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Woolworths Green Banana Prawns Large Thawed $14/kg @ Woolworths


Decent price for Christmas - the price referred to in an email from Brad Banducci (CEO)

A gift to keep the common before he fronts the senate…

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    Saw it today at woolies. Very poor quality. Pale. Detached head.

    • I bet they are not local prawns judging from the quality?

  • Paid $10.4 per KG. I am happy.

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      share how?

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        There's a coupon I got 7FIRST20 which is spend $120 and get $20 off, but for some reason I got $30 off? Anyway that's all it was.

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    A gift to keep the common silent before he fronts the senate…inquiry into retail price increase..

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      And the leader of the inquiry will say "don't come the raw prawn, mate" when he gives them some BS about how they are not gouging the public.

    • The high prices are the result of bad decisions made by the politicians, and now they are trying to blame the "greedy" companies.

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    Sales are Down Down

    Profit Up/Up

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      that's still a W for them.

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      Sales are not actually down. As someone with access to that data, sales are up year on year.

      As for price gouging mentioned by other posts, most of those prices are set by the suppliers / manufacturers, and you'll notice most of the products that are ridiculously high are from foreign companies. Most local stuff is still quite reasonable and fair, and for fresh produce, some meats etc the price has actually come down and deflated.

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        You only have access to the data but not the insight, prices are set high from beginning because of ridiculous margin set by the two big guys, pushing suppliers to set high price to make profits.

        • That's not how it works at all.

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    This product may contain traces of Gluten,,Crustacean, Egg, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soy,,Sulphites, Tree Nuts, Sesame.

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      just need rice, and you will have seafood fried rice!

    • No Dolphin..?

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    I don't think it'll keep till Christmas…surely you can't keep thawed prawns for 6/7 days in the fridge?

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    Do not get these. They taste nothing like banana.

  • Coles had a 5kg box for $70 of the same the other day also. But frozen

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    I received 3kg of them by mistake from a Woolies delivery and I put them straight into the bin.

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      Thank you for wasting food.

    • Did you think about giving them away?

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    • If only your parents did the same…

      • I'd be certainly criticising people on the internet right now if they did.

  • Same price at Coles (bought some yesterday)

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    I use these for fishing with the kids.

    Cheaper than School Prawns at $25/kg.

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      Can I use Australian prawns from the supermarket as bait?
      No, there is a risk that cross-contamination could occur between raw imported prawns and raw Australian prawns, and if used as bait may introduce diseases into our waterways. Raw prawns from the supermarket used as bait are still considered the most probable pathway for diseases coming into Australia. Buy your bait from the bait shop, service station or catch your own. https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/checkyourbait

  • I'd suggest asking for a sample before committing to a buy. They're quite different to tiger prawns - and not in a way you might like … I certainly don't.

    • And what? Eat it raw in the store? Bring a hibachi grill with you?

      (Agree with you .. I was just picturing what you'd do with it after asking for a sample at the deli!)

      • Don't come the raw prawn with me mate

      • Apologies - I should have specified 'try a cooked banana prawn'.

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