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[SUBS] Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny (2023) Now Streaming on Disney Plus


Just opened disney plus and found the title streaming from today.

88% AUDIENCE SCORE @ Rotten tomatoes

Enjoy friday movie night.

Also, dont forget popcorn for the comments

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  • +4

    It wasn’t at the level of Raiders or Last Crusade, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

    • +7

      watched it last night, honestly i was expecting it to be worse than it was. not a terrible movie, but not a classic

    • +4

      Yeah. The buzz around it was really negative.

      It was a lot better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

      It was reasonably enjoyable.

    • +4

      I found the Phoebe Waller-Bridge character insufferable.

  • +45

    Boycott Disney

    • why?

      • +10

        Something something Palestine lol

        • They deserve it. They started it.

          • @Wizard: Or did they?

          • -4

            @Wizard: Women and children being killed by Israeli bombs started it?

            ok champ

        • +27

          Isn’t ruining Star Wars enough?

      • +50

        Ruining every classic movie with a woke remake

        • +3

          I quite enjoyed the Jungle Book remake

          • @CptnObvious: I quite like the Jungle Book in general, every time I hear Bare Necessities on TV (i.e. Jungle Book is playing) I know the baby will be quiet for 1 hour. :D

          • @CptnObvious: there has been a jungle book remake ?! their advertising budget mustnt have been great

        • +7

          See this is a BS argument. It's not like they've pulled the original. You can still enjoy the original and not watch the so called woke remake.

          IMHO it's quite clever, they're selling bullets & bulletproof vests.

          I'm really bored of the extremists on the left & right both trying to cancel everything they disagree with. If you don't like it, fine don't watch it and let those who want to enjoy it, do so.. it's not harming you at all. OTOH people shouldn't be calling to be getting rid of the original. If you don't like it, fine don't watch it and let those who want to enjoy it, do so.. it's not harming you at all.

          • -2

            @M00Cow: Have you ever watched something that was good but the ending wrecked it? When the owner of a franchise makes a sequel or prequel that does a similar thing, the parts that you enjoyed gets wrecked as well.

          • +2

            @M00Cow: Clever when they bomb at the box office? The fact is most ppl won’t seek out the original or even know about it and will think the latest version is the only one.

          • +3

            @M00Cow: There was a time and place not long ago in a galaxy far far away where LOGIC would prevail over politics. This whole woke BS is totally illogical and nobody in government anywhere in the world should have supported it. Once they did the flood gates opened up for mentally ill people to do/say/be whatever, in the name of progress. If this is progress I and billions of others want no part of it.

        • +3

          Wondering what's so bad about woke? Why is it a negative term?

          • +11

            @Flintz: Because actors are cast for diversity and not quality amongst other things so you are often getting a second rate product plus they are full of propaganda. Not to mention the movies are very dull and don’t want to upset anyone.

            • +5

              @Be careful: I'm not sure that's Dial of Destiny though. I dislike blatantly woke propaganda as much as any normal person does. Whether your values or left or right leaning, tokenism and monologues just aren't fun to watch for most normies, even if they agree with the comments and / or like seeing more representative (but not token) casting.

              But I don't think Dial of Destiny has the tokenism you're talking about - there are no new tick-a-minority-box castings. It's true Phoebe Waller-Bridge isn't the typical Indy female bombshell, but having a strong female is not in itself woke era diversity casting - noone said that about Ripley in Aliens, or Hamilton in T2.

              That said, this movie was just ok. Better than the Crystal Skull abomination, but not on the level of the original three.

              • @y2k: i liked the crystal skull

                • +1

                  @juki: Me too, so that’s two of us😂😂

                • +1

                  @juki: Crystal skull was typical indie film for me (joke moments, funny chase and fight scenes) but the ending really saved it for me. the merging of Indie and sci-fi (which spielberg did a lot of). it made me really look forward to the next one (number 5 dial of destiny) and I am really hoping it continues the theme that was brought into the end of Crystal skull.

              • +1

                @y2k: It is certainly not as woke as many other Disney films. I think its main flaw is the lame script. It’s an ok film though but by far the worst in the series. Rushed out to cash in no doubt. Worth seeing for free on Disney plus tho.

            • +2

              @Be careful: The thing is that there are plenty of incredible actors who are diverse, usually they’re just give crap scripts.

              I have no problems with diversity to appeal to a wider audience, Donny Yen was stuck in Rogue One to appeal to Chinese audiences and he was awesome. I think the issue comes with people blaming crap movies on the diversity when they should just blame it on the movie being crap.

              • +1

                @freefall101: Yes and good luck to them when they are cast for their skills alone and not to fill diversity quotas…to be eligible for oscars etc. but yes many movies are just crap anyway. I do think directors are casting now with one arm behind their back and are forced to cast actors that are no their main choices.

