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Seagate EXOS 7E8 8TB ST8000NM000A SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM $229.95 / $449.95 (2pack) + Del @ Neology Technology


Thanks to your support on the Seagate X16 16TB HDDs: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/809710#comment-14514816

We are happy to offer a special coupon for OzB folks in case some of you are interested in 8TB HDD

Seagate EXOS 7E8 8TB ST8000NM000A SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM - 3 Years Australian Store Warranty

1 Pack: https://neology.com.au/products/st8000nm000a $249.95 -> $229.95 + Shipping
2 Pack: https://neology.com.au/products/st8000nm000a-2 $469.95 -> $449.95 + Shipping

Use Coupon Code: OZBPOWER8TB to get $20 off per item (e,g. for 5 items, it will take $100 off the total order)
*Coupon code is only for the two items above - expires 12/11/2023 12AM

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    Keep up the good work Neology. GB6?

    • +6

      Thanks for your support all the time!

      I am planning on GB6 with our new suppliers. But the price probabaly won't be as good as GB4 and GB5 due to the inflation and foreign exchange rates.

      I'll see what's the best I can do. Hopefully run one before the Christmas.


      • Was curious to know what "GBx" means - google suggested Geekbench tests, but I wanted to make sure :)

        • +2

          Group Buy. He's run 5 of them already over the past few years. Great prices on hard drives.

      • Yes please!! I need 3 x 16TB EXO!!

        My 80TB server only had 5TB LEFT!!

  • Thanks alot for this deal Neology I've already placed an order for a 8tb, are there any deals on 4TB hard drives and any coupon codes for them?. Just looking to gift for friends and they only need 4tb worth of capacity. Thanks alot again!

    • +1

      Thanks for your order mate.

      Understand that you are interested in purchase 4TB HDDs.
      At the moment, the price of Enterprise/NAS 4TB won't be signifcantly cheaper than the 8TB. And the stock avaialblity from supplier is unstable.
      We don't have any 3.5" 4TB Enterprice/NAS HDD stock.

      The only 4TB we've got is the 15mm height 2.5" drive: https://neology.com.au/products/st4000lm024
      Hope it helps.

    • +1

      Can I be your friend please?

  • Good to use for a normal HDD for storage?
    Will black friday deals have similar pricing or better normally?

  • any discounts for drives in the 12-14tb range? 😛

    • Thanks for your interest. We don't have stock for brand new 12-14TB ranges at the moment.
      We are working with our suppliers to make it available.

      You may check with our recertified range for the 12-14TB ranges: https://neology.com.au/collections/seagate-exos-recertified

      Alternatively, we are working hard to oraganise another group buy to deliver the best price hard drive to OzB community, ETA before Christmas.
      Previouse GB Reference: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/790209

      Hope this helps

  • +1

    Any offers on higher capacity 16-20TB?

  • 8tb x 2 sold out?

    • Stock updated

  • +1

    Is this better than 8tb Ironwolf

  • +3

    Even though these are "Exos", its a tough sell in comparison to Ironwolf Pro pricing from 6 months ago..

    Price break down was
    Seagate IronWolf Pro 20TB - $328.89 —> $16.45/TB
    Seagate IronWolf Pro 18TB - $279.22 —> $15.51/TB
    Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB - $249.30 —> $15.58/TB
    Seagate IronWolf 12TB - $189.47 —> $15.79/TB
    Seagate IronWolf 8TB - $129.63 —> 16.20/TB
    Seagate Barracuda 8TB - $99.71 —> 12.46/TB

    Won't be purchasing any drives until the price drops this low.

    NOTE: These are AUD Prices

    • I doubt these prices will be repeated. I nabbed 84tb there.

      • I agree, it was a freak price. Never been anywhere close to that since then.

    • dam i missed out on this….
      i hope black friday gets something comparable

  • Any sas drives ?

    • What specific SAS drive you after? Capcity? Model?

      • 10 to 22tb any brand

  • Keen on this one. "3 Years Australian Store Warranty" means any issues the drive to be returned to the store? Can a separate RMA claim be made to Seagate in Australia?

    • +1

      This is correct. Warranty claims and services will be supplied by our store.
      Seagate will usually only deal with the retail product warranty and will refuse to deal warranty with OEM products.

      These are OEM stock, so the warranty terms are different from retail versions, and therefore the price is lower.
      We are getting 3 years warranty from our suppliers so we pass it on to customers. For our warranty terms, please see it here: https://neology.com.au/pages/warranty-info
      When you run serial number check on Seagate website, it displays the correct model but refers you to contact the place of purchase for warranty.

      You may also refer to the FAQ from the previous GB post for warranty related questions: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/790209

      Hope this provides some clarities on warranty.

      • Thanks mate. Very clearly explained.

      • I hate to be "that guy" but the model number you specified is advertised as having 5 years by the manufacturer.

        Claims that "OEM stock only comes with 3 years" is simply not true. The only difference with OEM is that each drive doesn't come in a pretty cardboard box.

        As we all know OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer" and where we might typically find OEM drives would be if someone purchased a Dell PowerScale NAS with drives included. These will be "OEM" and come with the 5 year warranty as per Seagates datasheet for that model number.

        @jeeg just FYI

        • These exos drives don't have different part numbers for oem vs retail. That record is held by seagate. Plenty of stories of people in the US buying these drives from amazon/newegg and finding out they've been misled when checking the serial with seagate.

        • Hi Mate,

          Thanks for your opinion. Appreciated it.

          To provide more clarity:
          * OEM client usually have a specific deal with the manufacturer in terms of pricing and warranty terms, this usually remains undisclosed.
          * Even though some of the OEM HDD has 5 years warranty - it may started at the time when HDD arrived OEM's warehouse, which already been some time ago.
          * Therefore, as we said, if we can only get 3 years warranty from our supplier, we pass the 3 years on. As we always tell our customers, we will try to do our best to deliver the product and services. but there might be some risks: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/790209
          * We would like to honour the warranty we commited for our customer - at the end of the day, when something goes wrong, we will need to deliver our commitment to provide the warranty rather than running away.
          * We don't want to make false commitments, such as 5 years warranty, if we couldn't honour.
          * For large companies, retail and wholesale are different marketing channels. Usually they differentiate these markets and have relevant pricing and commercial strategies against each market.

          Hope this helps

  • Any Deals on Multi buy on 12TB?

    • +1

      We are working on it. Should have some news in the next couple of weeks.

      We will make another post when the 12TB deal become available.


      • Legend Thanks heaps =)

  • When you're in such a rush to get the deal and didn't read the entire post, and miss the part about the discounts :'(

    Still an amazing price! Couldn't pass up the two 8tb pack!

    Thank you, i will be buying from you again!

  • 2 Pack Out of Stock ?

    • OzB Power ~~ All OOS

  • +1

    How suitable are these drives for a 24/7 Synology NAS in comparison to a Seagate IronWolf 8TB for example?

  • Whats the significance of these? Do they perform better for high read/write than Ironwolfs?

  • +1

    Hi OzB community,

    Thanks for your support. All Seagate EXOS 7E8 8TB ST8000NM000A stock has exhusted.

    While we placed a backorder with our supplier, however there is no ETA for re-stock at the moment. Therefore, we will leave the item as OOS.

    In the meantime, we are bring in more 16TBs and 12TBs in. We will review and post a deal for 12TBs when it becomes available.

    Thanks again!

    Neology Technology Team

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