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Seagate EXOS X16 12TB ST12000NM001G SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM $299.95, Recertified $269.95 + Postage @ Neology Technology


Double 12 Flash Sale - Seagate 12TB for the price of 10TB, Applicable for both brand new OEM and recertified OEM stocks.

Seagate EXOS X16 12TB ST12000NM001G SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM - 3 Years Store Warranty
$339.95 -> $299.95
Coupon: 2023Double12

Recertified Seagate EXOS X16 12TB ST12000NM001G ENTERPRISE 3.5" SATA III CMR HARD DRIVE - 3 Months/12 Months Warranty
$299.95 -> $269.95
Coupon: 2023Double12R

*Coupons are only for the two items above - Valid from 00:00 - 23:59 on the 12/12/2023

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  • Any ETA on an 18TB Exos restock?

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      We expect a 18TB batch come in around mid-Jan 2024

  • Do you think you will have 16TB EXOS in stock soon?

  • Thanks to Mods who fixed the title for us!

  • Will this work in a Synology 213j?

  • any deals on the 8tb?

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    @Neology [Whack] I just hit you with a spell-check/grammar bat.

    "2. Warranty is deliver by our strore instead of manufacturer"

    Good grief. So much chinglish.

    Fix it.

    Also, EXOS is typically 5 years' manufacturer's warranty. What exactly happens in that 36-60 month period if a fault occurs?

    1. Is it under warranty at all anyhwere?
      2 If so, who would a user report this to and where would it have to be shipped?
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      I feel like if you're going to poke fun at someone's spelling, you'd get your own right 😕

      who would a user report this to

      And being a "manufacturer's warranty", I'd say the manufacturer?

      • The warranty is with us. So for any warranty enquiries, we recommend customers to fill out the warranty claim form: https://neology.com.au/pages/warranty-claim-form
        We usually provide a response to the warranty claim within 24 business hours.

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      Thanks for pointing it out. We are always taking oppotunities to improve. We have made update to our listing to improve the descriptions.

      In terms of warranty:
      These are the OEM stock (distinguish from the retail stock), means these hard drives are part of the large order and have a special term on the warranty.
      Upon checking the serial number on manufacturers' website, it displays the relevant model but will refer you to "Contact the place of purchase for warranty" or "Out of Region".
      Manufacturer usually refuses the warranty of OEM product and will refer customer to contact the place of purchase for warranty claim.

      To answer you questions:
      1.Is it under warranty at all anyhwere?
      — yes and no. It depends on the procurement agreenment between the OEM vendor and HDD Manufacturer.
      — We provide limited warranty to the product sold via our store.

      2 If so, who would a user report this to and where would it have to be shipped?
      — For warranty information, you can find it here: https://neology.com.au/pages/warranty-info
      — To claim warranty, it can be submitted here: https://neology.com.au/pages/warranty-claim-form
      — We will provide RMA and return instructions with valid warranty claims.

      In case there are some other questions, the FAQ section in the Black Friday sale might be helpful: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814724

      Relevant questions you may have:
      14.Shall I trust you? What about my warranty if you run away or your business disappears?
      To be honest, we are strangers to you. You should apply your own principal to trust or not to trust a stranger just like dealing with other strangers in your life.
      We are doing our best to sustain our business in order to honour the warranty to all our customers. However, we can't predict the future. Things unexpected may happen. So just like my answer to this question in the previous GBs comments, there is certainly level of risks you will need to take in case s**t happens.

      16.Shall I purchase hard drive from you? Is it right for me?
      Good question!
      Firstly — ALWAYS submit a funding request and obtian funding release or budget approval from your Boss Mrs! Don't get caught on the credit card bills!
      Secondly — done your own due diligence and know what you are getting (say affordable storage with reasonable level of support just like previous GB), it is probably right for you.
      However, if you are looking for HDD with warranty from manufacturer; with specific requirement such as a very specific FW version, DOM; expecting very responsive support; or if you have doubt in me, buying from us is probably not right for you. A reputable local computer shop may be a more appropriate place to make the purchase.

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    Might be better to buy new rather than recertified when it comes to HDD.

    I've often been disappointed with recertified replacement drives I received under warranty - most failed shortly after warranty expiration.

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    What are the chances these are actually used drives that have had their firmware rewritten?

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      At this price point - it's always a risk. @Neology has a pretty good reputation and track record from his previous popular group buy deals, so I made a purchase based upon that factor, trusting that I'm purchasing 'old' new stock and not something dodgy.

      Otherwise, your alternative is to purchase Australian stock - though expect to add upwards of 50% onto your cost.

  • I've attempted a little research on recertified Seagate drives (and reprocessed Seagate drives). I've found Seagate's public facing documentation regarding their sanitization process which covers the recertified and reprocessed drives and those which are scrapped for reclamation. It can be found at:


    Note the statement includes the following: "All Seagate® recertified drives have a unique top-cover label with a green border to distinguish them from newly built products.
    Both NTF and reprocessed drives are given this unique label" (note: "NTF" means "no trouble found").

    I see such a label on the drive photos (obverse) on OP's website. They are thus almost certainly official refurbished Seagate products in accordance with Seagate's published documentation. The only thing I would worry about if buying a batch (or pallet lol) of these drives is the mean lifetime writes & power on times - if these are fairly low, then this would seem to be a good deal (if a bit pricey for second hand drives).

    • Hi There,

      Thanks for your information.

      Here are some information from our side for your reference

      1. We did test some Seagate recertified hard drives from random batches as samples - Samples DOM: Aug2022, Nov2022, Apr2023.
        From our observation so far on the Recertified Seagate Exos X18 16TB ST16000NM000J - Testing results are pretty consistent.
        Please find SMART data and self-testing result from one of the sample in this product listing.

      2. We've also got some recertified products running in our own NAS for use and testing. They've been running for 6 months+, so far so good.

      3. We also received feedback from our customers advised that some recertified products may have few hours power on time.

      4. For recertified product, we are UNSURE if the SMART data had been reset by Seagate or NOT. There is no evidence to prove that the SMART data had not been reset; there is no evidence to prove that the SMART data had been reset, either.

      Hope this helps.

  • It does assist, thanks. My understanding is that refurbished drives are essentially rebuilt in part - perhaps new spindles, platters, heads etc - and it doesn't make sense if these components are replaced with new to then retain the old SMART data. In that case, the SMART data would be zeroed.

    For recertified drives, its possible that they are NTF or very minor issues - for instance, major server farms order drives by the thousand and sample say one hundred per order (serial numbers are sequential) - if the fail rate for the sample of one hundred is say above 7%, then the entire thousand may be rejected, sent back and mainly found by Seagate to be NTF with practically zero POH etc. In that lottery, your customer will be the winner and the SMART won't be zeroed.

    Is is possible for you as a reseller to obtain information supporting the above from Seagate?

  • Looks like I missed this one, keen to be involved in the next - just starting out on my own home server.

    • +1

      We are working on running another sale sometime near boxing day to new year.

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