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[XBX] Like a Dragon: Ishin! $19 (or 2 For $30) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi (PS4/PS5 versions sold out)


27/12/2023 update:
Both the PS4 version (which has free upgrade to the PS5 version) and the PS5 version are no longer available online, though you might still have a chance in-store.

Check the JB Hi-Fi page for 2 For $30 deals to get the best value out of this deal (effectively $15 for the game).
For another game in the same series eligible with the 2 For $30 offer, there's still the XBX version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Day Ichi Steelbook Edition). It's technically Yakuza 7 in the mainline Yakuza series (even if the gameplay is completely different), whereas Ishin is a spin-off.

Check out the deal for Yakuza Complete Series via GOG, if you have a computer and want to play through the games in chronological order from Yakuza 0 through to 6.

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      lol why ppl mad? this is ozbargain, thought you all about good deals lmao? soft

      • -2

        Because they secretly want to do it as well. More competitions when you announce it to everyone lol

        • Legit tho like I was referring to a store that gives you instant cash for it and easy profit but anyways dw clearly not interested

  • +2

    Awesome game - just a touch too cheesy towards the end.

  • -3

    Nice game, and it’s actually made by Japanese people

    Unlike Genshin and Honkai which are fake Chinese knockoffs pretending to be Japanese.

  • I need a deal on like a dragon gaiden

    • +3

      It just came out less than a month ago…

    • +1

      It also did not get a physical release in the West - so you're at the mercy of sales on digital storefronts.

    • +1

      Game Pass is the best deal for it if you have access to a machine that can use it.

    • Infinite wealth standard edition is $115 on steam :|

  • Any suggestions for the 2nd game if buying 2 for $30?

    • +2

      I'd say Trek to Yomi or Dying Light 2 are pretty good for $15.

    • +1

      Gotham Knights special edition comes with steelbook
      Or Let's Sing ABBA for the mic lol

    • +1

      I chose Wild Hearts. Supposedly a monster hunter like game.

    • +3

      From what I've seen in JB and online the "best" ones would be:

      Trine 5 (if you can find it)
      Syberia 3 Ltd Ed (Steelbook)
      FIST (fun metroidvania style game, also Ltd Ed Steelbook)
      Dying Light 2
      Wild Hearts
      Trek to Yomi
      Gotham Knights (Steelbook)

  • +2

    Picked up this + Wild Hearts. Extra $10 off with JB Perks + any gift card discount (reward gateway) if you have it available.

  • just finished this game on xbox game pass pc. fun but a bit grindy, install mods to make the grind more tolerable.

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