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Seagate EXOS X16 16TB ST16000NM001G SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM $389.95 + Delivery @ Neology Technology


$24.37 p/tb.

$12.95 delivery so SE Melbourne.

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    Cool @Neology has a dedicated website

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    Why does this shop only give a 3 year warranty for this enterprise class drive, when Seagate state this comes with a 5year warranty?

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      Grey import

      • Oh I see. In that case, there’ll be no chance of getting Seagate to attempt data recovery in case of drive failure then. I’ll pass on this seller.

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          Data recovery is a story we tell children to help them sleep at night.

          Get a backup.

          • @jonathonsunshine: Of course. It’s for a raid drive right, and mirrored off site to another raid drive. I still like the warm fuzzy feeling of data recovery option if something happens on both sites though.

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              data recovery option if something happens on both sites though.

              If both your sites have had their drives burnt/flooded/stolen/something then you aren't going to be data recovering anything 🤷🏼‍♂️ Any event big enough to affect both your sites, isn't going to have a magical recovery path.

              • @Nom: cloud space then no need to worry about backup

              • @Nom: Now they have 3 sites. The third is lay to the east of Gondor and the great river Anduin, and to the south of Mirkwood. Keep it safe, keep it secret.

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            @jonathonsunshine: My 2c.. data recovery is real!
            Had one seagate 10TB drive fail in a 5 drive array. 2nd drive failed on raid repair with the new drive.
            Sent seagate the 5 drives and they returned the drives along with all my iso files recovered onto a lacie Big6 48TB storage.
            Well impressed for only $25ish import duty (they did try charge import tax on the hardware but in true ozb style emails were sent and the extra import costs were removed).
            Sold the 6x 8TB drives, now considering this deal. But 10x 16TB drives @ almost $4,000 is a bit steep still.

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          Why on earth would you want them to data recovery? You use raid / zfs / backups - you never "hope it doesn't die" with your only copy.

          Anyone buying a drive of this size, really should be buying multiple for their NAS.

          • @hamwhisperer:

            Why on earth would you want them to data recovery?

            I probably wouldn’t want them to but it’s apparently a service they offer as part of their warranty. Maybe that’s USA. Not sure.

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              @bcarp: I would literally take even just 3 more months warranty, if I could choose, than "free data recovery"

              Any more hardware free replacement, for genuine faults, is far more worth it to me.

            • @bcarp: Available in Aus too. They get you to send your drive / drives if part of an raid array to their facitllity in the Netherlands. May be a 3rd part company. Nice web portal too to track the progression.

          • @hamwhisperer: how many drives are backups on the nas..LOL if they all fail your f&^#ed or if more then 2 fail your f%^#ed as well

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              @Retarded Lunatic: But that's what your offsite backup is for 🤷🏼‍♂️

              Drive failures are just not a big deal. They happen all the time - just restore your data and get on with life.

              If drive failures can make you f&^#ed then you're doing something wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️

              • @Nom: yep thats why i use cloud storage bye bye drives

              • @Nom: like all nas bays there are only a certain amount of drives allocated to backup, so if more then that fail your fubared!..ahhaha

            • @Retarded Lunatic: Paying any extra money for the restore service that's extremely unlikely to work, is pointless.

              I'd prefer more warranty.

              They'll never get data back from a NAS drive

              • @hamwhisperer: 2 of 5 drive failures (10TB) and they managed to get it all back for me. Just my experience. Was SHR-1 and had most available in a secondary location so wasn't to concerned. Pleasantly supprised when it was all shipped back :)
                Bitlocker drive encryption with passcode emailed through.

              • @hamwhisperer:

                Paying any extra money for the restore service that's extremely unlikely to work, is pointless.

                The point is that it is a free service, as part of Seagate’s warranty. Sure, you should have backups of backups, on-site and offsite, online and offline. This is just another backup of a backup service that Seagate provides.

                • @bcarp:

                  The point is that it is a free service, as part of Seagate’s warranty.

                  Not at this price it's not.

                  If you want full term Seagate warranty with Seagate, then be prepared to pay a lot more for your AU-stock drives.

          • @hamwhisperer: two drives failing simultaneously is not a myth but a reality.
            bad power, bad batch, etc

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          TIL Seagate offer Rescue Data Recovery Services… have an upvote.

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          Data recovery in case of drive failure ? This is not something you will ever need unless you're doing something very wrong.

          If a drive fails then you replace it - for no cost if it's still within warranty - then you restore your backup to the new drive.

        • If it's important then back it up

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    Extra words words words words

    RAID sentence

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    Tax included

    Can I claim TRS on it?

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      We will provide you with a Tax Invoice.

      You can try :)

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        Are you able to confirm the manufacture date for the drives your selling?
        After reading the comments below, pre-2022 drives seem like a risky purchase

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          Manufacturer dates are random.
          Observed stock has range between 2021-2023 from previous stocks.

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    A problem with seagate oem drives afaik is a lot of them are older and have dates that are pre 2022 and those ones are probably mining drives with the smart data cleared, it’s a big issue in Chinese forums.