                • +1

                  @Be careful: Where are they casting to fill diversity quotas though? The worst movies are the ones that are a political statement from the get go, the director is onboard. Ghostbusters was that, if they hadn't have tried to make a "rah rah, women can be heroes too" thing and just made a great movie no one outside of a basement dweller would have cared.

                  Halle Bailey (who played Ariel) is a great actress, the issue with the little mermaid is not the casting. In terms of young female actresses picking her vs anyone else who can both sing and act is not going to change the outcome of that movie. Maybe picking someone who looks less like an alien might have helped, but that wasn't the problem with the movie. Black Ariel, white Ariel, if it was a good story and animation everyone would have loved it.

                  Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an astonishingly good actress, they were lucky to get her in the role. The problem with this film is it's a ChatGPT attempt at being a Spielberg film and they didn't pull it off. Mostly it just tries to recreate the best of Indy and fails.

                  If Disney can cast a deaf Native American actress with a missing leg and nail it, they can find a woman or person of colour to fill any role, that's not the problem. It's the second they make filling that role the statement of the entire film that they run into problems.

                  • +1

                    @freefall101: Your reasoning would be nice, but it doesn't explain the outrage, hate and boycotting before the films even completed production.
                    America (the primary market of these movies) is absolutely infested with tribalism and unfortunately facts are completely irrelevant to people's behavior.

            • +1

              @Be careful: Correction: "don’t want to upset anyone" except white men. They are fair game because they are slave owners, colonisers etc. Doesnt matter if they have a 9 to 5 soul sucking job with a mortgage rate thats driving them up the wall.

          • -4

            @Flintz: To me the use of 'woke' is just catch cry for someone to identify their tribalism in this case the very trendy 'I'm a big boy and don't think Disney is cool anymore' tribe.

            • @tonka: You are right that its the big boys (and girls) that use the term "woke" more than small boys and girls. Alleged Churchill quote: "If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain.".

              • @jalwa: Yep and the proper adults don't use it at all.

          • +1

            @Flintz: Watch the latest South Park special and you’ll understand the woke world we live in a bit better. It’s laugh out loud funny

            • +1

              @bennybaubles: "Watch the latest South Park special and you’ll understand the woke world we live in a bit better."

              thanks for suggesting that. I watched it on my remaining 1 week Paramount trial. was funny. 🙂
              PC principal 😂 also laughed at the "let's fight MMA!" part lol.
              I also wasn't aware of all the kathleen kennedy stuff, so it did help me catch up to what everyone on this post is on about.

          • +4

            @Flintz: Because instead of letting the story flow organically and naturally you are hit over the head and bamboozled with messages on how you should act/vote/feel according to a political ideology when all you did was pay money to relax and enjoy yourself for 2 hours and not worry about the dramas of the world

            • @johnnyg: Word

            • +3

              @johnnyg: Yeah, things like females having a place in the world etc. Outrageous when you see them in a film. Most of the time 'woke' is invoked it is dudes objecting to a character not mirroring or agreeing with them 100%. And that's not 'woke', diversity in appearance and opinion has existed since before humans left Africa.

              • +2

                @tonka: Yep, I am yet to hear a criticism of 'woke' that didn't end up being a fig leaf for a sad little narrow minded person not wanting to accept that their worldview is not universal and that people who are different to them can have interesting stories too.

              • @tonka: Diversity in itself is fine by me as long as it happens naturally. What I mean by this is for example there is a job advertised and many people apply, assume 60% of the applicants are Anglo-Saxon and the other 40% from other nations around the world by heritage. So some may have been born here, some not but their parents were immigrants. Wouldn't it make sense that all being equal that the Anglo-Saxon group overall had more of a chance of getting the job? Of course this is based on "The best person, most qualified, most suited based on communication skills etc etc will get the job".

                Instead we see "Forced" quotas for the sake of being diverse. Given the majority of Australia is still white there is nothing wrong with seeing more white people in a work place yet we are all told it isn't good. That is racist in itself and a horrible approach as it kills the organic nature of diversity, it stops the work place having the right people with the right skills and being able to do the best job. It also stops everyone else outside of the Anglo-Saxon society from striving for more, for better, so they can be the best at an interview. It is the same as lowering combat training standards just so women can pass entry into the military, terrible reverse logic.

                Same situation goes for pure Male/Female, best person for the job, not to fill quotas.

                • @riggit: I agree with you The problem is people don't hire fairly. They like to hire people that they relate to. So a male dominated workforce, may be prone to giving a male applicant preference. It doesn't just apply to anglo saxons, I am anglo saxon and personally I've found it impossible to get hired by someone of a different ethnicity.
                  What I have seen and have a lot of transparency of because of my job, is men bond more easily with other similar men and are more inclined to promote them. And this is made worse by many women being more inclined to promote men as well having been raised with gender bias themselves.

