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[Price Error] 24pk 375ml Mountain Dew $3.83 @ Coles via DoorDash


Friend sent this to me. Clearly a price error. Chance it may not get honoured!

Coles via DoorDash have 24pk 375mL Mountain Dew for $3.83.

This was metro Sydney. Possibly others

Update: Appears to be national. Order received

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  • +2

    Wouldn't this just cause issues for the door dash driver?

  • +1

    It’s in melbourne too
    Mines coming up $3.83

  • +2

    Showing in Brisbane but OOS

  • cheers op!

  • +14

    Can confirm for SA, but I don't have Dashpass so $5.99 delivery, 38c service fee, and $3 small order fee. Now i remember why I don't use Doordash.

    • -1

      Yeah ordered 3 paying extra in fees ending up $6 per case…

    • NSW here, $10.99 delivery with same fees. Absolute ridiculous price for delivery

      • +24

        Or.. you know.. maybe thats what it takes to be paid minimum wage for 30 minutes average round trip time

        If you don't like the cost, get off your butt and diy.

        Don't care how much I get negged. Anyone who does so should have spent some time doing research on modern slavery. Complaining means you need to open your eyes because those attitudes make you part of it

      • +3

        You should be a delivery driver for a year. Let us know if you think it's ridiculous then.

  • +15

    Oh geez. I’ll take a crab juice.

    • +7

      Khlav Kalash for everyone

    • It's not on sale though, and for that reason, I'm out.

  • +1

    its $34.85 on Coles website… imagine the dashdriver going in to scan it at checkout…. waste of time.

  • Classic incorrect listing on doordash trick! Got a case of beer half refunded once because it was listed as 24 pack when I knew it came in a 16.

  • +6

    Wouldn’t the order be revised with the updated total once the dasher has paid for it?

    Happened to me previously when ordering fruits via DoorDash

    • That's normal with fruits & veggies that aren't prepackaged as they go by weight.

      Bananas Regular (1 ea)
      A$0.80 ea
      A$4.00 per kg • Approx 0.2 kg each
      The price shown is an estimate. It will be updated after the order is completed at the store.

  • +9

    I have purchased 8 blocks and will keep y'all updated

    • Lol. It's not showing for me on DD

    • Godspeed…

    • Let us know if your blocks arrive!

      • +4

        Order cancelled unfortunately

        • I guess you were… blocked?

  • This is not going to work. Doordash System's are way too stringent. They will make sure to charge you for every cent that you owe to them

    • +1

      I've never experienced this and have ordered lots of stuff from doordash.

      This will either work or it won't, you don't really have much to lose.

      You just have to make sure you specify "refund" for substitutions.

      • If they substitute my order should we deny the delivery ?

        • -1

          you can't deny the delivery lol

    • -5

      That is literally fraudulent.

      • +1

        Seems a bit redundant saying "literally"

      • As opposed to being figuratively fraudulent?

  • +1

    $9 delivery fee, $3 small order fee(if less than $30), $3 minimum service fee (if making $30 to avoid $3 service fee) —> Nah! Will avoid it.
    But really a tempting error.

  • -1

    Tempting but not worth the hassle, chances are it won't be honoured

    • +1

      What hassle?

      About half the early orders were successful

  • +5

    Just had 2 x 24 packs delivered.

    • +2

      I just received mine too.

  • Driver is going to store, we will see ;}

  • Am in Brisbane where it just been storming and no delivery is available at all

  • It just disappeared from the menu on my app

    Subtotal $3.83
    Delivery Fee $3.99
    Service Fee $0.83
    Small Order Fee $3.00
    Total $11.20
    46c / can

  • +1

    can't see it anymore on DD

  • 24 hour dashpass can be activated once a month.