    • The website says brand new though. You reckon it's used and repacked as 'brand new'?

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        Not necessarily, depends on the supplier op is getting the drives from, a lot of the “oem vendors” in China/Asia do sell repackaged drives and it’s pretty much an open secret over there that cheap seagate oem drives are repackaged mining drives with the smart data wiped, feel free to google translate this thread to see what I mean: https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=38241939, a big red flag is if the drive is made before 2022 which is when the chia crave was a thing

        • What bloody typical chinese business behavior. Scummy practices at every possible opportunity, from toxic additions in milk to cheat protein tests, to repackaging used dodgy items as new.

    • Why would you need a 16tb drive for mining?

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        When Chia looked like next big thing

        • So they were used for 14.7 minutes idle running as it was a giant flop that quickly went nowhere. 😉

          Grey always have risk. If the store is offering 3 years you need to based the purchase off them.

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        idk ask the idiot with 1.2PB of storage

        • no comment

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            @sunnyc: I'll say it, I was stupid to do it. But having that much storage is a great learning experience.

        • Only half of microsoft flight sims global photogrammattery? Pathetic.

          On that note one wonders how many gb and amps have been used globally downloading random ocean textures.

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    saw the site first and got me excited that it was another GB

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    My exos recerts from Neology in the GB are churring away nicely. No issues thus far.

  • What should I store with those gigantic drives?

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    How loud are these?

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      • Took me a moment to click :P take my upvote, might stick to a standard NAS drive for my UDM SE.

    • I have the x18s (18tb) they are quite loud. These are enterprise drives meant for server racks, quietness wasn't a priority.

  • Out of Stock

    • OzB Power!!

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    Hi OzB folks,

    Thanks for your support!!

    All stocks at Melbourne warehouse had gone and the next batch is on the way.

    We've update the listing to [Pre-order] to set the right expectation with our customers. Feel free to place order and we will fulfill your order as soon as the new batch comes in.

    Any questions, please feel free to PM me in OzB or reply to your order confirmation email.

    Thanks again!
    Neology Technology Team

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      Pre-order fulfillment ETA 1-2 weks.

  • Hey, what are the differences between refurbished and recertified?

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      Recertified is offiically refurbished by manufacturer, it has gone through manufacturer's QA process to perform certain test before release to the market. Seagate replace the label and use "recertified" wording on the label for such products. Usually recertified products are provided as warranty replacement.
      Refurbished is refurbished by third party other than manufacturer. It may be formatted or tested to ensure the hard drive is healthy. Usually the label remains the same as the retail product and there are power on hours. This is an example of third party refurbished product: https://neology.com.au/products/u-wuh721816ale6l4

      • Thanks!

  • Is 16TB of storage enough for porn?

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      Only for low definition stuff. And don't even think about VR.

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    If there's a chance to get the 4 Pack Seagate EXOS X16 16TB at the GB prices, don't hesitate to let me know :)
    Otherwise, I'm waiting eagerly for GB6! :)

    • Same… @Neology are you likely to run a GB6?

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        Trying to do another GB, but need work it our with new supplier. Sppliers are busy with Black Friday at the moment.
        So probably try to run another GB after BlackFriday and before Christmas

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          you sonofabitch… I'm in! ;)

  • What do we reckon? This or a refurb 16TB WD Ultrastar for $299-$329?

    I get this is brand new, but I've heard the Ultrastars are a way better drive.

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      Never never never referb….. I wouldnt even put my pr0n on them.
      Speaking from position of systems enterprise and home currently under my control - of around 2500 odd drives and 4PB of space….and 15 years of storage using them….any referb tested/tried and accidentally used lasted 3-9 months only.

      • I've seen a 10 drive RAID6 array have a 4 disk failure at the same time with "refurb" drives. Messy business.

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    I am looking for about $280

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    Automatic NO to anything made by Seagate

    30+ years of IT tells me so

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      Would you take an Ultrastar recertified instead?

      • Not a fan of recertified drives in general, hardly ever makes sense to gamble with data, especially someone elses, which is usually the usage case for such drives, in racks…..users love it when you email them to let them know their data is gone, ask me how i know….

        one quick example: back in the early days of SSD's (before they became in any way reliable), two new hires at my work decided (while both myself and boss were away) to build/commission a busy medical practices new server using SSD's because they thought it would be "cool" to use the new tech. 3 weeks later….when the server collapsed, i get to go and examine said server and their entire SSD RAID array (which i was super surprised to find) is cactus….luckily they had backups from 2 days previous, meaning they had 2 days worth of patient data to re-enter, and you'll never guess who got sent over to try their hand at data entry….and were never allowed to build another server again. And yes, we basically ate 30% of the cost of the server because, well richard heads (profanity)…

        Me personally, i dont use drives with more than 4Tb per drive, because i keep multiples of them for proper redundancy, not that fake and faux security people seem to get from software RAID in an NAS…im happy to lose one 4Tb drive of my media, because i have another copy on another 4Tb drive. Same for my software library or personal files, all segmented and on 2 separate drives that are only spun up when attached in my hotswap bays to archive new material and for maintenance scans to avoid bitrot. If your only copy of anything is on a single drive that either spinning or powered on 24/7 you might want to consider changing that practice.

