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Vodafone $250 240GB 1-Year Prepaid Starter Pack & 2000 EDR Points for $150 in-Store Only @ Woolworths


Bonus data with this starter pack for summer. 2000 Everyday Rewards points. Works out to $12.50 for 20GB per month. 5G enabled.

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  • Does anyone know if I can transfer Vodafone postpaid to this starter kit?

    I know to convert to prepaid I have to call them but unsure if starter kit will work

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      Would probably need to port out and back in

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      Can confirm Quarter Pounder is correct have to port out and port back in. Postpaid to prepaid only works onto an existing standard prepaid offer but not a starter pack offer and it's available for "new" customers only.

      Can just port out to super cheap prepaid and port back in if you really want it.

    • U need to talk to customer service to do the transfer from pstpaid to prepaid. And then u can recharge. However this is a starter kit.

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        You have just rephrased my comment

    • yes, you have to call them(POSTPAID) to tell them you are moving to prepaid and give them the SIM serial number you want your mobile phone number on

    • I was on live chat with Vodafone last night and (after countless deals on my postpaid) they said they could port it directly. I'll go talk to someone at a Vodafone store to verify this and then buy it.

  • 2 equations can be bought with gift cards? And until when need to be activated?

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      woolworths doesn't allow to buy sim card with gift cards, They consider sim card as gift card.

      • Bought this with my monehly 10% off and paid on Woolies GC via Everyday Pay

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      12 months to activate.

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    In case you were wondering where to find this deal, it is on page 53 of the 15th-21st Nov catalogue.
    Or direct link (hoping this works): https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/catalogue/view#view=produ…

      • Not sure sorry - the link seems to work when I click on it.
        Just try looking up the relevant catalogue then and go to page 53 - there is a double-page of phone deals.

  • When do we have to get this activated by?

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      ' Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry'

      • It's not a voucher, it's a prepaid starter kit, which all have 12 months for activation from date of purchase with Vodafone :)
        This is written on the pack itself.

        • so which one is true?

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            @charliechao: 12 months for starter kits, as literally advertised on the packet, always has been with Vodafone (nothing to do with Woolworths)

            • @SimAus007: but i take it as we are buying from Woolies, so need to activate in 12 months from the date of purchase?

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                @charliechao: Correct, as soon as you scan the unique code at the register, that registers the SIM pack as purchased and subsequently the 12 month activation period.

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    Also available only at Woolworths Supermarkets (not online apparently) from the 15/11/2023 until 21/11/23

  • Can this be converted to esim?

    • I think it can but might need to chat/call Vodafone.

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        Would be nice… Any international inclusions?

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          Looks like yes! Also there is 90gb bonus data but you need to activate by 15/2/24


          • @fozzie: Awesome! Final question, os it eligible for $5 roaming?

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              @Uncle Roger: Not sure about that. I’d chat to Vodafone to ask

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              @Uncle Roger: Not eligible for $5 roaming, would be paying the Pay as you Go rates when going overseas.
              $5 roaming only eligible for Postpaid plans
              And to clarify, 50 standard international texts but no international calls.

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                  @eutama: Prepaid roaming is possible however it is not the advertised "$5 Roaming" since that one implies having all of your inclusions (calls, text, and data included) as you would domestically.

                  But yes there is technically prepaid roaming for $5 but it is not "$5 Roaming". It's pretty pricy and you get barely anything

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                    @Jhineric: Prepaid roaming is $35 for 2 GB over 7 days. Other than Vodafone's other brand, Felix, it's the best priced roaming you'll find on prepaid.
                    For someone like me who doesn't need more than this over 7 days, that's very affordable and convenient.
                    Of course local SIM's are always better value, but not as convenient if you need your number working OS.

              • @Jhineric: no there is prepaid roaming available

          • @fozzie: thanks for this… can anyone confirm this woolies sim definitely allows international calls please? (there was no information on the actual sim pack instore)

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      Just had a chat with vodafone about this. Yes it can be converted to eSIM.

      • Great, thanks for confirming!

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      Yes, I've done this, it's very easy to do.

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    I bought this from Woolies last year around similar time. Had paid $125 actually for 250gb (better than 1/2 price sale).

    I haven't had any connectivity issues with Vodafone and the price seemed worth it at the time. Although I was thinking of getting another annual plan for 2024, with the BOOST deal ongoing, I'll hold.

    • Which BOOST deal are you referring to?

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        I'm referring to the regular ongoing $2-$6 profit BOOST deals for 28 day SIM.

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          I have been on a boost 12m plan and love it. So how do you take advantage of the 28 day deals while keeping your number? I plan to buy a $2 sim of another provider, port the number to it and port it again immediately to the new boost sim. I just want to check whether there is a better way to do this.
          If there is a good 12m boost deal I will get it. I really like boost.

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            @eswee: Hey it depends on your usage. For me mostly, I call family members via Messenger/WhatsApp and some are abroad. For any other type of calls, your real number doesn't matter. Park your number on a $5 or $10 Aldi or AmaySIM for 365 day plan (or get an eSIM) so you can still receive SMS/OTPs and on your dual SIM, load up the monthly Boost SIM.

