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Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS Internal Hard Drive $166.01 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Not as good as the Amazon US deal but this one's from Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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    $20.75/TB Seller and Ships by Amazon.au

    CMR according to this list.

  • Theres also WD Gold 18tb for $422 and Seagate Iron Wolf Pro 18TB for $399 there all limited quantities all under 10.

  • damm why'd i build my raid5 out of 4tb..

  • Cheers, had been waiting to fill out the 4th bay in my Synology

  • Not bad, for $20 more I got double that last month.

  • I got one of the HDD's from the great Amazon price error, it's going to be hard to buy another one knowing what I got.

    • How do you know that it was a price error?

      • The USD price was in AUD

        • Thanks, so it would be very unlikily to see these kind of prices again.
          They weren't clearing out stock.

          • +1

            @congo: The Amazon US price was on sale for the same unit price for each SKU, so it was on sale for the lowest historical then we got a bonus 1/3 for no exchange rate.

  • i missed out on the last amazon deal by a couple hours and it hurt. this will have to do :( unraid reporting one of my current drives with errors

    1 per account sucks too,

  • I currently have a 8TB WD Red Plus drive in my NAS and am looking at extending the storage (Raid0?), will this drive work okay? I’m aware they are different speeds.

    • +1

      It should be fine. The slowest drive will be the bottleneck but otherwise, should be OK

      • Perfect thanks, just purchased!

  • +1

    Just discovered as I'm about to checkout that I'm limited to just 1 drive per purchase.. bummer

  • Just picked up a 8tb WD Red Plus for $269 yesterday. Wish I waited for this.

    • +1

      If it makes you feel any better last week I too bought a 8TB Ironwolf for $250… oh well, now I have 16TB

  • Should I wait for the neology GB or pull the trigger? Have an empty NAS server waiting to be filled up

    • might be a thing of the past, think the last one almost killed neology.

  • I was literally waiting for deal on 8TB NAS drives yesterday.
    Placed an order for 2x 4TB at like $150 ea, so cancelled them and ordered 2 of these (two amazon accounts - let's see if it happens).

  • +2

    6TB for $137.45 if anyone interested.

  • looks like it's over, added to cart and check out shows full price

  • Yep, deal's expired.

  • Will wait till EoFY deals , no rush

  • Can anyone recommend a good data recovery expert for these? I lost so much to a failed 6TB version in 2020 and Seagate was unsuccessful in retrieving anything. I know, it was silly, but it was <2 years old and we only just ended the Carbonite backup plan for that PC weeks before.

    • Wow that sucks! What does Seagate do about their drives, under warrenty, failing, and then the data being unrecoverable? Tbh I'd want compensation

      • They posted it via UPS to their in-house data recovery centre in Amsterdam and attempted recovery there, and sent it back after that was futile. After that they sent 2x 6TB refurbished drives as replacements (which I swiftly sold). This was all for free - so above par service for sure, but still a big loss.

        • -1

          How do you know that they "attempted recovery" ?
          It is cheaper for them to pretend to do something…

          • @congo: You might be right, but the postage wasn't cheap. If you're interested it's called Seagate Recovery Services, the address is Tupolevlaan 105, 1119 PA Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands. Seems legit but they probably don't have the best success rate. They said it was damaged beyond a retrievable state, yet I only powered on the PC twice for a few seconds when the drive started making some horrendous noises.

            • @Techie4066: I have send on Youtube that a guy would throw his hardrive down the stairs and the data on it can still be recovered.
              The fact that your data isn't recovered suggest that they just parked it somewhere for a few weeks, then shipped it back.

              • @congo: Could be right, they shouldn't be that fragile. I want to have another go that's for sure (if Seagate didn't totally ruin the drive). It's been sitting idle and always in the back of my mind.

                • +1

                  @Techie4066: If you find a company that is legit (and is able to recover your data), let me know, I also have a failed drive…
                  I tried offline disk cloning (using a docking station) and was able to recover 5%, but this would be the last option as it would damage your drive further.

                  • @congo: Thanks and will do. I've really got to find a service I can trust. I've thought about it but haven't once risked plugging it back in. HDDs.. what a PITA! Never again!! What model HDD is yours?

                    • @Techie4066: I wouldn't plug it back it, could make it worse

                    • @Techie4066: Seagate Exos.

                    • @Techie4066: Don't plug it back in, if anyone can recover the data then https://www.ontrack.com/en-au can - but it will cost you $$$. Don't be tempted to choose a cheaper option, the recovery is often a destructive process, so if someone else fails to get the data back then you're out of options (this might already be the case via the Seagate recovery attempt…)

                      • @Nom: I'd pay a lot to get all my photos back so thank you for this. I understand Seagate could've already screwed my chances. Now I pay for Google One so I would've had all those photos nicely stored and accessible had the hard drive held on.

          • @congo:

            How do you know that they "attempted recovery" ?
            It is cheaper for them to pretend to do something…

            It's cheaper and it would also be fraud.
            Seagate are a multi billion dollar international company, there is a 0% chance that they operate a deliberately fraudulent data recovery service. Don't be ridiculous.

      • +1

        What does Seagate do about their drives, under warrenty, failing, and then the data being unrecoverable? Tbh I'd want compensation

        Absolutely nothing - because all hard drives all fail eventually !
        This is totally normal, and precisely why you need backups. Always assume your storage will die soon and take your data with it - you need to plan accordingly.

        • +1

          Thats true, just is pretty crap that its under warranty!

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    So I just got the drive. At stores like Centrecom I'm pretty sure they say 3 years warranty, but checking the serial for this one it says it expires March 2025… anyone else?

    • +1

      Contacted Seagate and they checked and confirmed that the warranty period is meant to be 3 years. She says she will update and it should show up corrected within 24 hours. Worth the 20 minutes on the phone to get the corrected cover!

      • and updated within the hour

      • Do they have an email instead?

  • Yes…same here..thanks for the heads up! Just went though the Seagate chat to get mine updated…will check it again in a couple of days.

    • Fixed…updated to 1st June 2026 now

  • Any ideas on when we might see 8TB drives this cheap again? Im just about to pull the trigger on a Sinology 1522+ which is at a great price $1149 https://www.amazon.com.au/Synology-DS1522-5-Bay-DiskStation-…

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