Double Data 130GB (65GB + 65GB Bonus) 5G Data
Unlimited National Calls & Text
Physical and eSIM!
$40/30 day, 6 renewals with code EZY5G15 on renewals followed by $45 ongoing for Auto renewal.

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    $40/30 day, 6 renewals with code EZY5G15 on renewals followed by $45 ongoing for Auto renewal.

    So $15 for the first 30 days, and then $40 for the next 6 renewals but need to enter the code EZY5G15 every month for 6 months?

    Why is the code EZY5G15 but only discounted down to $40?

    If standard price is $45, why does the website say it was $55 down to $15?

    Your homepage has different tabs for different service:

    4G Plans, 5G Plans, 5G Plans, Long Term Plans.

    What is the difference between the two 5G plans?

  • any deal for travel in New Zealand ?

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    esim available?

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    Service provider in title pls

    • In the description is enough IMO. It's Vodafone for anyone wondering.

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    Must be a new business surely. The website is so damn janky and amateur to be a seasoned business.

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      The CEO's spiel is incredible:

      Enter a realm of innovation, where visionary leadership takes center stage. Allow us to introduce you to the driving force behind our thrilling new venture – Chuthan Kanagasundaram.
      Chuthan brings more than two decades of unparalleled expertise spanning Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Operations within the Telco industry. His journey as a dynamic executive is marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation, an innate passion for excellence, and a profound understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape.
      Throughout his remarkable career, Chuthan has consistently turned challenges into opportunities, leading teams to unprecedented success. From shaping financial strategies in his early days to his role as the Head of Lebara Business at TPG Telecom (formerly Vodafone Australia), he has been a trailblazer.
      Chuthan’s visionary approach is exemplified by his ability to spot emerging trends and leverage them to create transformative solutions. His legacy includes pioneering mobile apps, reviving web portals, and introducing cutting-edge digital tools that redefine industry standards.
      At the heart of Chuthan’s success lies his deep understanding of the customer. His strategies are meticulously crafted around profound insights into customer needs, ensuring our business remains steadfast in delivering unparalleled value and exceptional experiences.
      As we embark on this exciting journey with Chuthan Kanagasundaram at the helm, we invite you to join us in shaping a future where innovation knows no bounds. Here, leadership is synonymous with excellence, and every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be seized.
      Come, be a part of this thrilling venture, and let’s build a brighter tomorrow together, guided by the visionary leadership of Chuthan Kanagasundaram.

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        What's his name?

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        They ChatGPT’d it.

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        If you read that statement outloud, you'll be saying his full name so many times and he'll appear behind you to offer you much deals and many experience.

  • I think the 'tinny' plan should be renamed 'tiny' but to each their own

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      It does have a ring to it

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    $15pm for 6 renewals and you got a deal

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    will be nice if the op can state the network provider without clicking the link to find the small print. if it is vodafone network then definitely no go for my area. not even touch it if provide $0 for life as the area (south west sydney) just no vodafone tower. optus is a bit hit and miss depending on the area. telstra will be the best.

    • Maybe click on it and find out, not hard

      • If it is voda then no even need to click and save the time to find it out.

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          Hmmm seemed a lot quicker to click the link and see the provider than it was to login, hit reply, type a message and then hit submit. But I guess time is different to you ;)

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            @BatmanAU: i am suggesting to op to include the service provider so someone like me or other users are aware of the service providers and they can make their due diligent on this without clicking for everyone. it can save 10-15 sec for each person, imaging if they are hundreds of user like me. that will cost significant time for everyone. i would say time and money is different to me and everyone just a matter of value.

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      Lets save many wasted clicks. This is vodafone…

  • Yeah I should have just made a comment on which provider it was

  • Now with Bonus Double data 65GB

    • Can you specify what exactly the benefit of using this code is? The price appears to be the same on the website anyway? Or is the code for the renewal discount?

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        Starter pack is $15 and you do not need a code.
        when you use the code you get 6 renewals $40/30 days and $45/30 days following 6 renewals.
        also currently 130GB for activation + 2 renewals.

  • I bought this service earlier today as an eSIM. The whole onboarding process is super clunky. After you pay, you receive about 5 different emails, then have to manually create an account and link the sim you were provided.

    My service is now active. So far so good. Thanks EzySim

    • @siberry thank you for the valuable feedback, its 2-step process exactly as you buy Physical sim first and then go and register the service. we just replicated for eSIM step 1 was purchased the eSIM and then you have gone and registered/activated. including port the number from another provider.

    • Lol your first paragraph doesn't sound that positive but you end it so positively

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        I edited it because the founder called me at like 9pm to get it resolved as I urgently needed to port out before my service expired. So yeah it was a bit clunky to sign up but I’m just grateful he took the time to help me out

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