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[Used, VIC] Selected Task Chairs $30 Pickup @ Sustainable Office Furniture (Sunshine West)


We have a wide variety of Task Chairs reduced to $30 each also offering an additional 5% off if you purchase 10 or more.
We have more one off's which are not listed on webpage marked down from $99 to only $30, Sale last till stock clears.
Welcome to view and purchase at our showroom located:
52 North View Drive, Sunshine West Vic 3020 - Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm
If you require any further details feel free to call me on 03 9312 6341

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    I'm just here for the ass juices comments.. 😆

    • -1

      HAHAHAHA! you could buy from office works typically cheaper new then your second hand ass juice chairs regardless of the brand.. if anything u should be selling $10 each second hand.Not like your going to walk into someone's office and say hey i got a "so & so " chair!..LOL

  • +8

    Why can't you ever post titles correctly and need mods to fix those up for you? Stop being lazy rep. It's a privilege to post on OzBargain for free advertising.

  • +7

    "Pre-Owned" always seems so fake to me - it's 'used' 'used chairs'.
    'Used' is the word you are looking for here.

    • In a sense isn't everything pre-owned? When a product is sold it's owned by the manufacturer, then the retailer, and finally the buyer.

    • +2

      What bothers me is "pre-loved".

  • +8

    lol 2009 model second hand $400 reduced from $700 —- who the f%&k are you kidding….seriously - we are in 2023 - used chairs with rips - "2009 model these have been reduced to slight tears in backing rubber photo has been attached." … your taking the piss!

  • lol, a joke post
    OP, what is a stripped chair?

  • +1

    I'd be worried these aren't even given a quick steam clean before being sold again…

    • All our chairs are cleaned prior to being brought into showroom or sent off on deliveries.

  • +1

    I like this store, it's a shame they are targeted on Oz Bargain.

    • -2

      I keep getting Targeted on this Platform but it wont stop me posting our bargains- Thankyou for your support much appreciated.

      • +3

        Not sure if you're aware but this is a community website for sharing bargains. Everyone is allowed to comment & vote according to the guidelines. Without the voting system it would just turn into a place for free advertising.

        Members who scrutinize Rep posts should be thanked, not gaslighted by a Rep selling overpriced used products who doesn't really understand where they are.

        • -3

          Love the way you justify bullying- great effort………..

          • +2

            @[Deactivated]: Again with the gaslighting. Neg for issues with the seller.

            • -2

              @WatchNerd: GO FOR IT YOU CAN NEGATIVE VOTE AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE- you are just showing your true colours- doesn't bother me at all.

          • +4



            LMAO holding reps to account & maintaining the integrity of the community does not amount to "bullying". Please take your pathetic attempt at emotional blackmail somewhere else. Used, damaged chairs belong on the kerb for council collection, not on this forum.

  • +4

    neg due to seller attitude

    • Same. This is the first time I've seen this seller on OzB. Attitude above means that I already don't trust them.

  • These chairs were clearly dumpster finds that they're reselling.

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