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Toblerone Chocolate 750g $10 (Was $28, Save $18) @ Coles


$1.33 per 100g for Toblerone Chocolate! What a bargain!

Careful not to injure yourself

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    Careful not to injure yourself


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      Must be very nice

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    Triangles are detrimental to soft palates

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    Death by chocolate, whether someone beats you with it or you eat yourself to death…

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      Yeah, but the latter - what a way to go out!

      • I dunno, I always wanted to go out swinging

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    Might be Injured in many ways before and after eating this.

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      doesn't include dental cover

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        Lisa needs braces

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    Just how can I injure myself with this “tool” ?

    Asking for a friend.

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    Bloody Coles… no-one has ever paid $28 for that Toblerone.

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      yea. hope thy and woolies get roasted during the enquiry. marking up prices and "dropping" them during "sales/promotions".

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      After 20 years I'm on the verge of no longer shopping there.
      The manipulation is becoming too inconvenient, feels like I'm playing pokies.
      Last straw is I can't find their history on price hipster.

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        ALDI is actually a good alternative imho

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          Yeah, I'm leaning that way. Not as many options and service is crap but the food does seem better.

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          That's what I thought, but did a price check the other day and Coles was cheaper the majority of the time. Eg. Tomatoes, $3.90 Coles, $4+ at ALDI.
          As always, it pays to know prices, shop around, and not generalise.
          BTW, if you get a "shop $50 for 4 weeks and get 10k flybuys, that equates to a 25% discount, and makes Coles easily the cheapest store. Stack that by buying mostly half price goods, and you'll do very well indeed.
          I bought a turkey yesterday for $28, but it's really only $21. Bargain.

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            @jrvb42: That is how I was shopping. But I am finding myself sick of jumping through the hoops. eg, Can only buy drinks when on their 'special week' otherwise is inflated fake price. I actually bought both the Aldi and Coles Tomatoes and threw the cheap Coles ones in rubbish as they were nasty in comparison.
            And it seems those half price specials are getting rarer and also looking more like normal prices value wise.

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              @tonka: "Can only buy drinks when on their 'special week' "
              That's what cupboards are for

              • -2

                @Nugs: Huh. Well can you send me the timetable for their specials then so I can plan inventory. Or are you suggesting I build a drinks warehouse? Then explain why I should bother just so Coles can have manipulative pricing.

                • +2

                  @tonka: "send me the timetable for their specials"
                  it's in the ozb titanium membership newsletter

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                @Nugs: Generally speaking that's how I shop for non-perishables. Stock up when cereals, beverages, tinned goods etc are on special.

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            @jrvb42: Probably depends on what's on your shopping list but from long experience shopping at all 3 "majors", for our needs Coles is almost invariably the most expen$$$ive. These days Ww runs a close $$econd to Coles, with ALDI significantly cheaper over all. HOWEVER, as far as fresh food quality - esp meat - and product range goes, ALDI ranks worst imo (their 5 star mince being an exception). I get plenty of FB 'spend X each week' inducements but I'm not spending anywhere near $50 for 4 consecutive weeks to make that useful. ALDI has significantly increased it's prices on many products so the gap is not what it used to be. By the same token WW and Coles specials also aren't what they used to be.

            • @Igaf: But Aldi also has 30% off from the products expiring soon. And they have multiple seasoned chicken.

    • It's alright, they have the normal 360g one on special for $16.

      • I paid $8 for the 360gram at the Reject Shop last week.

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          Makes this deal look even better!

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          Coles used to regularly have these on special at 'half price' for $6 before the Great Price Hike. Now they're $7.

        • I paid $8 Toblerone 'Millk chocolate with Honey, almond nougat & ginery cnadied ornage peel' for 360g at Coles last week

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      I feel like Toblerone has always been one of the "expensive" fancy chocolates or at least they see them selfs that way. But because its always marked up so high its not on the regular cycle of chocolates you will buy. So when you do get it, it's sort of like a treat.

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      yes, recall getting these last year (buy one each year tp bring to parties) half price for $5…ALDI "choceur" nicer and cheaper. Toblerone now on the list of something i will never buy again. will only splurge on whittakers now

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        The 360g was $5, this is 750g for $10 which is actually a better deal per gram.