            If your phone doesn't have eSIM or dual SIM feature, your next option is to port in and out each month which can get annoying. You'll always find $1 SIMs in supermarket or free SIMs online/hotels, etc

            • @nsingh21: can you simply just stack boost 28 days sims? no expiry date of activation?

              • @charliechao: Unfortunately you cannot because SIMs require activation within 30days of order to qualify for cashback. So ideally you have to keep waiting for a promotion each fortnight or month.

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    My current annual prepaid plan with another provider expires tomorrow but this offer only kicks in on Wednesday.
    Does anyone know if I will be able to keep my current number If I'm a day or 2 out of contract?

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      Yes, your current prepaid plan should keep working and let you receive calls.
      You can then port out later on

    • You'll need to be able to send a reply text to confirm the port request.

  • Can this be used as a mobile broadband service — for an iPad, LTE laptop, or similar?

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      As long as the device is capable of taking a SIM card.

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    Does anyone know if the 10% discount from Wollies insurance can be applied to this?

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      • Thats good. Thanks!

      • Are you sure? It says we can't use on Woolworths mobile from their FAQs

        The Extra Discount cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited items), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders or Everyday Market from Woolworths orders and any purchases made at Ampol Woolworths Metro and MetroGo stores.

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          Woolworths Mobile, not Vodafone. I have done this in the past many times and can guarantee it works.

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            @mauza: Ah, that's the distinction. Thanks for clarifying.

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          I can confirm, I bought it yesterday and go the 10% discount.

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    This is data only, yes? No text or calls included?

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      Calls and text included.

  • What is the best Telstra based network 365 plan?

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      Woolworths (everyday mobile). 10% off one shop per month.
      Or Boost if you need full coverage in rural areas.

  • great deal. the question is, Vodaphone vs Optus which one is better

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      Personal experience, voda is a little better.

      • Same feeing, but his has been my experience lately.

    • -1

      In terms of coverage, it depends on area. Don’t hope for any coverage when going on trips to regional areas with Vodafone. Download the ausphonetowers app and see which Telco has more towers around you.

      Also factor in that Vodafone probably has the worst app /customer service out of all 3 telcos (see my comment below).

      • +1

        Should also factor in Optus doesn’t have proper back office support to keep your data safe or proper processes to keep their network working. But I guess their customer service offering of compensation is good, extra data for those on unlimited data lolzzzz

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          Ah yes, because Vodafone has never had outages right? In fact none of the telcos have been outage free the past two years.


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            @adanbro: The length and breadth of the outage matters, of course they all have stuff ups, like all athletes make mistakes. But there's a reason why some are better than others, and that's that they make less in number and impact.

            Optus has been making more, and their mistakes are more severe.

            Thanks for the neg, I collect them

            • -2

              @cloudy: Yes of course the length and breadth matters, but I was with Vodafone when theirs happened and I can tell you it lasted the whole day. According to their tweets, they only started restoring some services after 6 hours of acknowledging they had a problem, which was already a problem for a few hours. The only reason it didn’t make national outrage was because half of Australia was in lockdown still and everyone was focused on Covid.

              Also according to OpenSignal, Optus and Vodafone have been tied at 99.2% availability over the past few months, while Telstra had 99.1% availability. No doubt last Wednesday may temporarily bump down Optus’s stats by some sub decimal points, but I’m not sure your statement is right about Optus making more mistakes. But ofc, hating Optus is trendy right now so keep on making statements without backing them up with data.


              • @adanbro: Lolz Telstra ftw. Vodafail doesn’t even deserve those accolades. Optus sucks and their CEO needs to be fire but it’s funny to see everyone so angry as if this is the first time major outages hapoened.

                • @wowzaaa: Yes, Telstra are bound to be the best in terms of coverage, thanks to taxpayers funding their remote towers decades ago. I’m glad my work provides me one, but probably not worth the extra $$$ personally if I didn’t have to travel remotely for work once a month.

              • @adanbro:

                But ofc, hating Optus is trendy right now so keep on making statements without backing them up with data.

                You then go and show us data voda has more coverage available than the rest… you are one strange cat

                Enjoy contradicting yourself, and throw me another neg if it makes you feel better

                • -1


                  show us data voda has more coverage available than the rest…

                  Uhhhh, Voda doesn’t have more coverage than the rest though….You can literally go on the ausphonetowers app and see how little coverage they have than Telstra and Optus.

                  Availability doesn’t equal Coverage mate. You don’t need a neg to look uneducated :)

                  • @adanbro:

                    voda has more coverage available

                    learn to read, I said coverage available, not coverage.

    • The problem with Optus is that they tend to have a nationwide outage on occasion

  • This looks to be the a very good sim for those wanting to keep their Aust number active while travelling OS for long periods / going to weird places

    • +2

      This looks to be the a very good sim for those wanting to keep their Aust number active while travelling OS for long periods

      Australia Post Mobile has an international roaming plan for $5 per 30 days, and it gives you 50 minutes of calls, 50 sent SMS messages, and a pitifully small amount of data included.