  • $16.20 after delivery fee and small order fee near the CBD

  • Refunded :(

  • +8

    That's the sound of dentists everywhere popping champagne

  • Homebush(Sydney) address available if you one want

  • +1

    It's a shame that they ruined the recipe a decade or more ago. I wish they'd bring back the original. And that coke brings back the original kole beer. So few soft drinks are still worth drinking

    • Got cans of kole beer in one of the recent Amazon deals. 2 x 10 pack for $11 or so

      • +1

        Yeah but they messed up the recipe some years back :/ Coke was basically afraid of sugar tax so they did sugar reductions. The tax never came. Now kole beer sucks (well… It's plain. Not worth the calories)

        • +2

          Yeah I agree they’ve ruined all the soft drinks. Sometimes I get the American cans just to taste a decent one.

  • Ordered two boxes, seems like the listing is down now but apparently there is a dasher heading to the store. Will update if it worked or if they just refund the order.

  • +1

    Dasher picked up item half an hour ago and still sitting in carpark. I think they may be on the phone to DoorDash HQ…

    Edit: Cancelled

  • Item was showing in stock on the DoorDash but Dasher still cancelled

    • Dont know how this works,guess the dasher don't have to pay for the item just pick it up from coles,then doordash will deal with coles by day or each order,so isn't the dasher cancelled the order just coles won't let they pick up?

      • Mine was cancelled by dasher as the notification I got was Mountain Dew xxx is out of stock. It will be refunded

        • So basiclly dashers not get the fee for this order(?)If they can get 2 and refund part of it they can get delivery fee,I can see most got 2 cases and some got cancelled

          • -1

            @yuisakas: I did add some random items to make up to $35 for free delivery

            So had some other stuff cancelled too, making it $10 delivered which is alright for in store pricing too

  • +2

    Ordered 4, got 2 delivered for 14.50. Thanks OP.

  • +9

    Im a dasher. Some guy ordered 5 tonight. Now I know why he sounded very disinterested when I asked if he wanted anything else cuz there was only 2 in stock at Coles lol

    • +5

      You're doing the lords work, Sir.

      • +6

        ahaha. I think you guys crashed the Doordash payment system (called the Red Card). Cuz after I put the Mountain Dew through and paid, every payment attempt for my other orders declined and apparently i was the 3rd one tonight to phone up and complain lol

        • So you have to pay for the item?

          • +3

            @yuisakas: We put it through the checkout ourselves and usually use the Doordash Redcard.
            But as the Doordash payment system wasnt working they requested that I pay out my own pocket with the promise of reimbursement as long as I provide the receipt. Super sketchy - glad it was only a $37 checkout total and not hundreds!

            • @billbob123454: Thats a risky job,what if the order got cancelled you still got pay for the drive?I can see some orders got cancelled here

              • +1

                @yuisakas: I dont think the customer can cancel after the order has found a driver. I could be wrong. But I also work at Coles so (knowing where everything is on the shelves) I can smash out the orders before they can click cancel 🤣

                • @billbob123454: I mean you dashers cancel the order just like this one.

                  • +1

                    @yuisakas: ohhh yeh idk what the deal with that is. Lots of them use multiple apps and accept every order they get and cancel all but the best ones

  • Order has been cancelled then fight delivery guy over texts, offering substitute then cancelling. Went store & plenty left on shelf!

  • +5

    8 ordered, 8 delivered. Going to tip my driver, guy pulled through

    • +1

      Do dashers see the order before they accept? Just imagining a small lady accepting then finding out she has to move around a 72KG order.

      • They see the number of items in the order e.g pet stores in the US but not the weight so oftentimes people’s orders for 100 dried crickets get denied by the dashers who don’t know what’s in the order

      • Can only see the number of items. Once accepted (but before clicking the button to begin shopping) you can see what the items are.
        Most are driving when they accept the orders though so they likely wont have the chance to check before they arrive

  • +1

    mine was cancelled, was called by dasher and she said she couldn't make the payment using doordash virtual cards because the amount she would need to pay is more than order total.

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