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      Automatic NO to anything made by Seagate
      30+ years of IT tells me so

      That's a completely useless post - there's no material difference between the reliability of Seagate and Western Digital on average.

      All drives fail eventually, it doesn't matter who they're made by.

      Plan accordingly.

      Avoiding one brand is pointless - they make a gazillion different drives and every single one of them has a different failure rate.

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        Did you miss the 30 years of personal experience?

        I'll take personal experience over internet forums thanks, every time

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      All manufacturers have had bad runs with disk's at one point in that timeline, let alone with the variety of models across the brands
      Brand specific bias shouldn't factor into anyones decision

    • I'm in the same boat, every Seagate I've ever owned has died over the last 20 years. All my Western Digital are all still going strong.
      This is going right back to 20gb drives, Seagate have always let me down

      • All my Western Digital are all still going strong.

        I think they probably just fail randomly as much as each other. I had four (4) WD drives fail on me in the last month.

        • Quite possibly, just my experience is Seagate have literally all died over the years, and other brands have held up.

          Maybe a crazy coincidence but it's enough for me to be biased against Seagate

          • @cook99: I've had 4 WD's, purposely bought from 2 different stores to (try) and get different batches, die within a 6 month period. Anecdotal experience means nothing.

            This is from someone who went through the IBM Deathstar saga and wasn't believed until it was infamous.

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    Does anyone know of any deals currently for 4tb hard drives or 8tb hard drives? Much appreciated :)

    • +8

      Made a special coupon for OzB folks in case some of you are interested in 8TB HDD

      Seagate EXOS 7E8 8TB ST8000NM000A SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM

      1 Pack: https://neology.com.au/products/st8000nm000a $249.95 -> $229.95 + Shipping
      2 Pack: https://neology.com.au/products/st8000nm000a-2 $469.95 -> $449.95 + Shipping

      Use Coupon Code: OZBPOWER8TB to get $20 off per item (e,g. for 5 items, it will take $100 off the total order)
      *Coupon code is only for the two items above - expires 12/11/2023 12AM

  • These wouldn’t be suitable for a raid setup on a qnap nas would it ? I tried non nas hdds and they didn’t work

    • +1

      They would but check compatibility list of your NAS

    • +1

      I'm running a 16TB Exos drive as a 3-disk RAID5 (with 2 other 16TB WD Reds) in my QNAP TVS-671 (latest QTS, not QuTS, firmware) and it runs completely fine.
      You should still check the compatability list, but be aware that QNAP don't test all drives/confugs (as that would be impossible/costly), so a drive could still be 100% compatible, even if not in that list.

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    Warranty is 5 years. But they only offer 3 years.


    • +1

      Indeed, the retail version offers 5 years manufactuer warranty from Seagate.

      These are OEM stock, so the warranty terms are different from retail versions, and therefore the price is lower.
      We are getting 3 years warranty from our suppliers so we pass it on to customers. For our warranty terms, please see it here: https://neology.com.au/pages/warranty-info
      When you run serial number check on Seagate website, it displays the correct model but refers you to contact the place of purchase for warranty.

      Hope this provides some clarities on warranty.

    • If you want 5 years warranty then you need to pay for it - these drives are significantly more expensive from mainstream sellers.

  • +1

    Amazon has 16T Seagate for $443 - $50 more.
    Can't post a link because apparently it's spam, you search.
    $50 for two extra years manufacturers warranty may be worth it to you.
    Then again, there is always ACL. Hard drives would likely be expected to last more than three years so it's back on the seller…

    • +1

      Thanks for providing an alternative option ~ which benefit to people who is after a longer warranty.

      Just to highlight some benefit for people who is considering us:
      * Local warranty - faster turn around;
      * DoA protection - we cover both way postage for product with any issue within the first 30 days of delivery;
      * We provide tax invoice with GST component - which can claim on GST for business or individuals;

      Of course, there are many other different options which we can choose the most suitable one for our use cases

  • I saw this post and prices. I saw the 8TB post (and those prices) and I saw a guy on Reddit post the prices he paid for used 8TB disks and I think the gods gave blessed me…!

    I have had some in a drawer for over a year, old but flawless and I meant to sell them and got lazy for over a year and I'm pretty sure that used prices haven't dropped in the slightest thank god.

    Crazy slow progress for price drops

  • Any chance you would have a black Friday sale?

    • +1

      Thanks for your comment.

      We are looking at opportunities and planning something on Black Friday.


      • @Neology Any updates on the Black Friday sale? I'm after 4x Exos 16TB.

  • Hi OzB community,

    The new batch of Exos 16TB arrived today and we will work on the weekends to fulfill your orders.

    All pre-orders will be dispatch on Monday.


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