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Bundaberg Spiced Ginger Beer 375ml X 10 Pack $11.50 @ Woolworths


A festive take on the original, Bundaberg Spiced Ginger Beer features Australia's favourite Ginger Beer with the festive flavours of cinnamon and cloves. A limited release over the festive period, this brew sells out fast so be sure to stock up while you can. - Real Australian Ginger - Brewed over 3 days - Australian family owned - Best enjoyed chilled Made in Australia
In stock for me (Vic), check your local
Usually popular, get in quick.
Amazon 24x375ml - $35.21 S&S

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    So delicious but sooo much sugar!

    • +2

      Correct… on both

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        Yeah so delicious, yeah! Donoghue v Stevenson

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    • -2

      What's wrong with the sugar exactly? If you don't have diabetes and you are active. What's wrong with a little bit every now and then

      • With these bad boys, it's not a little bit.

        • +1

          Well you have one and enjoy it. It's not like your eating a kilo. Go for a light jog twice a week ,you'll be ok

      • Your grandmother probably lived to 85 plus years old , and she sure as anything ate more sugar everyday than what is in these.

  • +1

    I use this as a non-alocohlic knock off Drink
    Substitute Spiced Ginger Beer for "Fireball whiskey" and mix with Cloudy Apple Juice
    Possibly add Ice depending on your preference, Enjoy

    • +1

      Eyy thats whta i was thinking, didnt quite know how to describe the fireball taste but ginger beer is exactly right

  • What is the best way to harden this up, a shot of vodka?

    • +2

      strong hit of vodka and a few sprigs of fresh mint. delicious!

      • I recon it would suit white rum better

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      • +1

        Bundy rum

        • Goslings

          • +1

            @Phesto: Yeah my wife says I look better than. Rum Gosling after a few

    • Ginger Balls of Fire cocktail - Fireball, Ginger beer & Lime

      • Ginger balls on fire. Not only can ypu taste it you can also feel the burn

      • Ginger balls on fire, is that Meghan's pet name for Prince Harry?

  • I didn’t like this when I tried it the other day. Made me feel like I was drinking a fruit cake. And I actually like fruit cakes. But didn’t like this. :)

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      Ahhh.. so I may like these? because I detest fruit cakes.

      • +1

        I like how you think! :). Well apart from not liking fruit cake.

  • +9

    Don't try this, you won't like it - means more for me. Have already bought 6 cases and will be stock-piling more before it runs out.

  • out of stock :(

  • +1

    Love it . Buy it from Amazon each year and have 1 occasionally , reminds me of Christmas.

  • Saying out of stock… hopefully some in store… looks like I missed the annual Amazon price drop… bugger.

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    My sister buys this every year and I don't know how she drinks it: It's awful and has an absurd amount of sugar for no reason whatsoever…

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    Agree with above - horrible and you will not like it - don't buy… leave it to the few of us to take on the burden of stockpiling this horrible nasty drink for dark and stormies.

    • Geez must be so terrible you eant to stock pile it so future generations have an example of how not to make a ginger beer

    • Try it with the Bundy liqueurs, I've heard it's terrible :)

  • Showing out of stock :(.

    Slightly more expensive, but its currently $4.95 for a 4 pack at Coles ($3.3/L vs $3.06/L)

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