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Whenever they run the trade bonus deals they usually drop trade values a few days before. Beware. It’s reverse Jack
06/12/2023 - 22:53
By new customers only do they mean u can only activate 1 of these on your account? I assume when u activate a second sim they would say you…
03/12/2023 - 17:15
Got turned off chess after that grandmaster was caught receiving help with a wireless dildo…
03/12/2023 - 15:21
Yeah me too so I had to add a temp account to my family and share.
03/12/2023 - 15:06
Keri g company owns Valencia. I suspect the whole event was just to troll right wingers and it succeeeded
02/12/2023 - 12:05
I never mentioned child sexualisation. Watch the movie yourself rather than using google and have a lot at the tsunami of woke propaganda.
02/12/2023 - 12:03
Wasn’t there one recently call Ed the African queen or something similar getting 100% on rotten tomatoes.
02/12/2023 - 12:01
They are pushing a political and ideological agenda not simple entertainment. At least we agree they are doing that even if you like the…
02/12/2023 - 12:00
And they do. And we have the freedom to complain and not give them money.
02/12/2023 - 11:58
Yes and good luck to them when they are cast for their skills alone and not to fill diversity quotas…to be eligible for oscars etc. but…
02/12/2023 - 11:56
It is certainly not as woke as many other Disney films. I think its main flaw is the lame script. It’s an ok film though but by far the…
02/12/2023 - 11:53
Rotten tomatoes is owned by Warner brothers so there’s a massive conflict of interest just for starters…
02/12/2023 - 02:47
That’s just one example of many. Plenty more..go and do some legwork. Hint watch the latest Thor movie love and thunder..
02/12/2023 - 02:41
Yes they want to make $$$$ but they also want to heavily push their agenda. I wonder how many billions Disney lose before they learn the…
02/12/2023 - 02:38
It’s amazing how becoming apparent makes one focus on their safety while all societies free riders who do t breed couldn’t care less.…
02/12/2023 - 02:35
Count how many times Harrison says “I hate nazis”….almost as if a certain group that doesn’t like them is pushing an agenda lol
02/12/2023 - 02:32
Yeah try finding the originals not to mention that the new ones brainwash kids who know no better
02/12/2023 - 02:30
I think they boycotted him for other comments and his visit was to try and suck up and show he wasn’t anti semetic
02/12/2023 - 02:29
Because actors are cast for diversity and not quality amongst other things so you are often getting a second rate product plus they are…
02/12/2023 - 02:28
Clever when they bomb at the box office? The fact is most ppl won’t seek out the original or even know about it and will think the latest…
02/12/2023 - 02:26
So a bigger d term is if no use to the 40 plus crowd with poor eyesight. What nonsense. Stick to $49 Telstra burner phones buddy
30/11/2023 - 07:42
You don’t have to post bargains to have an opinion. It’s funny when people look up other people’s account details just to win a petty…
30/11/2023 - 07:40
Corolla of Porsche? What would u rather use for work everyday?
30/11/2023 - 07:38
No it’s not tax fraud. There are limits on what u can bring back tho over which tax is paid. However it will be second hand by then so…
30/11/2023 - 07:37