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XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT Black, 16GB $949, ViewSonic 32" 175hz QD QHD IPS $499 (Expired) + Delivery @ Scorptec


This card trades blows with the 4070ti in most games and comes in about $250 cheaper. I've heard it's a power hungry card so if you're upgrading make sure your PSU has some head room for the upgrade.

Nice price drop on this Quantum Dot IPS monitor to pair with the card. Seems like it has some nice specs.

ViewSonic XG320Q 32inch 175Hz Quantum Dot QHD IPS Gaming Monitor $499 Expired


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    yeah but you can get a 7800 xt for the same price how much more powerful is a 6950 xt in comparison?

    • +4

      6950xt is a fair bit better than 7800XT.
      I would personally get 6950xt if I needed one

    • It's a bit better but 6000 series seems to be getting new driver features later then the 7000 series. Can pick the 7800xt up for about $100 cheaper so it probably is the better option.

    • +5

      7800xt is basically just 6800xt slightly improved and newer architecture.

      • +3

        Also by slightly improved it should be mentioned some benchmarks show the 6800xt actually getting more FPS in some games then the 7800xt. Quite disappointing from AMD. If you already had a 6000 series card there'd be next to no reason to upgrade this time around unless it's for the 7900xt/x.

  • +1

    Had to return 2 of these, coilwhine was unbearable

    • Did you end up getting a 3rd replacement?

    • i have bought 2 6000 series cards in the last 2 years and both coil whiney af, last time i buy amd maybe idk

  • +1

    after so many years of observing the greediness and lack of competition for team red and green, I dcideded to go back to my old classic games vault and unsurprisingly had shit ton of fun…

    just my way to hodl…

  • -1

    Monitor is poor value in the current market, while the 6950XT price isn't competitive given the release of the 4070 Super in under 2 months, even less so once you consider the driver and software stack.

  • Thought the 6××× series would be cheaper by now. Kinda strange how they were sub $1k a long time ago and then went back up

  • +1

    Given the extra you will have to pay for a high watt power supply and the coming new cards that will put further downward price pressure this card at this price seems like a dud deal.

  • New RDNA 2 cards are dead and only the $450 used 6800's are decent value for the next 3 months

    6950 XT is even slower than a 7600 in Stable Diffusion and as a $1K card with plummeting resale value, will struggle in UE 5.x games within a year

    Wait for the 4070 Ti Super 16GB launching in Feb

    • so short answer is HODL ?

      • Yes but I honestly don't expect prices to drop too much just because the 4070ti super drops, there's plenty of room between the 4070ti and 4080 to slip a new price point in there. Same goes for 4080 super and the 4090 and prices for Nvidia 4xxx series have barely shifted. Sadly no pressure on AMD or Nvidia.

      • +1

        If you are NV only, 4070 Ti Super 16GB for $1.3K will be the "best" choice available in Feb

        If you want a 1080 Ti moment, you are hoping for a sub $800 8800 XT or sub $700 Battlemage

        If you want to buy a 5090, buy NVDA shares

        • eli lilly is a better bet?

      • The answer is always hold, if you need a card now this isn't a bad option, a 4070ti super coming out in Feb won't help you now

    • +1

      For 99.9% of people who won't be running Stable Diffusion and need a card now, this is a good buy.

      • And a pretty one too! Those logos are led backlit! Awesome for a case with glass panel. I got it, it barely fit in my case, dremel helped :)

      • -2

        For 99.9% of people who won't be running Stable Diffusion and need a card now, this is a good buy.

        It is a terrible buy - the card was already $950 back in July

        Paying almost $1K today for a raster only card with garbage compute and AI capabilities is stupidity when next-gen engines and the PS5 Pro APU already have an RT baseline higher than what RDNA 2 provides

        If the card was correctly priced at $800, it would be a reasonable buy to play current/older gen games plus requiring the use of FSR 3 for next gen games

  • This has been a “deal” for weeks, even months, now

  • +1

    AMD cards are so underrated. This is honestly a great value if you aren't too concerned about having an NVIDIA card or planning to resell in a few month's time.

  • Hoping to get a good deal on a 4080 once the supers drop

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