      • +2

        There's a bunch of advertisers pulling ads on Twitter/X because Elon visited Israel.
        I think Disney was one of them.
        Elon's response to being threatened with advertising boycotts was "GFY"

        • +17

          because Elon visited Israel.

          What koolaid you drinking to think that's the reason advertisers don't want their ads on twitter?

          • -1

            @SBOB: Cause woke idiots support Palestine, so visiting Israel mean you are anti-woke :/

            So all the hip ESG/DEI companies will not tolerate advertising on a platform where the owner openly shows support for Israel ;)

            • +11

              @7ekn00: Why do people throw woke onto any action taken they don't like? It's moronic.

              • +10

                @FabMan: Yep, it's a stupid phrase used by stupid people. It's funny because they accuse the otherside of cancel culture which is exactly what their anti-woke culture is doing.

            • +10

              @7ekn00: Woke has nothing to do with yank backed bullies bombing the shit out of a country over 1200 murders and 240 hostages and retaliating with over 10000 murders and counting.If you dare speak up and show your disapproval you’ll be labeled anti semetic .

          • +1

            @SBOB: He must be drinking triple strength kool aid

        • Go back to sleep.

        • +1

          I think they boycotted him for other comments and his visit was to try and suck up and show he wasn’t anti semetic

        • +8

          advertisers pulling ads on Twitter/X because Elon visited Israel.

          Elon visited Israel on the 27th November.
          Large numbers of advertisers have been reducing or stopping advertisements on Twitter since mid in November (the Media Matters report being a trigger), with DIsney (and others) doing it not long after a subsequent well thought out tweet by Elon , all of which was about 2 weeks prior to his trip (e.g. article for date reference https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianbushard/2023/11/17/apple-a… )

          Perhaps some critical thinking of the timeline of events and cause and effect might be in order?

        • +3

          Come on man. Everyone pulled their ads early November when Elon started posting straight up Nazi stuff. The ads were pulled for VERY LITERALLY the exact opposite reason you mentioned.

      • I share your sentiments. Some stuff is still ok and old stuff great for kids.

        This Indi film was quite good - I went into it thinking it will be ultra woke but it wasn't.

      • -1

        Cos they're woke AF

      • -1


    • +1

      Mickey Mouse

    • +16

      I really used to enjoy watching disney films and shows. It really did make my childhood.

      But they've completely destroyed their remakes with their political agenda within the last recent years.

      I'm not talking about all Disney shows, but some of the remakes are just….. cringey.

      • +3

        But they haven't ditched the originals. They're just making a different version for a different audience.

        But if you say they've ruined Star Wars because they've milked the franchise and taken away from the original plot, that's fair enough.

        • +1

          Yeah try finding the originals not to mention that the new ones brainwash kids who know no better

          • +2

            @Be careful: Yep every generation complain about similar things. Civilisation continued on mostly without the predicted downfall.

            I remember mt old man & guys mates using similar claims against the baby boomers… rewriting history, pushing their peacenik agenda, questioning everything, brainwashing the next generation…. Been there, done that, the world survived…now the boomers & genx are making the same claims….

            But the put it in a different light, Disney own the rights, many of the cases they invented the story. So they should have the freedom to do what ever they want with their product.

            • +4

              @M00Cow: And they do.
              And we have the freedom to complain and not give them money.

              • @Be careful: You have the right to not give them money. That doesn't affect me.

                Your public whinging affects me, when your actions affect others, your right to do so diminish and is balanced with increasing responsibility.

          • @Be careful: Brainwash kids to believe what, exactly

            That there are women in the universe and they can do things?
            That there are people who aren't white in the universe and they can do things?
            That there are people in the universe who aren't straight and they can do things?

            Because if imaginary people doing imaginary things triggers you so hard you must have a really hard time with real li…oooooh, my bad

            You just keep doing you, you've got enough to struggle with

            • +3

              @GrueHunter: They are pushing a political and ideological agenda not simple entertainment. At least we agree they are doing that even if you like the fact.

              It ok I don’t mind spending 10 seconds on you with an o b comment…you are worth it

              • @Be careful: What 'agenda' are they 'pushing'? Please give specific examples.

                I guarantee you think that showing women, gay, trans or non-white people as main characters in a movie is 'pushing an agenda'.

              • @Be careful: But you're pushing your political agenda too..being very blinkered and selective with your facts.

                Funny how people start getting shouty and accusing others of political bias when someone does something which they don't agree with.

                You're claims of political and ideological agenda don't stack up. Because if it was true, they would have removed previous produced entertainment which doesn't align with this so called political and ideological agenda.

                Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they're just creating content which appeals to a new generation which has differing opinions ad beliefs to you? It doesn't mean they're brainwashing, they're just adapting so they can make money. If old farts like us was where the money is, they'd be making conservative, traditional content. But it's not. Appealing to the 1-40yo's means they've got another 40-90 years of revenue stream. Appealing to mean means they might have 20yrs. But they already have a back catalogue of stuff that might appeal, so they'll get revenue anyway for doing nothing.

