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we have an extension at the back of the original house that has a large flat roof. one of the proposals had 26 panels in two rows (2x13)....
13/05/2022 - 21:48
thanks for the info, we've abandoned the idea of a battery for now :)
13/05/2022 - 21:46
I do! the price for that system without the battery is $8,794 (but the $3500 rebate gets replaced with the $1400 rebate)
13/05/2022 - 11:16
they're not microinverters. the microinvertors were another $1.2k. as i mentioned above - the optimisers work with a string invertor, micro...
13/05/2022 - 11:15
thanks mate. I emailed Finn yesterday but haven't heard back yet. solarquotes does have this...
13/05/2022 - 10:31
could be! i did point out my concern in the post :) i think we'll go with the second, solar only option
13/05/2022 - 10:18
the optimisers are a middle ground between string inverters and microinverters. they allow a shaded or degraded panel to not bring down the...
13/05/2022 - 10:04
Thanks for the input! - it does seem a bit expensive, but that appears to be in line with the [VIC - Average price paid...
13/05/2022 - 09:20
Hi all, We went through solarquotes to request 3 quotes but are stuck between two of them. I'm wondering if the good people of ozbargain...
13/05/2022 - 08:50
still a great phone
04/05/2022 - 12:33
dang, not enough for the dell 49"
19/03/2022 - 19:18
Just got a 5700xt and 3900x cpu. If I play on my 49” ultra wide, it looks amazing but I prefer to sit in front of the tele!
25/02/2022 - 16:39
this game is amazing, and i think i comment that on every bargain related to it. finished it a few times (only once on master mode) ...but...
24/02/2022 - 22:45
yeah this sucks. our first sony car play unit (xav-ax100) can only connect with one bluetooth device at a time but if i drive the car after...
09/01/2022 - 10:22
to play on PC, is the "PC" subscription enough? or do you need ultimate?
09/12/2021 - 08:44
thanks for posting! i grabbed it from JW as i couldn't be bothered with the price match (not very ozbargain of me) We've got a nvidia...
10/11/2021 - 19:11
Hi all, We're looking at heading to Port Douglas for a holiday next year and noticed that flights are a bit more expensive than we expected...
07/11/2021 - 16:25
I’ve tried both the Sony capacitive and resistive options and went for the ax1000 for our Mazda. Couldn’t justify the $200+ for the...
12/10/2021 - 19:19
lol "open their eyes"? sounds like there's a conspiracy theory here
26/08/2021 - 09:43
that's weird. checked out the "my gear" tally in my strava: 902kms of running in the 17s, 567km in the 19s and 981km in the 23s. none of...
22/08/2021 - 21:29
these prices look pretty similar to the competitors
20/08/2021 - 21:13
This is apparently the best air cooler you can fit in the cooler master nr200. thanks for posting! when i was looking around, it was ~$199
18/08/2021 - 19:35
Samsung say its normal:
09/08/2021 - 10:24
we have the 43" version in our main bedroom and when it's on, the back plastic is constantly popping and creaking
26/07/2021 - 22:32
i used to be an avid goodsync user but since finding beyond compare i haven't looked back. nice to see some freeware options pop up in here...
13/07/2021 - 11:56
when RRP is $270, it's a bargain. but getting [last years model for $149]( is even better
05/07/2021 - 19:32
we have pihole and it does not block the big ad on google tv products
01/07/2021 - 16:53