      And if you run out of any of the above before the 30 days is up, you can recharge at any time, for $5 or for higher amounts with proportionally larger allowances.

      If you calculate it as though it is PAYG, it's equivalent to:

      • 10c per minute of talk time
      • 10c per sent SMS (received SMS are free)
      • 10c per megabyte of data

      All while roaming overseas, or while in Australia.


      The only catches are:

      • The pitifully small 50Mb of data per $5 recharge (if you need mobile data, it's better to get a local data eSim or second Sim while overseas)
      • there's no auto-payment method, you have to log into their website and click the "recharge" button.

      If you remember to recharge before the 30 days are up, your remaining call, SMS and data allowances roll over. Just set a repeating calendar reminder every 30 days. Australia Post will SMS you reminders too, on days 25 and 29.

      • +2

        That’s what I was leaning towards but the 90 countries with AusPost creates some long black spots for me where as Vodafone seem to cover practically everywhere. The price and inclusions on AusPost are quite decent tho I must admit, I’ll probably go with that for the misso

        • +2

          I forgot to add another catch, the Australia Post plan appears to only be available as a physical SIM, no eSIM option that I can find.

  • fyi, vodafone service is the worst. telstra leaps and bounds the best. optus is bottom middle. and vodafone is absolute bottom. i had the "5G" vodafone service and it was an absolute joke. it is 3G with 5G Lipstick.
    very slow service, very patchy to get a signal, very weak signals everywhere. i couldn't believe it and i am in metro sydney. i had to go back to telstra. worth paying extra to get excellent service.

    • +9

      Ye but at least you could make an actual phone call last Wednesday haiyaaa

    • +8

      I've been with all 3 over the last 20 years, and obviously Telstra is leaps and bounds ahead of the others, but Vodafone smashes Optus any day of the week, and for only $12.5 you can't really complain, plus you don't have to deal with Optus whole attitude of " you'll get what your given and like it"

      • -5

        Have you dealt with Vodafone customer service before? Honestly one of the worst experiences in my life.

        Two years ago when I was with them they required you to log in via SMS into the app each time (they had FaceID…which didn’t work). However I was overseas once and needed to receive text messages to make some bank transfers, and somehow had global roaming off for my Voda service. In order to turn on global roaming you have to do it within the app, which is fine. EXCEPT Vodafone needs to send you a text message to login first! So in order to turn on global roaming, which would allow me to receive text message, which would allow me to login to the app and make bank transfers, I had to pay $100+ on a local sim and make a call to Vodafone Australia (they had me on hold for 1 hour).

        Honestly never again using Vodafone. I tried out TPG last year because they had good prices, and I somehow had worse signal despite them owning Vodafone, so I switched to Optus (+ Telstra as work sim) and despite Optus’s hack and outage, Ive found Optus to be quite comparable to Telstra in Metro and regional centres. If anything, I’ve found Optus to have better speeds because they’re less congested.

        • -2

          Same I won't touch Vodafone for my entire lifetime :)

    • Phone calls and sms used to be not free and not anymore in the last (who knows) years due to competition. If data is free, what else do they sell? Their self esteem?

      • Yeah, and if we are talking from your mobile, calls are not free, as if you have to pay something, it's not free, they are simply included with your plan.
        As for phone booths, the only reason calls are free is because they have all been turned into advertising billboards by Telstra and they need a valid reason to leave them in places to councils.
        "We are providing a free community service" - they make plenty of money from the advertising slapped all over them.
        They even tried this… https://www.smh.com.au/national/telstra-loses-battle-to-inst…

  • +3

    Vodafone looks a lot more enticing after Floptus lived up to its name yet again. I had a great experience on Felix and will be using them again just for their roaming package. I downloaded a heap of movies on a bus before my flight and never lost signal. They'd have to have the best customer service in the industry.

  • Does anybody know, how much is the recharge after? Is it $250 as minimum for the year after?

    • Does anyone know if it can be used to recharge an existing Vodafone prepaid sim?

      • I'm keen to know this too.

        I'm on a 12 month Vodafone pre-paid plan that ends in March from the special last year.

      • +1

        it will not be considered a recharge. activate the $250 SIM, then call them and tell them your partner bought a SIM instead of a recharge voucher. tell them to cancel the SIM and move the $250 to your current number as MyCredit. IT MUST BE DONE ON THE SAME DAY AS WHEN THE $250 SIM IS ACTIVATED or the Vodafone system is not going to allow it to be done.

        • Thank you!

    • Whatever plan you choose to recharge on.
      Most OzBargainers just port out and back in as a new customer for a new customer 12 month deal :)
      If you see another one of these deals in the next 12 months, just grab it as it doesn't need to be activated for 12 months.

      • Thank you..

      • is there a time limit where you need to port out and back into vodafone? ie do we need to wait a month per say?

        • +1

          The closest I've done this was a week apart and that worked.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if porting from Kogan Mobile (Voda) will work? Or do I need to port out to another carrier first.

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