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      I had a raincheck from prior $10 offer. Local spud manager wouldnt honour the raincheck because $10 was too far from the "regular" $28 price… Then makes me call up to get authorisation to honour the raincheck…
      We wait 20mins. I get through and explain they have a manager who just stood here doing nothing for 20mins (wasting wages over a $10 Toblerone), yet wont honour a raincheck…and i want a full refund for my click.n collect order that has now been out the fridge for 20 mins. Thug life… Tasty Toblerone..

      • +3

        I love this. Customer is always right. When you're making billions, you can afford to give bloke a cheap chockie.

        • +2

          I was impressed that they had an employee that would defend a $10 chocolate so loyally. One of the girls listening gave me the choc, and wrote me a raincheck for another! Look forward to the next one to see if he has learnt anything (unfortunately they are $10 this week anyway).

      • Ring customer service and ask to speak to the area manager. I did this after atrocious service at lutwyche in Brisbane.

        • +1

          In my experience the area manager is even worse. Store manager called me back, we both agreed the potato was indeed a potato and left it at that.

    • So what?

  • +4

    Injury via triangle choke

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    I think this is just 3 normal packs together, not the great big triangles. This is important info, you're welcome

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      The last 750g I bought was one giant, thick Toblerone. Kept it in the fridge because of the warmer weather. Needed a knife to cut off each piece.

      • +2

        The big toblerones are hard to break and potentially injurious to your teeth. Bite into the sections slowly rather than chomping on them.

        • +1

          My dentist approves this message, Him and his images of his 40 foot Lagoon Catamaran he shows to me, as he reclines the chair.
          Vietnam here I come!

        • +1

          "big toblerones are hard to break"
          lay on bench, push on the tip = snap

      • "judo chop"

    • Oh this is bigger than a standard one? That is good to know. I was thinking aldi has these for $8 standard price.

      • +1
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          Yep, these used to be 400g, for $6 on regular 1/2 price specials. Then they dropped size to 360g. Now they charge $8 for 1/2 price.

          Best price per gram used to be the 200g for $2.5 (when on 1/2 price special). That was last seen 18 months ago.

          Now this deal is up there :-)

          • +2

            @team teri: Woolworths have been selling the Crunchy Almond Toblerone 360g at $8 for the last month or so. Far nicer to my mind.

    • +1

      Nope, it's #'n huge!!!
      I put mine in the fridge so they're not soft and melty from the warm cupboard… and need a butcher's knife to get through it! ;)

      • Use your Coles BBQ credits to get your Curtis Stone BBQ Collection $60 Knife Set for free and use the knife to chop up your bargain Toblerone. It'll slice through it like butter!

  • It's weighs like a brick, could build your own kingdom of you had enough.

  • should be a normal price in Reject shop

  • +7

    In a world of chocolate sweet,
    There's a treat I yearn to meet.
    Toblerone, a triangular delight,
    Bringing joy with every bite.

    Its honeyed nougat, almond crunch,
    A symphony of flavors to munch.
    Melting gently upon my tongue,
    Oh, Toblerone, you can do no wrong.

    But lo and behold, a deal's been found,
    On OzBargain, it did astound.
    At Coles, a special, a bargain so grand,
    Toblerone in my grasp, just ten dollars in hand.

    I rush to the store, my heart aflutter,
    Eager to indulge, to taste and savor.
    The aisles beckon, my excitement grows,
    To find that golden-wrapped treasure, only Toblerone knows.

    Thanks to that post, a gift of glee,
    With each bite, my love will decree.
    For Toblerone, my taste buds rejoice,
    A sweet sensation, a chocolate voice.

    So here's to Toblerone, my dear friend,
    A confectionary journey that knows no end.
    With each discounted bar I buy,
    Love for Toblerone will never die.

    • +6

      chatGPT for the win

      • Yes, but still close to my heart

    • +2

      Is there a follow-up for finding none on the shelf because your local has been OzBargained?

      • It’s called a raincheck.

      • +3

        Me: "write a short poem about loving Toblerone, and how there is a deal posted on ozbargain for Toblerone sold at coles for only $10, but getting to coles and it's all sold out."

