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[Refurb] Lenovo ThinkCentre M920q Mini: i5-8500t 256GB SSD 12GB RAM W11P Wi-Fi $219.99 ($214.49 eBay+) Del @ Bufferstock eBay


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Hi folks ,
we have this lot of Lenovo 920Q mini PC in stock

Use code REFRB20 to get a 20% off to get it for $219.99 delivered

Comes with 8th Gen i5 Processor , 12 GB RAM , 256Gb Nvme and inbuilt Wi-Fi, Lenovo Power Adapter.
Note : This lot comes without the WIFI antennas
Includes 6 months return to base warranty.

we also have the below Microsoft Docks in stock
Microsoft Dock 1661
Microsoft Dock 1661 For Surface Pro / Book / Laptop Dual Monitor Output USB Hub- $43.99 delivered

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  • Note : This lot comes without the WIFI antennas

    So even the internal antenna is missing?

    • with internal , without external

  • Is the RAM 4GBX3 sticks? Does it have 4 slots?

    • +2

      1 x 8Gb and 1 x 4Gb - 2 slots

  • +1


    Much better deal if you aren't in a rush.

    • Definitely!

    • +4

      M920Q will take a low profile pcie card whereas the Dell wont.

      • Isn't it a custom lenovo pcie card though?

        • The slot on the motherboard is proprietary, but you can buy a riser of AliExpress for like $40. Plenty of people 3D printing adapters etc to fit 10gbe cards etc in these mini pc.

          Lenovo officially offer them with a 4 port GBe card so there is an official baffle for those cards.

      • Are you certain? I’m unable to find this information on the Lenovo website.
        Wanting to set up a standalone barebone pfsense firewall, meaning need to remove the wifi adapter and replace it with Ethernet card.

  • @hunterzz reckon you could swap the SSD for 16GB ram?

  • Anyone used this for OPNsense / PFsense?
    i.e. pcie slot with an Intel nic

    • +1

      Yes, I'm using one with Proxmox and a virtualized instance of OPNSense. It works really well! You will need a riser as the PCIE slot is not a standard slot. The Lenovo part number for the riser is 01AJ940. I purchased mine from AliExpress. You will also need a baffle to secure it. I ended up 3D printing one.

      • Legend thanks. Did you have a link to the 3d print file you used? And what sort of power were you drawing from yours?

        • +5

          I modified an existing model to work with a Intel 4-port NIC. I'll see if I can post it somewhere. I'm not sure about the power draw as I don't have a power meter but I imagine it's probably only a few watts as the CPU is generally pretty idle.

        • I have 3 m720qs from the same seller, same processor.

          Draws 15w-30w.

          No, I didn't miss a digit.

        • +1

          If you're using a standard 4 port Intel NIC there is an official Lenovo baffle you can buy. Should be able to get it as a combo with the PCIe riser etc if you prefer to avoid 3D printing.

  • are the surface docks ok with other laptops that are usbc powered?

    • From the images it looks like the one with the surface connector. It cannot be used as a regular usb c dock.

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