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Vodafone $250 240GB 1-Year Prepaid Starter Pack & 2000 EDR Points for $150 @ Woolworths (In-Store Only)


Vodafone $250 SIM

Same deal as last month

Collect 2000 Everyday Rewards Points.


  • 365-day expiry
  • 240GB
  • 5G enabled
  • Data banking

Not for commercial or resale purposes. Available at Woolworths Supermarkets only until 12/12/23. Limit 3 per customer. Unlocking fee may apply. Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry. While stocks last. Vodafone starter pack terms apply - see packaging.

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    Costco had this for 99 on Black Friday w extra 1200 min international call. I'd wait to see boxing day deal unless you need to buy it now.

  • So 2000 EDR Points worth $10 ? then sim will be costing $140 not bad..

    • $150 + $10 in Woolworths points.

      • $150 - $10 back in Woolworths points = $140

        • +1

          If you have 10% off from Woolies will cost $135 and you can use gift cards to pay making it even less :)

  • It doesn’t last half day

  • Verses Boost deals ? Maybe depends on location reception .

    • This has eSIM which is I I took it over Boost.

  • +1

    i got this one last time but only 1000 points

  • I’m currently with Woolworths mobile. Can I use my monthly 10% off to buy this?

    • according to comments from the last vodafone deal with EDR bonus, i believe so yes.

    • you can. I bought It last year with 10% off.

    • +1

      I tried to purchase a belong Sim card last month with 10% off and it does not work. Sim cards are now treated the same as gift cards, (which I think is a similar situation at Coles). Adding to that last year yes I did get 10% off a half price yearly Sim from Vodafone. Would love to be proven wrong. Cheers

      • Oh really? That sucks, I’ll try and report back

  • does anyone know if international calls are included in the plan? tried reading pds but there is just a dash


    • No, only the one from Costco

    • The way I read it is that there is no international calls included.

      • Not included. I had a Vodafone staff member confirmed this.

  • +9

    Guys btw the $100 deal that was on about a week ago in Costco. I went to Costco Marsden Park yesterday and if you tell the staff member at the desk something like oh I came here 3 times and you guys were all out of stock and stuff like whats the point of the membership if you don't keep enough stock for even 3 days and stuff they might discount it to $100. I got 2 of the Sim Cards

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    Vodafone has the same offer on their website ( valid till 29.01.24)


    • No rewards points though

  • Kogans better value imho

    • Does Kogan have 5g?

      • +1

        negative atm, although i find the 4G+ is more than adequate. Plus 5G drains my phone like a motherf@*ker

    • How so? From what I can see, a Kogan 365 day plan for 200GB is $180.This is $150 ($140 with EDR points) for 240GB

    • Agreed. I'm waiting for Kogan one on get one free deal that I've sent pop up around boxing day. hopefully it comes up.

  • can you use call diversion with this ?

  • If overseas can I receive messages on this prepaid plan? I don’t want incoming outgoing calls and do not want to send messages nor use the data when overseas.

  • +2

    Got two of these today in the one transaction.
    Used the monthly 10% off with the EDR program so total cost was $270. That then gave me 270 points plus another 2430 as I had a 10x boost in the app and another 2000 bonus points under the promo (not 2x2000 unfortunately) for a total points of 4700 / $23.5.
    So it cost $123.25 per sim.

    Also used giftcards to save some more money.

    FYI for those curious what does/doesn't stack

    • This guy ozbargains

    • does it specify anywhere that the 2000 points are applicable to one purchase only? I would think its 2k points per sim purchase

    • Just to add on, comments I read on a previous but same deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811579?page=1#comment

      Seems like its because its of an old packaging that gives only 1000 points each. we may have to reach out to support to get the missing points.

      I bought 3 today and was only given 3000 points.

      • I also got only 1000 bonus points.

    • +1

      Just to report back, I have called up support to claim the remainder of the points as I have only been given 1k pts for each of my sim card purchase. They have now credit those points back into my account having said that however they have also mention this is done out of goodwill and that we need to be very cautious when purchasing products that have the right packaging to reflect the correct points. So I think for anyone looking to purchase and get the full points, do check with the staff before purchasing to avoid all the hassles.

      If you have bought and everyday rewards is refusing to give you the points, what i did was i told them I confronted the staff at time of purchase to raise the matter and was told this is due to it being of an old packaging that only gives 1k points each and was told to call up everyday rewards support to claim the remainder. The store ran out of the new packaging and that these old packaging are of the same product and same promo.

  • +1

    Hi all,

    I got my daughter an Apple watch se cellular - will this Sim work in her iPhone x and the watch e-sim?

    • I have the same question

  • I got it today. On top on 10% monthly discount i got 7360( $36.8) rewards point. So it comes down to $98.2 for me. Not a bad deal. :)


  • Any issues porting to this from Kogan?

    • I bought this today, activated and ported old number from Kogan prepaid sim. It took about 30 minutes for my Kogan sim to go SOS on the iPhone, inserted new Vodafone sim and it was working right after that.

  • Anyone understand how the addon international roaming package for prepaid Vodafone cards work. If I begin using prepaid addon in one country and move to a new eligible country will the addon still work while it is not expired?

  • thx OP, I went to buy one today but where did you find "Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry"?

    On back and website ie says - Get 240GB (150GB + 90GB bonus data) for use in Oz on activation. 365 day expiry. Offer ends 15/02/24. Activate by 22/02/24. T&C apply.

    • did you find "Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry"?

      From the online catalogue. If you click the image, it will provide more info.

      • Hmmm which to believe as the actual package in the store specifically says activate by 22/2

        • I'm assuming the SIM Card expires 6 months from activation, but you have to activate by 22.02.24 for the bonus (90GB) data.

  • Top Ryde NSW woolies has the old June 2022 version. I have browsed through the card in the shelf, not even new packaging or the 150GB. Just blank $250 prepaid

    • Purchased the old 2022 card and activated. Got the bonus data.

      • Confirming that you could reach out to rewards team to get the point added.

  • Does it make sense that the bonus data doesn't kick in straight away? Currently says 150GB…

    • Wait an hour or so. It will show the bonus 90gb separately. You will also get a sms confirmation.

      • Yup all g - thanks!

  • I also only got got 1000 Everyday rewards points. I purchased with the sim with the new packaging.

    Chatted online to Everyday Rewards via the app and it's a know issue.

    "Yes, this is a known issue unfortunately. We are currently looking into this and doing a mass crediting soon."

    • I got my 1k points today.

  • Just checked my everyday rewards account.

    I also got my extra points on the 20th Dec

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