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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 512GB (Online Exclusive Colours Only) $998.46 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store via Samsung Store App


Not nearly as good as 5 codes stack on with each other previous deal but a deal nevertheless. Can pair with bonus $100 trade-in (expires 8.1.24) bringing it down to ~900 but looks like earbuds/headphones option is removed from TradeUp app/website. Might wanna wait a bit more for better deals in conjunction with the 40% from edu store and 10% from samsung store app.

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  • No Dex.

    • What's the best feature in Dex? Never tried it. I know it's a desktop UI, but without keyboard and mouse it is any beneficial?

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        Dex automatically adapts the resolution and ratio to the screen connected.
        Also it is arguably easier to control with mice and keyboard than native android.

  • Meanwhile cheapest F4-128gb plan is $81 a month.. 🤣

    Unrelated question: What's the easiest way to get a .edu email? 😅 I remember it being discussed in a previous post but that was like a couple years ago..

    Edit: F5-256gb plan is $78 and comes with some FE buds.

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      Following (edu email 😀)

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      Sign up to uni for a course then quit.

      Find a friend in uni. Work for uni.

    • I think there are free tafe courses.

      • Do they let you keep the email?

        • No it gets closed as soon as your course ends or you drop out

    • $81 a month with a carrier or?

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    How you get $998? I see $1109

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    • Need to use the Samsung Shop app (another 10% off at checkout) in conjunction with education store

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    I got the Flip5 in the massive discount stacking deal for about $600 (+ new headphones for 100 or so).

    AMA if you have any questions about it. I upgraded from an S20+ and before that some iPhone.

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      what deals did you stack? and did it involve trade-in bonus?

      • Apologies! I meant AMA about the phone haha.

        That deal was in October sometime. It was a big discount in RRP + 20% plus 10% off in the app + some other stuff from memory.

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          • Newsletter and ask customer rep nicely for a discount + trade-in bonus
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            @MuddyRubber: You'll find the rep codes don't work on the education store. Tried this with the S23FE and no luck for the rep.

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              @Agret: It was the build your own deal where you get 25% off stacked when you add two other items. Then the play was to call to remove the two "add ons" which refunds you that difference while the 20-25% (can't rem exactly what) remains for the phone.

              Then there's the 10% off first purchase + trade in bonus

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      How's the battery life? Any good protective case esp something for car mount etc? I currently have s21 with Quadlock case for bike and car mount and wasn't sure how it'll work with flip

      • Battery life is fine for me. It's not the top of the range but gets me through a day, and much better than my S20 despite having a smaller capacity battery since 1) more efficient components + 2) newer so it hasn't been drained so many times.

        I got this case which is quite nice. I wanted a clear one. The corners on the edges poke out a bit to protect from falls, so it's not super compact but it does the job. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0C9D8HYY4?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_p…

        Overall I like the form factor. Feels a bit like a sidegrade from the S20+ in some ways but I am much happier with it overall.

          • @boost2023: No, it actually comes with a screen protector of some kind already installed. They recommend not removing it. But it does feel like you'd be doubling up with anything more!

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      How is the battery life and selfie camera quality? Have heard that its the camera's and battery that are the downsides of Flip5.

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        Selfie camera is actually better than normal, because you can keep it closed and use the front camera to take selfies. And of course the front screen acts as a viewfinder there.

        Overall, the flagship phones will have better cameras though, but the form factor allows you to do some interesting stuff.

        The battery life is fine for me. It feels like a sidegrade from my S20 series when that was new, but ofc better than my old phone.

        The ultra's will also have better battery but that's a totally different form factor.

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        I have an S23 ultra now, but what me off apples ecosystem was trying the Z Flip 3.

        People say that took bad photos hit honestly i have taken some beautiful, punchy video of close up gardens and nature. Great shots of the kids. Beautiful scenary at the beach. Main thing is it doesnt zoom like the ultra but its otherwise golden.

        Id imagine the flip 5 is even better.

        Flip 3 still one of my all time favourite phones ever. Such a game changer. I used mine with the samsung carbon fibre case and it was awesome.

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      Do they still have the little bumpers on the bottom corners of the bezel? Many Z Flip4 owners on reddit have complained that they fall off.

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        I had to look it up since I didn't know what you meant.

        The Flip5 has some tiny ones, but almost indistinguishable for me. I think the flatter closing hinge maybe solved the need for having a chunky one.

        My case also keeps the screen slightly raised so no problems there.

    • hi, could you please tell us final amount paid? 512? ta

  • anyone knows if education account also gets extra 10% off via Samsung Shop?

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      The price in the title is with the 10% off is via the Samsung shop app.

    • Yeah it does, have used it before.

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    How do you get the $100 loyalty voucher? Does it work with this deal?

    • Also interested. This Ozbargain thread says you can call them and ask for one, which seems strange.

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      I started an online chat and asked for a discount code, which they provided ($100)—but it isn't valid for the EDU store. But they did advise that if I shop through the app (for the first time), I'd be eligible for a 10% discount. That appears to work :)

      Using this deal minus 10% app discount minus trade-in of my 256GB Flip 4 ($410) minus bonus trade-in discount ($150) shows me a final price of $479.46.

      Will likely purchase later today.

  • I don't have an education email though

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      Sign up to a free TAFE course.

      • But you still need to pay student amenity fee approx 200-300.

        • That's payable upon commencement but the idea is to leave before this date.

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    Ouch, even though this isn't available to everyone (all you gotta do is sign up to a free TAFE course), I feel for those who spent $899 on the Z Flip4 512GB during BF thinking that was a good deal.

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      Thanks for the negs but it doesn't change the fact that you got ripped off lol.

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    Not bad. $199 after tradin Fold 3, and Flip 3. Is it worth it?

  • Hmm $677 including 2 years Samsung care if I trade in my s21 ultra.. Tempted

  • Waiting for another good S23 Ultra deal.

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    Not as good as the deal back in October when i had flip 5 512gb for $356

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    asurion are shit. take millions of photos before you send your old phone.

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      I second that, they sent me back my phone damaged. I am using it as a spare phone now with a case. Now I have learnt my lesson if I ever have to do a trade in in the future. Take a picture of the phone front and back before you mail it out, preferably with the mail in ID visible at the post office. Very unethical company.

  • Can anyone speculate when a next best deal for 23 Ultra will drop? Travelling overseas in 2-3 weeks, risky to order online?

  • Have the Flip 4, great phone.
    Will wait for the sub $500 price to occur again next year.

  • Can anyone share a screenshot of the cart for price protection? TIA.

  • Don't buy anything from Samsung Education Online Store - any issues, you will find difficulty in claiming refunds/recalls and tracking the product.

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