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Wanderer Extreme Single Swag $199 for Club Members + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BCF

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Single Swag CLUB $199 Normally $599
Double Swag CLUB $279 Normally $699

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    When does a swag stop being a swag, and start becoming a small heavy tent?

    • Apples to oranges. The main difference between them is their materials.

      Swags are made with durable, weatherproof canvas, so naturally they will be heavier and probably bulkier than most tents. However, they will hold up better and keep you and your belongings dry throughout any weather.

      I know which I prefer (I've used a combination of both over the years), but swags aren't really family-friendly, so don't suit a lot of campers.

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        I've only ever had my tents fail at the poles. So if a swag has poles then I don't think it matters how much more durable the material is. The advantage of a swag for me (When I've borrowed my brothers) is that I can just roll it out and jump in, with minimal setup required.

        • I have owned a large range of swags/tents and camped during some pretty harsh conditions, but never had an issue with tent poles.

          So I'm not sure if people are just setting them up incorrectly, or buying the cheapest equipment possible (cough Kings) and expecting them to survive our weather?

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          That's how it was in the old days. They still make them, usually with a small tent pole at the head end. The BIG advantage of hooped swags is they prevent things (mice, ants, etc) crawling in with and over you, and have great airflow. Condensation can be a problem with a tarp and mattress setup.

          I was very glad to be in my hooped swag at Wombeyan Caves when a local giant goanna (biggest I've seen anywhere) came roaming during the night. Eventually helped itself to a couple's dried noodles in a box outside their tent while they watched apprehensively through their tent flap.

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    How many poles does a swag need

    • You should look at the picture

    • Yep, the more complexity the greater chance of something going wrong. Hvyweight canvas needs that support tho.

      Personally I prefer lighter weight canvas and a thicker foam mattress if I'm swagging.

      • Yeah I agree, give me 70mm any day of the week

  • That link didnt work for me so here is a direct one.…

  • Can't remember if king's or wanderer are worse than usual

    • Kings are worse

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    The tent poles on these absolutely suck and will leave you wet/stranded.
    Some bloke in the comments know whats up, and bought some tube from Bunnings to fix, well worth it if you intend to spend any length of time in the bush.

    Oh and edit Always put the poles into the anchor points before you try putting the clips on.

  • 2/5 stars out of 23 reviews with 11 1 star reviews isn't really looking like a good deal…………

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    Mountview swags, if not the same, were on sale for about $50-70

    • Picked one of these up and was blown away by the quality. I've had three swags, a Burke and wills and a darche and this one for the money is great value. The mattress is thick enough and doesn't need replacing and so far is waterproof in the rain after soaking it first and drying it out.

  • Currently $179 members price!
    Screen cap

    Double showing as $199 for me…

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