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[Switch] The Hong Kong Massacre $1.50 (Was $29.99) @ Nintendo eShop


Blast your way through the streets of Hong Kong in a fast-paced, top-down shooter
Inspired by classic action movies, The Hong Kong Massacre places you at the center of a hard-boiled revenge story, filled with brutal, cinematic shootouts and vivid underworld locations…

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    Looks similar to Hotline Miami, I'll give it a go for $1.50. Cheers.

    • -3

      No massacre can beat The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

  • Awesome deal. This game is really fun, and I had a blast with it on PC

  • -8

    Is this linked to the protests in some way?

    • +5

      must be dumb enough to have a question like this for a game

      • why is it dumb, 2019 wasnt that long ago

  • still searching for Ed.Sno?

  • +8

    Got this last time it was on sale for $1.50. Was awesome fun, I always love me some bullet time ala Max Payne.

    I didn't go for 3 stars on every level, but I actually got 2 stars on every level, which I usually don't bother with that stuff, but it was fun to do.

    The director of John Wick 4 loved this game so much there's a homage scene of this game in the movie.

  • waiting someone to ping China

  • +4

    This game was the inspiration for the top down fight scene inside the building in John Wick 4

  • +1

    How could it possibly top the original?

  • +1

    BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION is 95% off as well.


  • +6

    its $1.50 for a reason, has been this price before, doesn't run great on switch sadly

  • thanks op. watched a review. looks good

  • +1

    It looks similar to Door Kickers (which gets better reviews), which is also on sale for $1.50:


  • Still waiting for the Tiananmen Square sequel.

  • Nice, got it for "free" using gold points.

  • Is this anything like Hong Kong 97? That game was awesome.

  • +1

    I find it quite challenging to play.

  • +3

    Just bookmark Dekudeals and be done with it: https://www.dekudeals.com/deepest-discounts?filter[discount]=lowest

    • Thanks moodywoody. You legend!

    • You definitely deserve a like for posting this here 😉
      Challenge the social norms ✅

  • Is this related to shooting people at the protests reference wise

  • I got this game for 1.50 in the past. Yes its fun. Yes its hard. Feels good when you finally beat the level(s).

  • Fun fact, this game inspired the top down scene in John Wick 4

  • I'd buy that for a Dollar!

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