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Final Audio Design Headphone - Stainless Steel (E3000) Black $12.85 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Final E3000

With the entry of Final into the dynamic earphone world, the E3000 dynamic earphones have been created to provide excellent sound quality with a straightforward design for budget conscious audio lovers. With natural sound that does not emphasize any frequency range specifically, the E3000 provides an overall smooth frequency response for a natural listening experience.

High Resolution Sound
Ensuring the balance of frequencies, the small-aperture dynamic driver in the E3000 have not been tuned to accent any frequency range which would mask other frequencies. With this Final have managed to achieve a flat and natural sound in a dynamic driver that has been crafted with utmost care and precision.

About Final
Final produces some of the most beautifully crafted in-ear and over-ear headphones available today.

Final creates audiophile headphones that deliver incredibly detailed sound.

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  • Wow. So cheap. I wonder why??

  • +1

    Bugger. Missed out.

  • 20min and expired :/

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      It was posted a several times in the low quantity amazon deals thread.
      Including by myself. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/716496?page=174#comment-14…

      I was the last one to post it and that was almost 2 hours before this deal was posted.

      • Thanks, didn't know the thread existed. Will have a read :)

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    I feel I may have to hand in my OB membership. I clicked the link about 1 minute after it was uploaded and had the opportunity to purchase at the $12 price. But thought I’d read some reviews first…then it was gone.
    …you snooze…you lose

    • FWIW, they sound good but the ergonomics are crappy and the cable is so microphonic you could record an album with it. I have maybe 30 pairs of earphones and now use the Philips SHE8100. Excellent sound as well as ergonomics, and cheap too.

    • Same. Shouldn't have thought about. Should have just bought.

  • these huge discount amazon deals just keep coming. the last headphone one was like 70% off the price of the previous all time low posted on ozbargain?

    I'm convinced there an amazon worker who has found away to lower prices and the system only allows it for a few units/certain period. so they are going on a rampage just buying all the stuff they want at a super low price.

    • There wont be many more as they're all from one section of deals on amazon and have been searched for hours.

  • Dammit! Missed it!!!

  • These are worth it just for the Final E-tips alone!

  • What's so good about these?

  • Excellent price for these. They are the most comfortable IEMs I have ever owned and the cable is made from some magic stuff that makes it almost tangle free and doesn't give any microphonic cable noise, which is a pet hate of mine for most IEM cables.

    Downsides: End cap on left monitor came off after a couple months and left channel died after year. Sound quality is decent but nothing memorable in terms of imaging or bass speed. I consider them having a warm sound signature, not a con depending on your tastes.

    Makes me wonder if they're getting rid of them due to QA issues. I've read plenty of other reports of channel failure and the end caps coming off.

    For reference I came from Tin T2s and up/sidegraded to Simgot EW200s. Both of which I prefer in terms of sound quality but not comfort.

    As someone else mentioned, this deal is worth it just for the Final-E tips. I kept them and I'm still using them on the Simgots.

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