        Oh, Toblerone, with your peaks so high,
        A sweet delight that takes me to the sky.
        I saw a deal on Ozbargain, oh what a find,
        Toblerone at Coles for just $10, a price so kind.

        Rushing to the store, my heart full of glee,
        Only to find empty shelves, no Toblerone for me.
        Oh, cruel fate, to tease me so,
        With the promise of chocolate, then to let it go.

        But fear not, dear Toblerone, we shall meet again,
        I'll keep an eye on Ozbargain, and until then,
        I'll dream of your nougat and honey so sweet,
        And the day we're reunited, my joy will be complete.

        • +1

          This did happen to me, but service desk asked grocery head to see if there was any more out the back and some were turned up.

    • cute * thanks for the poetry

  • +7

    who the heck buys them for $28 lol.

    • people who thought the special was still on… xD

  • If only Rambo had one of these, would have been a bloodbath

    • Could have been a chocolate bath but will never know now

  • Nice find! Not in my catalogue, how did you find out about it?

    • +4

      I really wanted chocolate so went to Coles website -> sort by lowest unit price first (as all ozbers do)

  • The almond one was quite good but it seems gone now from Coles

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the find. For chocolate addicts like me, this is an awesome price. Just bought 10. :)

    • Costco had the 4.5KG, and yes it is a FRIGGEN MONSTER SIZED BASTARD each triangle is bigger than your hand, on sale a while back! Wife is hiding one, not that you can hide a Toblerone that insanely massive, in our WIR for Christmas!!!

      • I bet I could eat it within 24 hours.

  • +10

    Toblerone has long been my personal cpi barometer. It used to be $5 for 400g 10 years ago. With half price of $2.50.
    Now it's $12 for 360g.
    This is 10.3% inflation year on year.

  • +2

    Keep by bedside because you can use it as a weapon if there is a robber in the house.

    • Keep by bedside to attract chocoholics to join you for the night ;-)

  • +2

    Bought 3 last time.
    Trying to be good… Still have 1 left! ;)

    *Edit: But going to Coles now for more.

  • +2

    $28 for 750 grams of Sugar -_- on my way to Aldi for $2 per Kg of Sugar; still a bargain.

    • +1

      According to nutrition information 100g of Toblerone has 60g of sugars.

      So, the 750g is 450g.

      • +2

        not to forget the 40g of sacturated fat a 100g of Toblerone has.

        All in all, 750 grams of Toblaron gets you 450g of Sugar and 300 grams of Fat

        Take My Money OP *__*

        • Can’t be correct, unless Toblerone is literally just sugar and fat, which it isn’t (will at least have some protein too).

  • How do you say the name?

    Tobler ONE or Tobler OWN

    • +3

      to (toe)-ble-rone


    • +3

      Toe blur own.

  • +1

    Just saw today, 4.5kg Toblerone's for $60 at Costco.

    Dunno who the hell would get through a 4.5kg one.

    • +5

      That's the same $1.33 per 100g too.

      It's like a comical gift - and once you give it, it becomes their problem 😂

      • So true.
        Love Xmas for giving the crappiest of gifts to those that deserve it (especially Kris Kringles)

        • +5

          Unfortunately, it is too true.

          Australia Institute research shows that approximately 6.1 million adult Australians, expect to receive Christmas presents this year that they will never use or wear.

          The estimated value of this waste is $921 million.

          • @CodeXD: Nice. It's this kind of spending that's keeping inflation down. Or is it keeping it up? Something to do with aggregate demand..

            • @AustriaBargain: Central banks printing money is the cause of inflation.
              Everything else is pure speculation.

    • Dunno who the hell would get through a 4.5kg one.

      (chuckles nervously)

  • -1

    Max limit of 12 per order.


    Thats xmas presents sorted out.


    Thanks, OP!

    • You're getting downvoted for Broden'ing but seriously these make great Christmas gifts. They look more valuable than they actually are.

  • Huge!⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️

  • Hurts my hands.

  • Have they removed the 'Swiss Bear' from the packaging on these blocks .. or are they from the Swiss factory?

    Edit: hmm .. I think I can see it on the 'gift card' dedication section

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