                The reason people of our generation get loud and angry is because we were marketed too and listen to for 20,30,40yrs but now we're not the target audience, so that power has waned and like everyone who loses power they get angry & fight to get it back.

                If you we around 120yrs ago you would have been railing against giving women the vote. Same arguments were used, so moral outrage, just a different topic. But guess what, despite all the dire predictions and the doom & gloom, it worked out just fine. It didn't affect me.

                Then it was the pro-segrigration crowd..end of the world, moral panic, we can't have them integrating. It worked out just fine.it didn't affect me.

                Then it was the gender equality….it's working out just fine. It didn't affect me.

                Then there was same-sex equality…it didn't affect me.

                Then it was marriage equality…it didn't affect me.

                Now its gender fluid equality… I won't affect me and I suspect it won't affect you.

                And I'll let you in on a little 700yr secret. Corporations have one main agenda, to make money. They may have political agendas, but that's only because it helps the main agenda. Disney isn't driving the so called woke agenda, they're seeing that's what the younger generations what, so they're pretending to be like that too in order to milk them for money.

              • @Be careful: Yes, "they are pushing a political and ideological agenda', but that is what stories have always been about. Teaching kids empathy and ethics. Teaching everyone about everyone else. Greek myths, Bible stories, Shakespeare, comic books. Always stories have been about sharing experience, it's probably the significant advantage we have over other animals. And yes, sometime stories have also been less than honorable, the Catholics's attempts to undermine paganism with fairytales etc. To be honest modern stories are the least preachy, all about FX, car chases and pretty humans.

        • A different audience? Brain dead zombies?

      • +1

        If you search Disney movies there's a list of over 800 they have made. Just like the past, they won't all be masterpieces.

    • Wish I could upvote this 100 times

  • +3

    This FOURTH (yes you read that correct) installment in the series was enjoyable.

    • +9

      Which reminds me, has anyone heard when Police Academy 8 is coming out.

      • +1

        Yikes it’s been meant to come out for years now.
        I hope it’s got Michael Winslow

  • +9

    What an amazing trilogy!

  • +7

    Why isn’t the first comment “this is not a bargain”

    • +13

      Because jv is having an early one tonight

    • +1

      I mean, it's not.

  • +23

    88% AUDIENCE SCORE @ Rotten tomatoes

    Rigged. IMDB and most other places has it around 60%, and even that's too generous imo. You could watch any random movie made between 1945 and 2000 and there would be a 99.9% chance it would be much better than this.

    • +4

      Yeah, this was probably the only movie all year I fell asleep watching. Boring as watching paint dry.

    • +8

      Rotten tomatoes is owned by Warner brothers so there’s a massive conflict of interest just for starters



      • +2

        100 percent that rotten tomatoes audience scores are complete manipulated.

        For example, this ozb favourite, Im sure you'd agree a similar comment in that movies thread about how it's reviews were manipulated also would be accurate

        • +1

          Right!……… Should be 100% score

    • +1

      There's been reports that they pay audience "reviewers" $50 for a positive review.
      RT is compromised

    • -2

      'Something doesn't align with my existing opinion so it must be rigged'

    • +4

      Anything that is "social progressive left" gets over 90% on Rotten Tomatos. Anything that is enjoyable to watch gets under 60%.

    • honestly all ratings are all over the place. for example searched random movie in google the other day, 7.1 IMDB, 20% rotten tomatoes. what the heck does that even mean.

      also I always believed above 7 was good on IMDB, but some people are telling me no it has to be over 9.5 on IMDB to be good. don't really care anymore just decide to watch films based on story and director.

      • +3

        RT scores are pretty useless nowadays. Since 2016 it's owned by a movie studio and a media conglomerate, I mean come on. Between corps paying for reviews/getting negative reviews removed, and critics scoring movies based on how the movie conforms to Progressive ideology, the scores aren't helpful.

        I just check IMDB and if it's higher than a 6 and sounds interesting or has been recommended to me I might watch it. There are heaps of hidden gems out there.

        • wasn't there a time where some movie (can't remember) got hated on so hard it was bombarded with bad user reviews, and I think this had some conflict with RT so they just removed the page entirely from the website lol.
          and I think the whole barrage was basically a meme, like the users were giving bad reviews for the fun of it.

  • +4

    Any streaming service playing The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles tv series?

    • +1

      Apple TV for the low low price of $50 to buy.

      Or VPN to the US and watch on Disney+

      • +4

        Ouch re $50. Thanks might just go to my usual source.

        Edit just picked up all 3 volumes preowned on eBay for $70. Have always wanted to watch them just never got around and the rips online arent great quality.

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