Free Nanner Ringer Emote @ Fortnite


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    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
    banana phone

    • Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping panana phone
      It's no baloney, it ain't a phony
      My cellular bananular phone!

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    Also a free Lego skin for singing up to insiders and linking it to your epic account

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    'Make your body ♪♪Sing ♪♪'

  • peanut butter jelly time

  • My nanna's going to love her new ringer emote.

  • -1

    I am so confused. What’s the difference between emoji’s vs. emoticons vs. emote? Can anyone help

    • +5

      Emoji is a modernised version of the Emoticon and widely more used and accepted in text during the 2010's. 😊
      Emoticons are little ascii images used in Chat apps like MSN Messager from the 90's which represent faces/emotions :-)
      Emotes are a term used for an animation in a video game, like perfoming a dance or eating popcorn in Fortnite.

    • Emotes are pure cringe.

      • +7

        calling something pure cringe, is pure cringe

        • +1

          calling out someone's cringe is the purest form of cringe

        • No LinkMonkey! You just implied that you yourself are pure cringe (I think both of your statements have merit as well)

  • +7

    Finally, a way to earn my son's respect.

  • Thanks

  • Terracotta, Banana Terracotta, Terracotta Pie!

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