Free LEGO Explorer Emilie Skin @ Fortnite


Skin can be claimed now but won't appear in your locker until Dec 7th (US ET).

Step 1: Go on the LEGO WEBSITE and create an account from there

Step 2: Go on EpicGames Fortnite LEGO webpage and link your lego account to your fortnite account:

Step 3: Open fortnite and Receive Explorer Emilie style skin for free! (Starts December 7th)

Thanks BShandy23.

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    How long to claim?

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        Message too long, TLDR?

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        "STARTS December 7th", where does that say HOW LONG they have to claim?

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          Well he did say reading is hard…

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          Yeah starts 7th December US time. So for all the upside down people, when you first open Fortnite after the 8th of December Aussie Dingle time, you'll see your new skin.

          There is nothing to be 'claimed' as ummm this post 'claimed'. Just link your accounts to UNLOCK the skin.

          I know it's hard for people to understand….. But it was all there in the links provided or GASP even the post.

          • @JimmyF: How long to claim it? can I claim and unlock this when I am back in Australia next month?

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              How long to claim it?

              Claim what? There is nothing to claim.

              can I claim and unlock this when I am back in Australia next month?

              Again, claim what? It will be unlocked automatically when you next open Fortnite after the 8th Dec aussie time….. Just link your accounts now to be ready.

              Good to see the OP created some fake demand for claiming a non-existent product that doesn't need claiming.

              • @JimmyF: So as long as I can link my account anytime I get the skin? I Wont be able to login to epic/lego until end of Jan is all. Appreciate the feedback

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                Good to see the OP created some fake demand for claiming a non-existent product that doesn't need claiming.

                Lol, ok. Are there any other free skins that are permanently available? I can't find any evidence of an end date for this deal but based on every other past skin giveaway no longer being available I don't think anyone should rely on this one being available forever.

    • +1

      Just do it now to be safe ;)

    • Needs to be actioned/accounts linked prior to 7th Dec

  • -5

    Rocket League racing anyone? Knock off of Mario Kart?

  • +3

    Trying to get past Step 2 and left with an infinite black screen refreshing with nothing to show :/ anyone else?

    • Ditto :)

    • +2

      I had the same thing first time I tried. Just navigate to your account settings and find the option to link Lego account.

  • +1

    🫡 thankyou for credit

  • +2

    Only problem is I actually have to open Fortnite.

    Which I refuse to do.

    • Same, at least used to. Plays Valo, cs, cod.. Apparently its skill issue thats preventing me to try fortnite. Its waaaay harder than those other 3. The build thing is so hard. I stopped bashing it when I actually tried to learn the gameplay. yeah Valorant is easiest with all those head level alignment hints and compact map.

      • +2

        I started off playing it with my 8 year old as a fun thing we could do together, he's now diamond level at age 9 and I still suck. My simple brain needs to go back to playing doom.

      • +1

        Zero build mode has almsot the same amount of players as normal mode now

    • I used to veto it, until i started playing it last year. Now I'm sadly hooked.

      • +1

        Agree, I think people bashing it to avoid admitting they cant keep up with the necessary skills. Especially CS vets, cursor placement is just not enough.

        • You are absolutely right, I am garbage at pretty much every single competitive FPS and over-the-shoulder TPS.

      • I don't get to play online enough these days to justify buying new games. So Fortnite is the game I play with friends who no longer live in the same city and allows us to hang out a lot more often than we can in person.

        • I just don’t really play a lot of games online anymore, it’s either my PC library, playing Tears of the Kingdom or 3D World (whatever I’m feeling that day) or the guilty pleasure of Roblox (seriously, found some amazing high-quality MTX-free games on there).

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    Those with the issue of redirects to nowhere.. All I did to prepare myself was visit [Apps and Accounts
    Manage permissions for applications and connected accounts. Privacy Policy]

    Link your Lego account through this method, worked fine for me :)

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      MVP here

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        Tried the original way but seemed to just endless load.. nothing.. this was the next best way !

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      • Welcome 😁

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    There another free skin in the shop to celebrate the launch of LEGO mode :)

    Just played a little bit then, seems like a fun sit back casual game, i still a lot to learn and world to explore

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